NuWave Ovenelderly rip off

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My father is 76 years old and suffering from dementia. He placed an order for the nu wave oven and all of the accessories. We were quite surprised when it showed up in the mail with a bill amount of $250.00 There is no way nu wave should have accepted this order. From just speaking to my father for a minute one would know that he is not all there. Now we are stuck with returning the oven. We will be out over $100 when it's all over if we get a refund according to the 90 day complete satisfaction guarantee. The oven appears to be cheap and low quality as well.

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  • Sh
      Feb 02, 2011

    This is not a complaint. If your father is in bad a shape as you say then why does he have access to credit cards to place this order?

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  • Bh
      Nov 16, 2012

    I must say, after working with my uncle and his Alzheimer's - learn the lesson and have him sign a power of attorney for someone to see to his finances, or he will have nothing left.

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  • Av
      Oct 29, 2013

    Aloha, I am from Hawaii and when the NuWave Oven was on an infomercial I was so excited and had to get it and I got all the acceories with my order. I opened the boxes to find a personal blender, a regular big blender, the extender ring, pizza acceories, and the travel case. The first night I got it I went and bought a bunch of rib eye steaks and let me tell you this it was the best steaks I ever made even my BBQ grill can't cook it like that and I didn't have to slave over the oven unlike the BBQ grill. I followed the chart times and its the best money I spent for cool ware so when the induction cook top came out I hopped on that ASAP and got two of them so gave one to my dad cause he doesn't cook on the stove cause he says it cost to much electric so I went to Kmart and bought two NuWave ovens cause I thought mine broke and new that Kmart had them but it was the analog ones but I didn't care cause atleast it did the same thing I'm getting it so I got two one for my dad and one for me. Now my big NuWave blender fell of the counter and it cracked it into two pices and so I know it makes the best shaved ice and now I am trying to get another one so I am going to call and see if they can send me one I just hope it's not that expensive. Well I read alot of comments and alot of them were bad but I'm my own person and had no bad experience with NuWave and will give them great props!! Well I hope this coment will have people the chance to give it a test drive before they give a bad coment but until then don't take other people's word cause I know I will never cause they could be temperamental and are very short minded. Thanks NuWave no other Better!!, Ave C.Jr. Aloha & Mahalo..!!

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