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Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC / mortgage rip off

1 TX, United States Review updated:

I entered into a Forbearance agreement in 2007 after falling ill. They never increased my payment and each month reported me late and charged me late fees for payments that were made on time. They entered my account into escrow and was suppose to have paid my taxes and insurance. Which they never paid taxes and I got them to pay the insurance one time, but they never paid the taxes. I told my attorney about this to no avail. yet they continue to charge me for escrow, but says my account was "de-escrowed'. During my bankruptcy, they tried to get the protection lifted off of my home so they could foreclose. I had my bankruptcy dismissed and am now in foreclosure. I went through the Hope Now counseling program and my counselor tried to work out a loan modification, but because we were having to deal with someone in India who did not speak good English (which is common for Ocwen to out source their customer service calls), tried to put me back into a forbearance agreement demanding 3200.00 dn. We asked him if he knew what a loan modification was and he tried to say he did but when I asked him to tell me what it was, all he said was this all he could offer at this time was the 3200.00. Because I have been "contractually late for 16 months", despite the fact that 13 of those months I made my payments on time.Now I am looking at my last statement and it shows a "property inspection fee" though it is only 10.00, there has been no one come here to inspect this property. These ppl have ruined my credit and now are taking my home and you can't even speak to an American who can understand you.

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  • Sa
      9th of Oct, 2009
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    On February 22, 2009, Ocwen Loan Servicing sent me copies of an agreement for Loan Modification, requested me to sign it and fax it back by February 28. I faxed back a signed notarized copy. I also sent $4000 through Money gram as part of the agreement. The agreement stipulated that my monthly payment is reduced to $2500. I kept paying this modification sum on time. As May payment approached, I visited Ocwen webpage to make a payment online. The system refused my offer, and it showed that I was behind with payments since February 09. I contacted Ocwen (another frustration, you always end up with someone in India that has no clue of what you are talking about), and upon enquiry as to why they think I am late with payment, the response was they never received my faxed agreement. I was told to refax it again, which I did, at least four more times, but their response again and again was the same: they never received my fax. This saga continued till September 09, and all along I paid my monthly payments on time, until one day, finally I was told my home is in foreclosure, by a third party. I don’t want to bore you with how many people; some of them barely speak English I have to plead with everyday. Up to now, while one side I am receiving foreclosure threats from this Ocwen hired company, Ocwen itself is telling me that they will look in to my modification agreement again, and I would hear from them soon. My credit report is ruined for nonpayment, while I was never late with paying the agreed amount. The most sickening aspect of all this, is you will never get to the bottom line of your problem. There is no responsible or knowledgeable person to talk to. My home is in foreclosure not because I am late with payments, but because some lousy person in some remote village somewhere did not receive my faxes, whereas every machine that I sent from gives me a print out, saying: it successfully went through. Is this America!

  • Lu
      7th of Dec, 2009
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    How common is this! We too have issues with Ocwen. After my husband's business began to fail due to rising fuel cost and I was laid off from my job from a major bank we bagan to fall behind in our mortgage. We requested a loan modification in May 2009. We heard absolutely nothing from Ocwen and when we called to find out the status we got a recording that said repeated phone calls only delay the process. We received a letter in early November stating that the loan modification had been approved and to begin we need to pay $1956 by November 18 and our new mortgage payment would be $3023 due Jan 1. How is that a loan modification if your payment was $1956 and jumps to $3023? I thought the object of a loan modification was to reduce the mortgage to an afford rate. Needless to say we couldn't afford a payment of $3023 so our home was sold at foreclosure auction on December 1 for 1/2 of the original loan. We purchased at $339000 and home sold for $170000. If they could afford to take 1/2 at auction seems to be they should have been more willing to rewrite our mortgage for fair market value. Whats the point of this? We are hard working individuals who paid our mortgage until we lost jobs and income was no fault of our own. Now our home is gone.

  • Cj
      20th of Jan, 2010
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    My loan was "turned over' to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC in August of 2009 due the the original mortgage company falling into some sort of problem with the federal government. I did not seek them out. However, I am facing the same issues as many others that I have read about recently - my escrow account has increased dramatically to cover insurance that I pay for out of pocket. The insurance policy is current, completely paid for and in place since the beginning of August '09, not due to renew until August '10. I spoke with two departments at Ocwen and no once could explain how they determined to increase my escrow, let along add my insurance to my escrow without my approval. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I am now worried to death that they will start the same tactics as they have tried on others. I contacted some online complainants who were eager to share their stories all across the U.S.! Some have already lost their homes, and some are still in the process of losing them. PLEASE SEARCH THE INTERNET ON THIS COMPANY. THERE ARE ATTORNEYS WHO ARE ACTIVELY SEEKING PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN TERRORIZED & ULTIMATELY ABUSED BY THIS COMPANY SO THAT THEY CAN GO FORWARD WITH LAWSUITS!!! Don't give up! Even if you've lost your home, you might be able to benefit! They cannot and will not be able to continue with these illegal actions!!!

  • Cr
      10th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am having the issues with Ocwen. My loan was with TBW and I had just finished a refi when TBW went down. When Cenlar and then Ocwen took over they were trying to collect on my old loan not the new loan. I fought this because naturally I didn't want to pay a bigger payment after a refi. I spent 5 months in the "research" dept. of both companies. I have sent them all of the proof needed (several times over). It is going no where. They have started sending me letters stating that I owe more money than I actaully do. After reading these posts, I have decided to pull the money from my 401k and pay what Ocwen wants, then try to find a main-stream company to refi it again. At the moment my credit is still good and the extra money to Ocwen only amounts to about $4000. It sounds like if I wait and keep fighting them, it is just going to get worse.

  • Lo
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    I was also part of the Taylor Bean modification program that was supported by President Obama. I had several life changing events in a short period of time. I contacted TBW and explained the situation. They informed me that I was currant on my morgage that they couldn't help. I had to fall behind in order to receive assistance. This was about to happen, which is why I contacted them in the first place, hoping to find another alternitive. So, I fell behind and contacted CDA Lawfirm to assist with the modification. Then in August, Ginni Mae hired Bank of America to service TBW portfolio's. CDA advised me and we then submitted the proper paperwork for the modification to them. I was denied the modification... Ocwen did not explain why. When I called because I could not believe I didn't qualify... I was told that it was a very small window that you had to qualify for the modification. Just to hit the points, I had triple surgury, was hospitalized 3 times after that. My husband left me with the morgage debt and all the additional debts. ie, Truck, credit cards, utilities...etc... furthermore, I was told that even if they explained it to me, I would not beable to understand it. I contacted CDA and they spoke with Ocwen and we then applied for a refinance. Approximately 3 weeks later. I received a call from a realestate friend and he said my property was to for close on 12-22-09. I again called CDA and they contacted Ocwen and said that the refinance was still being looked at. I went through a few over the phone conference calls with Ocwen and CDA on refinancing. I too, (as others I have just read about)... Was asked for money down... And was insulted when the Ocwen (who was barely english speaking) Said that I should be able to put down $29, 0000 since I have not paid my morgage in 10 months... Never the less, said that I shouldn't have a problem because he puts them together the way they are supposed to be.. I agreed to put down $2, 000 in addition to the morgage. On 12-24 I was notified by phone that I qualified for the refinance. I thought Merry Christmas to me!!! Jan. 7th. I contacted CDA again and my contact said he would look into it. Myself and my Real Estate Agent both tried contacting him. Now we are here today... My contact for CDA is no longer there... my house is being auctioned today... I contacted the attorney's office who was handling the auction and was informed that they sent Ocwen an E-Mail informing them of the auction on 02-19-10 and they have not heard back from them. I was informed 02-22-10 by my realtor... I feel for everyone who has been made a fool of by any an all of these companies... I will lose everything today at 4:00pm... May God Bless all of you...

  • Kr
      28th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I agree completely. I am in a forebearance agreement with an interest rate at 13.5%. I have been trying for the lat 6 months to reduce this rate and trying to redo this loan. I am denied access to the website because of the status of my loan and the last 3 people I tried to talk to did not even speak English and since I do not speak a foreign language the phone calls were useless. Why isn't the government doing something about this.

  • Li
      7th of Mar, 2010
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    I too have Ocwen as a sevicig company And to spite all my efferts to keep my home they keep putting it up for sherif sale. the best part of all this is in 7of 08 I asking for a payment history and it claimed I owed no money, I called again ask to please update this and again it came back o ending bal. I did this 1 more time and the same by law you need 3 consecutive documents and an end of year witch I did get that say's the same o ending bal. I did not recieve any statements or phone calls, as a matter of fact I was ne ver given notice of a sherif sale I happened to do a favor for a friend and found my home up for sale on 1/5/2010 Yes I had it court ordered and stopped and don't you know the Attorney for Ocwen bought the house 1and a hafe hrs after he was notifiied by the courts to stop the sale, again I had he sale null and void and believe me he was not happy. Again I'm agreeing to a modification so they don't sell my home but, I'm also seeing my attorney on 3/12/2010 to file a class action suit against these idiots, I swear they don't know there right hand from there left, I also called a news station reguarding this, and I'm filing a complaint with The Federal Trade Comm. and I will be contacting the backer on this loan if they answer which so far no responce. If anyone would like a class action suit you could e-mail me at and I will forward you information to my attorney he hates Ocwen, and will help you.

  • Si
      30th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    We are going through the same issue with them. My inlaws own the property and despite of them paying and trying to catch up on their payments, they call repeatedly asking for more money. They just called informing us that the taxes we have been paying won't be going to Escrow anymore. Why? I am indian and I am pissed at those idiots answering the calls. I faxed several letters to them showing that we need to refinance, as part of Obama's program but they never received anything - or so they claim. There is no connection between their office in Florida and all the calls are directed to India. They charge errroneously high late payment fees, interest and their calculations are way beyond the understanding of a normal human brain. I am thinking of filing a complaint against them and taking the issue to press.

  • Da
      10th of May, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Ocwen sucks, over and over thru email, us mail, fax, and certified mail wich was signed for by sombody at ocwen, for 6 months now we have sent and resent over and over many times all the paper work we were sent for a loan modification. The [censored] that returns calls from ocwen, that can not speek english, nor understand english, keeps saying they are missing documents, I say to him thats odd because i am looking at everything that you asked for and here is this and that then he says oh soory we do have that i must have overlooked it. after 6 months of this B.S. i get a letter in the mail from Sharripo And denardo saying Ocwen has turned my mortatge over to them to start forclouser. I am really pissed believe it. I ran my own busniess, a trucking company employed 24 drivers up to the end of 2008, because of high oil prices it cost my company 1, 000, 000.00 dollars just for diesel fuel. I laid off 18 drivers and sold what equipment i could what didnt sell was repoed, feb of this year 2010 i completley went out of busniess, I now drive for a company. for the years 2008 and 2009 i paid myself nothing it all went to fuel and other cost. I have contacted the White House, many times and have gotten no where. Something needs to be done now, my wife is disabled I have a 10 year old daughter and work my ### off to try and hold onto everything i have worked so hard for. I do promice that if my home is forclosed on, Ocwen will only end up with a piece of property, the house will be gone, and really if i go to prison for it then so be it, at least a company from another country will not own my home. and some people wonder why some of us hate forginers.
    if anybody reading this, has any suggestion please contact me at and I pray, hope, and wish that anybody that is dealing with ocwen has better luck and is able to keep there homes God Bless

  • Gs
      11th of May, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I guess the better question for all of us who are in the same boat is what else to do or who to contact? Your experiences are all sounding very familiar to me. While I have not lost my house, I fear if the lenders are really getting my monthly payments from this company. If you have any information or advise what to do, or if there should be a concerted effort from all of us who have had an unfortunate experience with them, please post and let the rest of us know. Is there a government bureau or agency who is looking after arrangements such as these?

  • Ti
      20th of May, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I have been fighting Ocwen for quite a while.I contacted the Federal Trade Commission and filed a complaint. I was told that they do not represent individuals, but if enough complaints are made to them against Ocwen, they would get involved.I know that is not comforting, but it is a starting point.I was also advised to contact the Office of Thrift Supervision.There, I was given a phone number for the Commerce Department in my state.I called them and they are looking over my documentation/paperwork now.I also filed a complaint against Ocwen with my state Attorney General's office.I have also been complaining to my Congressmen and Senators, and anyone else I come across.Ocwen is a bloodsucking leech!!!In 2006, we were forced into paying forbearance even though we were not behind (our bankrupcy lawyer told us just to pay it or we would lose our house).I was not happy about it because I had been sending my payments Delivery Confirmation since they bought my note in 2004, and "lost" my first payment-they found it and cashed it 2 days after receiving/cashing the 2nd check! I had proof to show when Ocwen received the payment, and also when they FINALLY cashed them(1 was held for 27 days!).We went through with the forbearance(still making reingular house payment each month too), yet the credit for those payments were not reflected on the loan history!They tried to extort more money in 2007 by claiming we were "again" behind.This time I contacted their lawyer, showed my proof that Ocwen had already cashed the checks BEFORE he filed their claim.I also told him that now that he knew the truth, he was equally liable for fraud.He quit as their lawyer, and case was dropped.Since then, Ocwen has sabbotaged every effort we have made to refinance by lying to other lenders(say we are 3-5 months behind when we are not).Since I brought in Attny.Gen. office and Commerce Dept., we have been going around and around with them and their numbers game.I had to send proof of ALL PAYMENTS, they respond I'm 1 pymt. behind.Next, they send a NOTICE of DEFAULT which was for arrears/interest paid off in Chapt.13.I send proof of that, but now they are claiming that I'm 1 pymt. behind and owe interest dating from 4/28/09! I sent IRS 1098 forms to dispute this(they received 4/6/10 but still no reply from Ocwen), along with them not crediting pymts. properly, numerous B.S. fees(9 property valuations-$872, 9 bankrupcy fees-$1, 450, 2bankrupcy expenses-$300, 4 prior servicer fees-$707.62, and many others), crediting forbearance paid in 2006(3 pymts.totaling $2, 639.40 mysteriously appeared as pymts. 1/20/10- pymts I didn't make so I think this is a cover-up), and a math error on the 1098 forms that cheated me $548.30 that should have been credited toward principal and screwed up principal balance (and amt.paid interest) from there.I questioned how in the "history" I was credited with 23 short pymts.(1 for$0.01 short!)when I NEVER paid less than a full pymt.!Now I'm waiting to see what they will pull next!You can contact me at If everyone doesn't band together to complain LOUDLY/OFTEN, these bottom-feeders will continue ripping everyone off! I'm praying that soon these cretins will be stopped, but this won't happen unless everyone files complaints with Government Agencies!Hope this helps someone.Keep the faith, and God Bless you all!!!

  • Ba
      20th of May, 2010
    +3 Votes

    Well, my husband and I put a down payment on a house this past January that was mortgaged by Ocwen. The owners were in a pre-foreclosure, loan refinancing situation with Ocwen. Ocwen FINALLY OK'd our offer on April 26 and gave us until May 21 to close. We had gone to Wells Fargo in January and were approved by them for the mortgage on this property and closed this past Friday, May 14. Two days ago, Tuesday, our daughter and son-in-law went to our house to help with the repainting that we had begun a few days prior. Our new fence was padlocked, all the windows were padlocked, a new lock had been installed on our front door, and when the kids broke one of the windows for access and finally got inside--after calling the local police--discovered that whoever reinstalled all the locks, etc., had helped himself to the power tools that we had left inside the house (and also used to reinstall his locks) and even stomped out a couple of cigarette butts on the floor of one of the bedrooms. The police finally came and said it looked like a bank had done this and wouldn't help. We called the title company the next day and several hours later found out that Ocwen had bought back the house on May 10, claiming they had a right to do this, as it was a foreclosure, and then listed it with a local real estate broker. Needless to say, just the day before they had accepted our closing sale wire (25% down payment, etc.) and the remaining mortgage monies from Wells Fargo. The realtor, who eventually admitted hiring the sleezy locksmith, called to apologize for the mistake--he had been led to believe by Ocwen that the former owners had moved out and they now owned the home and it was available for sale. We were reassured today that our sale was legitimate, as Ocwen never filed their erroneous title to our home, etc., etc.

    Yup, we would be more than happy to be part of a class action suit against these sleezebags.


  • Ri
      23rd of May, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Different address. Same story. I have applied 5 or 6 times for a forebearance agreement. Every time they tell me I am missing one document or another. I am interested in joining a class action suit. Is anybody out there organizing one. If so, please contact me at

  • Do
      29th of May, 2010
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  • Fl
      22nd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    My fiance and I have been forced to do a shortsale on our property thanks to Ocwen not assisiting us as requested. no response from them, but foreclosure letters kept coming. requesting the same information to be faxed over and over again. which was ridiculous If ure not going to help us just say so. Unfortunately it became a big headache and we just gave up, its not worth it. I really wish there was somethin that could be done and all the homeowners with ocwen loans could just walk away with a free house! sincerely, frustrated!

  • Jo
      23rd of Aug, 2010
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  • Jo
      23rd of Aug, 2010
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  • Ra
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    My wife and I have a similar saga as everyone here. These [censor], subhuman criminals have a very clever scam going. The problem is that our gvt. and judicial system allow this to continue unabated. I have posted on several of these sites and some know our story. Ocwen, in order to create a delinquency when we were current on our mtge unlawfully split a complete payment and applied approx half as "Principle Reduction" Of course the [censor] now make us delinquent because the balance is a "Partial Payment"
    A thousand calls to Ocwen eventually got them to give us credit for the payment but not all of the unlawful late fees and legal charges. I wish I could run my business that way. Then there is the [censor] law firm of Mark Udren who when informed that this was an unlawful forclosure and all of their actions stopped in county court failed to inform the Sheriffs Dept and they sold our house anyway. Fortunatly we were home and the guy sent to board up the house had previous exp with theses [censor] and just walked away.
    It looks like we have the upper hand now as the Camden County Judge is livid with these people. Our Federal Lawsuit is filed and they have already started the finger pointing amongst themselves. Even though Ocwen stated that they purchased our mtge Deutsche Bank might be the holder as that who is filed the foreclosure.
    Keep in mind we were current on our mtge, and I have every statement from Ocwen and our bank. This actually does not mean anything to them. We finally agreed to a modification at 4.02 % and after I made all 3 trial period payments they sent me a letter and said the rate was adjuste to 7.75% for no explainable reason. Even though the contract states it must remain at 4.02 for at least 5 years. Then they sent a letter stating that at "...Ocwen you are very important to us" and then stated they never recieved any of the trial period payments. When I contacted then and faxed all my bank statements and their statements showing the payments the response was the statements don't matter. WTF !!!
    The Judge in Camden County NJ was absolutely appalled. My attorney & I were in court on June 11th and July 9th and on both days there were 5 and 4 Ocwen unlawful foreclosures being heard. All were didmissed. Hurrah for the little guy. I am lucky that my attorney and his firm are doing this on a contingency basis, as there are 22 counts in our federal lawsuit. I could not have been able to afford this if that were not the case.
    I feel and pray for everyone that has had to deal with this predators. My friend from Fl just called me today and told me he got a letter on Mon that Ocwen had purchased his mtge and he knows all that we went through.
    I told him it was only a matter of time before the Ocwen predator made a move.
    I have filed a complaint with the FTC and Katie there was all full of fire and brimestone about all the complaints against Ocwen and yet since then our gvt gave them another 400 mil + in bailout money.
    The big question now is how can we stop them. I would love to get in the consumer advocacy business to shut them down. Maybe if everyone that has an Ocwen mtge stopped at once paying them ?? What is the solution. The problem is that they are playing a numbers game. If they are bilking billions in unlawful fees and such then a million dollar lawsuit here or there is just the cost of doing business. Part of the problem is that they indenture us to them and you cant refi with anyone because they trash your credit. You are stuck with this [censor]. On the other hand what I say in court is a system that is now aware of what is going on. When the attorney for these twits started with "...this is just another routine foreclosure" the judge admonished him "...not to go down that road...I have all the statements and thats not the case" For the record that [censor] name is Sal Carrollo. The one on June 11th was Marqurite Thomas and they work for Mark Udren must be the lawfirm of Dewey Cheatem and Howe!!!

  • Fe
      6th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This is crazy! Why is this company still in business? Absolutely everything I have read on these guys has happened to us. It started when we got behind on our mortgage. I received a collection call from them and I told them I could make payment in full the following Wednesday. They said that was fine. I then said, I could make a partial payment right then and then pay the past due balance the following Wednesday. They said "no, just make payment in full next week." Okay, so the following Wednesday I called them to make payment in full ($1600+) and they said that they couldn't accept my payment because I was now 81 days past due and their policy recently changed that you went into foreclosure at 80 days instead of 120 days. They made it perfectly clear that any payment I sent that was less than the full reinstatement amount ($3200 with fees now) would be returned me.
    I don't have that kind of money so I applied for the modification. It was received on 8-26-10 and they approved it on 8/31/10 and emailed me the agreement. I had until 9-5-10 to return it. On 9-1-10, I wired them the first payment and faxed them the agreement. I received notification in the mail from an attorney's office that a lawsuit was filed against me and that they would be happy to help me with it. I was clueless so I looked it up. Sure enough, on 9-1-10, the same day I wired them the money and faxed the agreement (4 days before it was due), they filed a foreclosure with my county courthouse. I called them to find out why and they said that they never received my paperwork and that they would return my money if the paperwork was not received tomorrow by noon (2 days past the deadline mind you). I told them that I had the paper showing that the fax was successful and they said that my piece of paper is worthless. So, I'll try faxing again tomorrow but I have a feeling that it will be rejected for being 2 days late. We'll see. I hate this company. They have pulled every trick they can think of to keep me from bringing my mortgage current. I only touched on the a couple of them. Wish me luck and good luck to the rest of you.

  • Sc
      20th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    We need a class action against these crooks! I had my mortgage with Taylor Bean & Whitker, I was in the process of a "hardship" modification because my husband died unexpectedly. TB&W gave me the run around for 4 months, in that time, they received TARP money for my loan and was not supposed to be "allowed" to foreclose. Soo to get around that rule, they sold my mortgage to Ocwen. I informed Ocwen that I was having a hardship modification done, they assured me, over and over, how much they work with home owners to help!
    Well, they would NOT find my documents for modification, so they make me start all over again. Over and over I sent in paperwork, forms, documents.. always receiving a letter in a few weeks that I was still missing something! Forget about getting anyone on the phone with at least ONE braincell, or who understands english and at one point, there recorded message said " You can not talk to anyone about your modification, you will be contacted on your status and there is noone to leave a message to". wtf???
    This goes on for months and months, they start "inspecting" my property and went so far as to have it appraised multiple times! I receive a default document in the mail ( i was not upside down and have equity above what I financed, responsible homeowner. I have owned property for over 20 years and my credit score before all this happened was 850!) they send back all my "good faith" payments (which they told me would prevent any forward movement on foreclosure) and preceed into forclosure process.
    I have been harassed for not having insurance (2months to finally get them to remove an addition 4k charge for insurance(3times what the policy actually was) and get my policy on record, and now..surprise, again Im getting the insurance runaround!!
    All of the programs I was able to be approved for, they stalled and stalled so that I am over the time limit. My state started a law with manditory mediation on foreclosures. Guess what? They will NOT modify anything, they refuse any offers and are going forward with my foreclosure! The lawyers just sit there, on the phone supposedly with the bank rep, and say, "No, they can offer you nothing".
    So they get paid 2 times for my mortgage AND take my house! I wish I had a triple return.
    It will be years and years before any of these people get investagated and I'm sure I wont be getting any compensation for being ripped off and made homeless over their GREED!

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