Offerwire or Bridgevine / their rebates are scam

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As a lot of other complains, I ordered Comcast services from an online site, They offered to me some rebates. The company handles the rebates is called "OfferWire", it is created by a FL company called "Bridgevine". After almost half year (instead of the 8-10 weeks the form said), I got a postcard saying my rebates are "invalid". When I tried to call them, I was put on hold for long time. "Please call us back after 10 business days". When I called back after more than 2 weeks, they told me, the review request was submited only a couple of days ago, "please call us back after 10 business days". I waited patiently for another two weeks, after being put on hold for more than 10 minutes, I was told again "please call back after a week or so".

My questions are:

1. Why Comcast associates with such a scam company (OfferWire, or Or, is Comcast a part of the scam?

2. What kind of help we can get from either from our legal system or from the some consumer protection organiztions (BBB for example)?

3. Next time, when you order services from whoever, please ask whether the rebates are going to be handled by Offerwire. If the answer is yes, don't order the services unless you don't care whether you could receive the rebates.

Please call Comcast, we are not happy they are associated with this scam company

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  •   Jan 03, 2011

    A_consumer in California

    Are you still having this problem? I am an employee of Bridgevine and may be able to help. Please email me your confirmation number and I'll look into this matter for you.

    Mark Ballard

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