NTB Central Avenue Capitol Heights Marylandno explanation why car was not checked once pulled into bay

On 5/9/2017 around 4:00pm I visited the NTB store on Central Avenue Capitol Heights Maryland to inquire about a brake inspection. The store representative checked my vehicle in and received my keys to take to the service area in the back. less than 2 minutes later I saw a person from the service department go get into my vehicle and take it into the bay area and parked it in one of the work area stalls that I could visibly see from the front waiting area of the store. Over a course of an hour I periodically looked at my vehicle and kept noticing that no one was attending to it. After about an hour of watching this I asked one of the store representatives to go check and see what is going on with my car. She returned and told me that she had just came to work and she did not know what was going on, something about the guy leaving.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Capitol Heights, MDI told her that "I just asked you to go check to see what is going on with the car and you come back with that response" I said again please find out what is going on with my car She said I will go back and ask. I said "isn't that just what you went back there to do" She gave no reply while she entered the service area for the second time. the representative stayed back there with another gentleman for about 2 minutes and when she returned she stated that they will put someone on it now. I was furious and asked for my car. A service employee came to me and said to give him a hot minute to check the vehicle and I said no please give me back my car. I will never go to that NTB again. All I heard from customers while sitting there was the lack of good customer service. The store employees all looked run down, not happy and tired like they don't want to be there. Please find out what is going on and correct it before you lose more customers. I am gone.

May 10, 2017

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