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Ocwen Financial / did not pay my taxes, for starters

1 United States

I can't even express how much I hate owcen. Sadly, since I didn't even know about them until they bought my loan, most people getting loans may not know about them either, until it's to late.

For starters, the first year they had my loan, they didn't pay my property taxes and reported them paid on my tax statement. Then I got a check from them for an over payment in my escrow account. Not a concern since it was a new loan and figured they'd figured to high on the escrow withholdings.

Next year, property taxes are reported to me as paid. Shortly after I got a late statement from the county that I owned 2 years taxes. Called owcen and after much fighting, they finally admitted they didn't pay them, paid it and charged me the short in the escrow account.

Then they got the required insurance declaration and took it upon themselves to pay my premium without my consent or knowledge. I’d been making my payments with auto pay on my checking acc for years. They not only paid my one year policy amount, they paid it twice. At least they deducted 2 years from my escrow account, but the payment to my ins co indicated that they paid 2 yrs less the one month i’d paid into that year on my auto pay. They could never provide me proof that they paid what they claimed, so I was just screwed out of the month’s payment. My poor ins agent tried so hard to make them straighten that out and get me my money. But, owcen just could see fit to fix it.

Then last year I made a payment on line on the 15th, with the 16th being the last day before my payment was due without a late fee. They recorded my payment as being made on the 17th, like 5 minutes after midnight fl time when i’m in oregon (3:05 am, yeah, i’m up making online bill payments!). After 3 days of fighting, they finally did refund the late fee.

Now, due to the screw up on the ins pmts, and the ins co refunding the money to me, 2 yrs ago and so I agreed to let them cover my shorted escrow account by adding it to my balance, they have since then been reporting me to the credit bureau as payment on time but & ldquo;paying under a partial or modified payment agreement”.

Anyway, that's most, but not all of the issues i've had with this company. And, did I mention that I really hate them? Good place to stay away from!


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