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NTTA billed me $11 for use of the 121 toll road which I am happy to pay.
However, 20 days after I recieved the bill they sent out violation for lack of payment for $211.
Discussions with the NTTA resulted in a stalemate. They claim the statement was sent on June 1st.
The postmark on the envelope is June 22nd, statement date July 1st.
They refuse to talk. Where do I go from here?


  • Z
      Mar 15, 2010

    Glenn I am having the same problem. I set up a face book group page to organize everyone who is a victim to these shady billing practices. Join at zip cash scam

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  • K
      Apr 28, 2010

    i have the same issue. i am furious. i have a bill for $154.01 for $4.01 in tolls. i got this notice only 5 days after the bill would be late. i thought i had paid it, but apparently it was another invoice with a similar amount. it says i can only pay $53.51 if done by May 31st, that is still excessive for a $4.01 invoice.

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  • M
      Nov 05, 2010

    They have been taking advantage of me for years. I am tired of this, and how in the world can they get TxDot invovled in arresting people? Can I lend someone money and when they dont pay tell the police that I will pay them money to arrest them and collect for me? Make no sence to me

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  • D
      Feb 24, 2011

    I too have the same issue. i sent in payment on a temporary check it was returned, so i then sent in a money order, only to be returned and a bill that was sent to me from South West Collections for $499.73. This is a higher interest rate then what the IRS charges. My initial toll fee was $7.53 ! Has anyone ever went to court and if so, what was the end result. Im considering calling an attorney and seeking professional advise! I have heard you pay more for not getting your toll paid on time, then when you get a DWI!! Wonder... how many people have lost thier lives from someone not paying thier toll by the due date? Just sayin...

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  • L
      Nov 19, 2015

    Just received a impound notice a a threat to arrest notice has any one ever had both done to them? I owe maybe 40$ for using it 6 times.

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  • W
      Feb 22, 2016

    Who controls NTTA? They are the responsible party we need to contact. NTTA should be held accountable for billing errors. I have had an issue with a $9.53 bill since December. Told I over paid, received a credit and today received a letter with an additional $10.00 charge to the original $9.53 bill that has been paid. We've sent copy of cancelled check, they don't have a record of anything that has transpired. How do we get to the place where something can be done to control this inept company.

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  • N
      Dec 11, 2018
    North Texas Tollway Authority [NTTA] - TollTag fraud by NTTA
    Fort Worth
    United States

    NTTA is not working at airports to lift the gate so I have been paying the airport and noticing I was charged by NTTA. Such a shame that hard working people with very little are always being scammed and no one cares. And now to make it even harder to keep up with the scam the NTTA automatically decided to charge me $40/month rather than $20.

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  • D
      Mar 27, 2019
    North Texas Tollway Authority [NTTA] - Old plast toll tags
    United States

    I lost one back when these were being used and they charged me for it $40. On top of the daily gouging to drive on a roadway we already pay for. I called them today, and said I found it in a drawer, and they said they would not refund the money because they do no use those anymore. This is unfair and dishonest.

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  • J
      Apr 08, 2019

    We live in the country and very rarely use the toll road. My wife recently had to use it for a trip to Ft Worth, Tx. Some time went by and now on Friday we receive a bill in the mail. The toll charge for her trip to Ft. Worth and back was $15.00... but the bill we received was for $53.00. It was a so called third notice and had tacked on fee's, this is the one and only bill we received and they called it a third notice. The very next day, Saturday, we get in the mail a notice from a collection agency for ntta for collection of $53.00. Why is it that the normal bill never comes but the one with tacked on fee's always shows up ?????. We contacted ntta customer service and were told that since it was in collection there was nothing they could do and that we would have to pay the bogus bill... Reminder...we received the collection notice exactly ONE DAY after receiving the one and only bill that already had late charges added on. I've heard these nightmare stories about ntta and now it is happening to us. What can we do about it. Everyone needs to get together and file a class action lawsuit to get this corrected... They need to be punished for their Fraudulent billing practices.

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  • D
      Aug 27, 2019

    NTTA is a complete scam. Did you know that you have to register to get a discount for 2+ riders? Oh yeah, you have to register 15 minutes prior of using it, and register every time you use it. Complete rip off.

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