NYSEGproviding electricity

Ok my power was shut off for 177.83 when the technician came out I was not home I went to the office in hornell NY she told me I needed the whole amount I then went to department of social services for help they had me do another financial statement and was told by a David that works for nyseg that if I pay 177.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Boston, MA83 my power will be restored today and I paid that after I asked him three times if I pay the 177.83 will my power be restored he said yes it will. I was at the department of social services when all this went down and now my power still isn't restored and I have a four year living with me and we now have no water either now they want another 180.50 to turn my power back on
I feel they lied to me

Apr 28, 2017

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