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This has to do with double billing from the NTTA of which I have a textoll tag on my vehicle and have been getting zipcash notices from the NTTA and also being charged for the same on my textag account. I have all ready paid over three hundred dollars out to keep them from turning me over to their collection agency, which oddly enough is also located in the NTTA office in Dallas. I have talked online, on the phone and in person at the NTTA office about this and even presented the proof but they refuse to even look at the proof or discuss it. They say my problem is with textag not them even though the bills are coming from NTTA. I have been working on this for about 8 months. I have faxed several times all my documents and proof and spoken several times to textag people, they have all my documents and proof there but still can't seem to get things straight. I just got another bill yesterday, Feb 14, 2015 from the NTTA for new billing plus late charges for not paying sooner, 193.38 dollars, for charges that I pay to textag all ready from automatic draw from my bank amount in 40 dollar lump sums as needed to pay their tolls. Does anyone know of a lawsuit happening to stop this mess? I heard on the news in Dallas last week that there was a way to get this problem addressed and get the money back from the NTTA for this wrongful billing? At my wits end.

Feb 15, 2015
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      18th of May, 2015

    YES, NTTA is such a SCAM and I had never experienced such an AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE IN MY LIFE. I have also proof of my bank statement that I had paid them back in March, 2015 a total of $274 and yet I had received a phone call from a 3rd party agent that NTTA had turned me in for a habitual violation for unpaid invoice?? THIS COMPANY IS CRAZY, GREEDY AND ALL OF THE CURSE I CAN THINK OF. I had served the military and do not deserved to be treated like this and I am ready to file a complaint to FTC, BBB etc. Now, I see all the complaints from a lot of people, so it is TRUE that they are sucking in all the hard earned money from Americans. God bless America!

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