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Ocwen is by far the worst company I have dealt with in my life. My home mortgage loan was sold to ocwen about two years ago and I am hopeful to get rid of this company asap.
Because I paid my mortgage late (But also paid their late fee) they have called me daily beginning the 1st of the month and ask why the payment isn't there. They are calling from india, are difficult to understand, and insist on knowing every detail as to why the payment hasn't been paid yet, when it will be paid, etc. However, once it 's paid late they will call daily even when it's not late.
I received a certified letter today from ocwen stating that they did not have proof of my homeower's policy and had now signed my up for a policy that is nearly 4 times the amount of the policy that I already have. How can they do this? I will now have to spend my time next week trying to clear this matter up including sending a certified letter to them proving my insurance company. And I am concerned now after reading what ocwen has done to other people that they will come after me for an insurance policy I did not need in the first place.
My dealings with ocwen haven't been as severe as other people have had to deal with, but next year my loan will reset and I have to get away from this company before I lose my house with their unethical, seemingly illegal practices.

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  • Jm
      Sep 23, 2008

    We here you loud and clear. And totally understand your frustrations! We too have Ocwen as our lovely mortgage company and our mortgage was sold to them two years ago as well. I can tell you that we have had the same problems and aren't even late usually.

    My advice to you is to contact an attorney because we finally had when we started noticing that our mortgage payments were not being applied and fees were being charged to us falsely. I can almost bet if you really sit down and go over every statement that you have received from Ocwen you will find out that they have done some pretty illegal things with your mortgage as well! We didn't really start to catch their illegal practices and predatory lending practices until the beginning of this year, but when we did we didn't waste any time taking it to an attorney to review and to see if we could do anything about it. Lucky for us we have an extremely strong case against this company and are sueing them to the full extent!

    Good Luck To You!

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  • Da
      Mar 05, 2011

    I never speak to people calling from Ocwen . When they ask me to verify my SSN, I say "OK go head" and then I go to silence and they say "sir I need you to verify your SSN" once again I say " sure go ahead". After an awkward pause they usually say "No I need you to give me your last 4 numbers of your SSN. I then tell them " NO you asked me to verify, you tell me the number you have and I'll verify it" . I then go on to ask them where they are calling from. When they say INDIA, I ask them if they have SSN's in INDIA, when they say NO, I explain the sensitivity of the SSN and why I can't release that info to a random caller from another country where I have no reach. This stops the call for a few days. Now remember, be sure you're current on your note as they can do have a right to call. But they don't have a right to harass.

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  • Le
      Nov 24, 2014

    Same problem here, phone calls starting sometimes ON the 1st. Ours is a triplex, and depending upon when rents come in and when our paychecks hit, we can be off a week into the GRACE period, but NEVER beyond that. They call from the 1st, then after the 10th, 3-5 times per day on EVERY single phone we have given them. I too have archived all the call logs and will sue!

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  • Ex
      Jan 07, 2015

    This company just roylally sucks green donkey you know whats... They are just a big hairy sweaty ball of grease! I have never been late, always paid on time, (never any issue with previous mortgage company), but ever since they took over they call and harass and send useless letters making ### up and causing my blood pressure to rise for no reason. i wish upon them the biggest pox man has ever seen on whoever is the master mind of such a dastardly company!! My mortgage will reset this year so I will just simply pay it off, can't wait to be rid of this utter nonsense!! I hope they don't jack up my payoff with some [censored] or charge a bunch of exorbitant fees...
    New voicemail from [protected]...

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