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NTB / oil change turn to a disaster

United States Review updated:
I changed my engine oil at ntb (location 2021 katy freeway, houston, tx) on july 1st 2007. my car is a brand new 2007 hyundai santa fe. 3 months later, when I was trying to change engine oil at wal-mart, the technicians there called me immediately when they found something was wrong. the oil filter was about 2 inch high loose. engine oil was spread everywhere. they told me to go the the place where I changed oil last time. I drive there, and talked to the manager, he said it already 3 month, not his problem. I told him to have a look at the car. he had some guy checked the car and said we will fix it. so what they did just tighten the filter, and filled in some oil. I asked what about the damage to the engine. he asked those guy to check the error code of the onboard computer and said nothing was wrong. I just do not believe it. without engine oil, the engine must already have some internal damage. and I suspect if onboard computer can detect this type of damage. I told him I will ask my dealership to do an inspection. funny thing is the manager told me do not mention that there was a oil leakage when you talk to the dealer. I will keep updating the situation and see what kind of game this ntb guy is going to play.

Improperly installed oil filter may cause oil leakage to exhaust system and cause fire. so my next step is going to hire a lawyer, and file an attempted murder charge against ntb.


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  18th of Apr, 2008
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first of all you have to be a dumbass to not realize that your car is leaking oil for the past 3 months after going to ntb
second of all your car would not start on fire over not having oil in your engine the biggest thing that could happen is your engine locks up and needs to be replaced, so making a murder charge against ntb would really end up making you look like a fool
  12th of Aug, 2010
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This is guy is a [censor]ing [censor] get a life buddy. Thats why we [censor] people like you every day. Alawys trying to get something for FREE. It's NTB not NTfree [censor]FACE...
  25th of Mar, 2011
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I had a similar experience, took car in for oil change, came back leaking, no engine damage or anything and was visible the next day. Took it back to them and they told me oil pan gasket was leaking, sure... car is fine for 5 years, enters your shop for 1st time and suddenly the gasket gave. Well lesson learned, not going there ever again and would advise the same to others. I thought that people learned that damaging a car to get extra business isn't the way to do business. Good luck NTB you are going to need it!
  8th of Nov, 2011
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Ya jeff capolla needs to get a life and fix that busted ###
Car stop trying to get free ### u snake
And lier get a life and get some rims that aren't bent
  8th of Nov, 2011
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Dam jeff capolla u are truly a snake and a lier
### get a new car
And u won't have oil leaks on ur new
Garage floor
  24th of Jul, 2013
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Discount Tire is usually near by. More economically priced, better tires and service, and not the upsell.
  22nd of Dec, 2016
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This extact thing just happened to me .. Took my 2015 Dodge Charger to the NTB and had my tires rotated and oil changed. I then Drove it a 180miles. Engine light came on and NTB had it towed to a local NTB where i was told the oil had leaked out from the oil filter. I am still waiting and its been 1 week to find out whats going on. Third party insurance group. Piss poor communication.

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