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NYCHA New York City Public Housing Authority / non functioning refrigerator

1 Brooklyn, NY, United States Review updated:

I reside in tilden houses (Nycha). My refrigerator has not been working since wednesday oct. 29th. I have made several complaints and just keep getting a ticket number. I have kids in my home and it has been very uncomfortable trying to cook and feed my children. I have to keep buying ice and keeping it in the sink for the milk, juice etc. I have told them it's an emergency and it is now one week later and no one has showed up or called. I call every single day, and nothing. What can we do to change this, it is unacceptable.

One angry tenant,

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  • Lo
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    I wish all NYCHA conplaints were like yours. But the truth is, alot more is going on inside the average NYCHA project than most people know. For, generally unknown is, many tenants living there are among the most undesriable to be found anywhere.

    The one thing that no one talks about is some of these tenants covertly & systemically KILL & generally BROKE the HEALTH of people living in their development, any time they like, IF, THEY DONT LIKE THEM.Aside from outright MURDER, here are some of the methods they use. Spraying subtances poisonous and otherwise into your windows, & at the cracks of your door frame, especially at night while your are sleeping. You can always tell when this being done because you wakeup in the middle of the night grasping for breath, with tightness in your chest, and have to raise the windows.

    They also stalk new tenants those with jobs and anyone generally upright in behavior. [In other words anybody who lives a lawful life.] Also among those stalked are older persons and people who live alone.

    Worst of all, these criminals have gained proficiency in lock picking. They work in gangs and keep a close watch on their victims, in order to can pick their locks and enter their apts. the moment they leave. THEIR WORK IS ALWAYS DONE IN STEALTH. They look for jewlwry and small valueables, stuff you leave out in the open or forget to pick up before you leave home. But they'll take anything valueable left out in the open.

    They don't disturb anything, so. when you return home, you don't notice anything missing. Becasuse of this, sometimes it takes weeks, even months to discover something missing, and even then, you can't pinpoint the last time you saw it, you only know its gone, and in most cases, long gone.

    If you are the fussy type who likes to report things to the police, they create a rumor in the project/neighborhood that you're crazy. Then they systemically start to tamper with your food, everytime they pick the locks. If you have any un-used prescription drugs in the house they put that in yoour food, if you don't they just use crack in it.

    So now, aside from things gone missing, you're now starting to act funny, and look funny. Your energy levels change and you are generally incapacitated without understanding why.

    These people count on you to compound the problem by going to the DR. who makes his best guess, and then prescribes something which in combination with what has been put in your food, adversely effects you.

    Generally, the people who set you up live "right" next door. They point you out to the neigborhood criminals and notifiy them when they see you leaving your home In some cases, this is done to get you to move out which as you know sometimes isn't so-easy. Also if you move out they won't have to be confronted with you, if, you die.

    When reported, the police do little or nothing to help, the NYCHA doesn;t want to be sued so they also ignore you. Anyway like i said, everyone thinks you're crazy, by then.

    That's why i say I wish, i only had a broken frig to report.Sorry if some of you are shocked, but its all true, I and more. If you can help please contact me, by posting a reply on this website.

    Yours Truly,
    Lost in the Projects

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