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North Texas Tollway Authority / Violation

1 5900 West Plano Parkway, Plano, TX, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 214-461-2000

I received a letter from Southwest Credit saying I owe the Tollway Authority $187. I never got a bill in the mail from North Texas Tollway. When I called NTTA, the woman on the phone said they sent out 2 letter to inform me, however I never got any letter. They added on all these fees then sent the letter straight to collections. She also threatened me, saying if I didnt pay this outstanding balance there would be an arrest warrant put out for me. I know for a fact they can't do this bacause they would have to summons me to court first, but it makes me angry that some people would fall for that. I have great credit, I have paid all my bills before the due dates and never had an outstanding balance, so I would have paid my toll had I know about it. Now this has gone to my credit and will affect me for the next few years?? It is getting out of hand and someone has to stop them. They are sneaky the way they do this because many people would rather pay the bill then pay court and lawyer fees.

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  • I0
      18th of Feb, 2010
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    that sucks i hate tollways and there are like too many here in houston so i just avoid them all

  • Da
      19th of Feb, 2010
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    I just had the EXACT same thing happen to me. I received a collections letter from Southwest Credit stating I owe $184.74 for what was about $6.00 in toll fees. They said I illegally ran the toll and that if I didn't pay the fine immediately that I would be arrested. I informed the lady that on 190 where the tolls where incurred that there is no way to pay the toll if you have no tolltag anymore as they have blocked all of the lanes off to pay manually and there are signs up everywhere stating you will be billed based on your license plate. I also explained that I have NEVER received a bill and that I proactively even logged onto to check and see what I owed so I could pay it and tried to enter the license plate # to see and it asks for an account # & a license plate # so I couldn't find out online. Since I had never received a bill, I had no acct # to enter. So, I called 972-818-6882 to find out what my account # was and they had no record of that license plate # in their system. I pay ALL of my bills on time and now I am being forced into paying $184.74 unfairly. I don't know if there is a judge I can present this to or what but I feel like they are not sending out their bills on purpose or that they should be sending out a final bill by certified mail before sending these to collections. There is obviously someone not doing their job in the billing department at NTTA.

  • Th
      28th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Wait till you get a bill for a car that was totaled in sept. 2005 in TYLER TX., said my veh, was on tollway in DALLAS TX. Dec.2005. The veh. was totaled, insurance payed off loan. The kicker is I get bill from Southwest Credit Systems now in FEB. 2010 Saying I owe 76.20 dollars for something I never did.

  • Mp
      4th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    i also just recieved a bill for 187 dollars stating tolls i did not pay and i never recieved notice for about 7 dollars in tolls the fee is 25 dollars per toll so i am being charge 90 dollars to go ten miles and never recieved notice.i am taking this to court.something has to be done this is rediculus everytime i have ever taken the tollway i have paid the bill.when i got it.

  • Le
      6th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    NTTA works in strange ways; I know most of the ins and outs.

    They hold the account for a while and can give you a big reduction in price. The moment it goes to SWCS, though, each toll has a fine attached to it. The best thing to do is to call NTTA and see if they can't help you out. If not, I know SWCS can offer a 60% or more settlement on the debt as soon as it enters their office.

  • Wi
      12th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just received a phone call from Southwest Collection two days ago and spoke with a woman who was extremely unprofessional, demeaning, rude, abusive, and just plain Nasty to me. She refused to explain how I owed the money, just yelled at me saying, "You don't want to remember because you don't want to pay!" I was completely flustered because I had not received a bill regarding a toll fine and received a phone call from a collection agency demanding that I pay immediately. She treated me as though I was a low life and [censor] so I hung up on her. I contacted the tollway authority and they told me I went through 3 tolls in September 2009 and never paid the $10.78 in toll fees. She claims that they sent 2 invoices, however, I did not receive an invoice. I pay my bills on time, I have excellent credit. I am shocked by the behavior this collection company showed me. I paid the $183.28 they said I owed immediately, but I plan on filing official complaints to the Attorney General and Texas State Legislature regarding the DISGUSTING behavior by the collection agency. Did anyone have a similar experience with the collection agency? I fear that thy are abusive to many customers and I do not want anyone else to be treated they way I was...

  • Jt
      3rd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I got bills starting in November, but I had no ability to pay until now. I was unemployed or had part time job that didnt even pay my bills for the last year and a fourth. My 5.65 toll bill is gonna cost me 197.04, which i might add is a 3, 487% increase on the original price. A credit card company wouldnt even be legally allowed to charge that much under any circumstances. I want to know addresses and people I can write immediately, because I had no ability to pay anything. I couldnt even make my bills on my own. On top of that, I tore my calf muscle in November and lost the part time job I had, and I was even admitted for major depression into the VA hospital for major depression for 4 days in January. I can provide paperwork for all of this, but the toll ways refused to even work with me on the amt they charged even though I was unable to pay and can prove it. Something needs to be done about this, and Im willing to write whoever I have to. This should not be legal...If anyone has info on who I could write to actually get something done, I would really like that info. Please email me at [protected]

  • Ea
      13th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Well obviously i just joined the club..Got my mail for $8.60 with an administrative fee of $175.00..and i knew the moment they took out the option to pay...theyre about to take away another of my quickly diminishing rights as an American..( forcing me to buy a tolltag)Truth.. i pay everything they send but i never got any letter in january.They said i could pay $65.60 within 30days and it would be considered payment in full.But i feel like i am being robbed and the city that should have my back is facilitating this...who do you call? what judge will hear s just unfortunate.and like the guy above me ..if you know any lawyers or anyone that can do something [protected]

  • Lb
      21st of Jan, 2013
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    I had received a collection letter from the NTTA SEVERAL months after the charge had accrued and am still trying to take care of it. I have been calling to make arrangements since March: I will make arrangements with a manager and then make a payment. Then the next month when I am supposed to make another payment per our agreement, another manager will tell me that there were no payment arrangements recorded therefore the arrangements do not exist. It has gotten so out of hand that I cannot afford it anymore and now they are threatening to take me to court. But I am trying to pay the balance, they just won’t accept anything but the balance in full even through they can see in the notes that I have been trying to take care of this for almost a year. I do not know what to do. I feel like I am trying to do the right thing, but I am do not have a job right now and am trying to find one. I have tried to make payments when I had the money and now I don’t. I have a family member who is going to try to help put some money towards it as well, but now when I call SW Credit, NTTA Collections; the call will not go through!!! I am at my wits end!

  • Ra
      7th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    Who says Texas doesn’t have a State Tax it’s called the NTTA

    I have been a NTTA costumer for over 15 years with very few
    problems, until they removed the toll gates and automated everything. I get
    billed $80 in advance of usage every few weeks to keep my account current, but
    for whatever reason I still get bill notices for usage. I checked my account online. Which showed the
    account to be in good standing. Fast forward a few months and I am receiving a
    HABITUAL VIOLATER NOTICE for non-payment and to call the NTTA to arrange
    payment at 972-818-6882

    So here is the process that followed;

    I called the toll tag office for two notices
    received one for $1035.65 and the other for 665.65. This was for two vehicles,
    in a three week span back in September. Are you doing your math now? That’s three
    weeks for two cars for a total of $1701.30!! Insane right??
    After calling and going through their process
    with my fist contact, I was promoted to a supervisor. She explained to me that
    the account balance I was looking at was only for the toll road and not for the
    other system they have called ZIP CASH. When I asked if they were not one in
    the same I was told yes, but they are not billed the same (Government operation
    all the way). So while I am seeing my account in good standing it’s really not,
    it’s actually setting out there accruing fees and fines.
    I am now told that my account has been moved to
    Southwest credit for collection and I will have to deal with them, however, I
    have a balance outstanding for $180.00 and she would be happy to process
    payment for that. When I asked if it was part of the $1701.30 she said no, but
    my account was in a positive status, how can I owe $180.00 and be in a positive
    status? You Just Are!!
    Beaten down, I paid the $180 and was then transferred
    to Southwest credit which I suspect was a girl sitting across the aisle at the
    NTTA office.
    On the phone with Southwest credit I am now told
    that I owe $874.95 for one car and $866.50 for the other, it math time again
    $874.95 + $866.50 = $1741.45 that’s $40.15 more than the original total and the
    invoices don’t match up. So what happened to the other to totals that came on
    the original letters from the NTTA? Southwest credit doesn’t know and doesn’t care!
    IS anyone else as tired and confused as I am
    right now?? It gets better
    I now try to set up a payment arrangement to get
    this resolved and I am told that the payments need to be broken down into 20
    invoices, and as a result 20 transactions which means my credit card company
    will no doubt flag this and shut it down. Oh and lets not even begin think
    about the transaction fees associated.
    I could set up payment schedule and spread it
    out but the invoices could be called back by the NTTA at any time after the
    arrangement is made and go someplace else, no specifics as to where, but I
    assume accounting to fudge the numbers some more!!
    Now if that’s not bad enough one I make the
    payment I will need to call back after I
    see the transactions on my bank account before they can issue a conformation
    code from Southwest Credit.
    I now have to call the NTTA to find out why the
    invoicing was not correct? Why is there two different totals between NTTA and
    Southwest Credit? Why my account show positive, but was actually negative? Why I
    have to wait for a conformation code after I pay? Why they can’t just put
    everything in one place so the customer can see it without all the smoke and mirrors.

    I have paid this bill, but I’m certain it is not over yet.

    Next time it would be easier to just get a good lawyer and
    have it go to court, I suspect it would get thrown out considering all the shenanigans
    that goes on with the NTTA process. I am watching for a class action suit to be
    filed against this outfit so I can jump on the band wagon. This is truly a
    government run operation regardless of what they say. I am curious as to how
    much money has been “Donated” to our legislators to make sure this CASH COW
    remains operable.

  • Mc
      18th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Son totaled my car in 2005 w/the toll tag in it. BEGGED Farmers Ins. To NOT total it, but they said repair $'s more than cars worth. I said I WILL PAY THE DIFFERENCE - I HAD JUST PAID THE CAR OFF - and they said nope. 3 months later I begin receiving bills from NTTA with Bills AND pictures of my TOTALED CAR driving through the toll tag areas! Called NTTA, explained - and STILL being penalized and "shamed" by SWCredit...NTTA might as well be the IRS. AND CAR INS. CO's??? As long as they have someone who will buy a "totaled" car...all that person has to do is TAKE IT OUT OF STATE, repair it & have it re-titled! WHAT A RACKET, WHAT A JOKE. We as consumers need to be AWARE!

  • Nt
      2nd of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Not living in the area of any NTTA roads, and not traveling their area much, I was unaware that there were no more toll collectors until one day when I needed to use one of the toll ways. After a few months, and still receiving no bills from them, I had to contact them on my own. Couldn't do anything online, because they want your account number, and since I had never received anything from them, I didn't have an account number. Well I finally got a hold of someone that was able to provide me with an amount due. I wrote them a check and sent it off, only to have it returned to my by the NTTA, saying that I now owed a penalty which in itself, was more than the original toll. I sent the original check back to them, along with the letter they sent me, in addition, I included the date, time and persons name I spoke with when I originally called them. In return, I get my check back (again) with another form, and an additional penalty. Next thing I know, I get a letter from Eva Birriel-benitez from Southwest Credit systems, advising me that "While this is the first notice sent to you by our firm, you have, according to the NTAA, previously been sent two notices of non-payment by them. Therefore, please regard this as the third notice of non-payment to you of the amount owed pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code..." I responded in a letter back to her stating that "While this is the first communication sent to your firm by myself, two additional communications have been made with your client on this matter, so please regard this as the third communication on this matter." I requested verification of the debt. Two month pass, and I receive a form letter along with a payment stub, stating that "The results of our investigation confirm that the balance indicated is due in full at this time." On this form is the initial principal and a collection fee, but the amount they are attempting to collect is almost $100 more than what these two fees add up too. I am still willing to pay the original toll, and still have my check that has been returned to me twice, but I REFUSE to pay any collection fees especially to an agency like Southwest Credit. Has anyone filed suit against them yet?

  • Be
      17th of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have a problem that I believe should be investigated and I really don't know what to do about it. I will be spending time on the phone tomorrow (once again) to try to get this sorted out. Here is a brief synopsis:

    Last October, we traveled on the tollway that goes around Austin to San Antonio. Months later, we got a Notice of Violation in the mail for the toll fees. This was the first time we were ever billed.

    I called the Tollways Customer Service and the gentleman (rudely) explained to me that when we had moved the year before, I didn't change my old address to my new address correctly on my car title and that the bills had been mailed to my old address.

    The problem with his answer is:
    1. I didn't change my addresses on my car titles
    2. The Notice of Violation was sent to the correct "new" address which proves that they had the correct address all along.
    3. I did change my address on my auto registrations as soon as we moved.
    4. I checked with the county auto registration office and she said that I do not ever have to change the address on my car titles when I move.
    5. We were in my husband's truck on that trip in October. When I have traveled that same toll road in my car, I get the bills sent to the correct address. I changed our address on both auto registrations appropriately and in a timely manner.

    I sent an immediate payment for the tolls only and told them what happened and that I would not pay any late fees. I am now being pursued by a law office for the late fees.

    On top of that, I just received a bill from the toll authority for tolls I incurred in August of last year. Almost a year later! There were no late fees or explanation. It was just a bill . . . . nearly one year later. That is unacceptable and exceptionally poor business management.

    Would you consider investigating this and helping us out? I have all of my documentation. I have talked with lots of other people who constantly have similar problems.

    Thank you,

    Becky Scasta

  • Mo
      29th of Aug, 2014
    0 Votes

    I received tolls totaling about 170 from the ntta and hit a hard spot. 3years later I received a letter stating that I wad to appear before a judge for a 90.00 ticket. Allow me to explain, the company "ntta" sent swcredit a collections. Then they sent the dps "public authority" a citation Issued by the ntta. When is It ok for a company to issue a ticket? So I pay the ntta the 90 dollars and call the jp. They say the ticket after I paid the ntta mafia is 319 unless I pay the tolls. First, ill gladly pay 170 for the original tolls. Not 398.00 for admin fees, all I say is they better pay good to type that stuff up. That's a 600% increase people!

  • Do
      19th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    Wait until you hear this one. At first I thought it was a scam! I live in Florida. Last time I was in Texas was 25 years ago when my Aunt was dying. Today I got a notice that I owed $4.80 to NTTA. I checked my car and plate was intact on rear bumper. The only time the car has ever been out of Florida was 5 years ago when I drove to Maryland. I call a number given, wait for 30 minutes and then click -- call was ended. It was 7 PM here so I figure they close at 4 so just cut me off -- to go home no doubt. On the web site I found a comment section and so I send a complaint -- told them TO CALL ME, LEAVE A MESSAGE WITH A NUMBER FOR A PERSON I COULD TALK TO OR TO KEEP CALLING ME UNTIL THEY REACHED ME. -- otherwise, I will blow them off. If they come after me, I will make sure every news organization hears MY story! What in the heck goes on?

  • Sh
      23rd of Nov, 2015
    0 Votes

    I am having the same situation everyone else is having with a twist. I am getting billed by two separate collection agencies, Alliance One and MSB for what appear to be the same bill. I was threatened with the same thing, being arrested if I did not pay the bill by MSB. This is a rip-off. I used the toll road in April of this year and did not get anything until July! Then it wasn't just one bill it was two. None of this makes any sense. I am going to turn this over to my attorney through my legal protection plan and let them take care of this issue. This is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Am
      5th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    NTTA Thieves with a license to steal. That is ALL I can say.

  • Le
      17th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    Have been in ongoing discussion with NTTA - very polite. However - the NTTA never - has never and can not do anything other than say they did- send any invoices. October, November, December, January - Nada - Februrary I owe almost 300 dollars and two days later I get a collection letter from California - Come to find out the Collection Company is in house - that in my book smells like a scam. I have a lawyer sending letters telling the collection company to back off - a letter for NTTA to prove collection efforts - and remove the Habitual Violator tag... and working my way up the ladder at the NTTA - this is a class action law suit in-waiting and would be a good Trouble SHooters News report. It is deceitful, probably illegal and I would like to pursue the issue. Anyone know a Texas Senator looking to gain some publicity for addressing government sanctioned misbehavior.

  • Fr
      14th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Ditto, ditto, and ditto to all. Legalized theft! And yes I agree with the comment Texas does have state taxes. 8.25% sales tax AND toll roads are a double state tax. Texans are getting screwed and most people don't even realize it.

  • Pe
      18th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    My family and I were visiting Texas and came to an unexpected toll that did not offer the type of payment we had so we had not choice but to go threw it. I cannot believe how dealing with this has turned into such a big scam. I am even more shocked at how they treat out of town guests who are not trying to skirt the system just simply not familiar with it. I mean they knew by my license plate that I was from out of town. A couple dollar toll turned into 38.17 bc notices not being received or mistaken for junk mail. I can promise you this. Bc of this I will not return to Texas for ANY REASON. If I have to travel in that direction it will be just using the interstate and will not come and give the state ANY more of my hard earned money to vacation there. After passing this info onto several of my friends they feel the same with some even telling me stories of them going threw tolls in Florida for the same reason and Florida recognized they were visiting and never sent them a bill. This is a horrible way to make someone want to come back and spend money in your state. Must be pretty desperate in TX to have such a scam. ADIOS!! Texas I will never return.

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