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nokia uk / Scam or true!

1 South Africa Review updated:

On the 16th August 2007 i've got a txt message from Nokia UK saying that I won 182,000 pounds from the Nokia Mobile Promo. I've send them an e mail which is ( and to call at +[protected]). I send them an email, on the morning of 16 August and again the afternoon on the 17th August as I did not hear from them in response of my email. In the evening I received a call from someone, claiming to phone on behalf of Nokia UK regarding my email. He apologized for not responding earlier and said that they will still forward me a document. So for I did not receive any such a document.

After reading some complains in the same regard, I am now in doubt. Is this true that Nokia UK are having us receiving this money or is this a scam?

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  • An
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    Hi. I also received an sms that I have won a lot of money. Is the sms that I got legit, or is it a scam.? Let me know smb!

  • An
      26th of Aug, 2007
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    I have been using NOKIA phones ever since Mobile Phones were introduced in South Africa. I received a message stating that I have won 91000 Pounds in this promotion draw. I would really like to know whether this is a scam or is there any truth in this message. Can someone from NOKIA please let me know. I even received a claim payment release form number CN 503/09.

  • Br
      28th of Aug, 2007
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    My wife also received the same text stating she won 91000.00 pounds. I phoned Dr. Anthony Floyd and he confirmed that my wife's mobile number was the number 7 winner in South Africa, would someone from Nokia please let me know if this is true. Thanx

  • Mi
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    Hi everyone

    I also received an sms on the 2nd of August from Nokia Mobile Promos claiming that I won 172,000 pounds!!! When I Replied to nokia they sent me a verification form and then an acknowledgment form where I had to fill in some details. I haven't heard from anyone again and I would really like to know if this is true....


  • Lo
      7th of Sep, 2007
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    I have received a similar SMS notifying me that I have won (an unsolicited) 172 000 UK pounds in a worldwide Nokia Mobile Promo on 21 August 2007. Nokia SA and MTN did not know anything about it and advised me to call Dr Anthony Floyd at his (supposed) UK number, which I did. He told me to send and e-mail with my name, cellphone number, e-mail address and country of residence, which I did. I thereupon received a verification form requiring name, address, birthdate etc., by e-mail, the same as those reported by your other correspondents. As I became increasingly suspicious about the whole business I e-mailed Nokia UK Care asking for advice. I am still waiting for a reply. Then Dr Anthony Floyd called, stressing that all our dealings must be in "strictest confidence" (he sounded as if he called from SA). The next day (24 August), I received the Payment Release form, which made my hair stand on end. On Monday 27 August I called Nokia UK (London) direct. (Their telephone number is +448700555777). The guy was very friendly and helpful. The first thing he said was that it was a scam and that I must have nothing to do with those people. On no account must I give them any information. Definitely NO financial info. Apparently they have received numerous inquiries about Dr Anthony Floyd and Nokia Mobile Promo UK. He couldn't tell me how these people got hold of our cellphone numbers. However, I have my own ideas about this, one of them is that they have a way of tapping into SMS's you have sent to something like WiniKhaya (forget about contributing a bit to the Nelson mandela Childrens Fund, for somebody had called me to tell me that I have won the Winikhaya NATIONAL LOTTERY! When I told her that the Lottery hasn't been run since end March (if I remember correctly), she immediately rang off. Furthermore, I have since been phished on a fake Yahoo site (The Pepsi scam) which necessitated my changing my e-mail address and password. So please take care, there are hordes of scams being run all over the place. Apparently the Nokia Mobile Promo lot get their money from you by making you pay the courier and insurance charges. Needless to say you will never be able to recover it. Whether you will get any prize money is doubtful too! So, if you answer their SMS's, e-mails or whatever, you do it at your peril.

  • El
      12th of Sep, 2007
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    I received today, 12 september 2007, the same sms, claiming that i've won "(gbp) 91 000,00 pounds in the ongoing nokia mobile promo, and for claims i must call +447045745963 and email "nokia". Thanks to this webpage and other people's complaints, i won't even try to contact them.

  • Ha
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    Hi, I've also received the text message, notifying me that I won 91, 000 GBP in a nokia mobile promo, and advised me to be confidential about it. Unfortunately, they've contacted me, and I have given them my personal identification, which is my international passport (the part with my name and photo) and driver's licence (excluding financial identification). What shall I do about it?
    I'm a bit hesitant about giving the money as I'm afraid it is scam. Now I know it is scam. But what should I do about the international passport and driver's licence?

  • Ko
      16th of Sep, 2007
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    i got an sms on my mobile yesterday 16.09.2007 saying that i won 600.000 pounds..!!!! is this a scam or is it true?? i was asked to emai .... this is what they told me on a txt

    "congaratulations your GSM number won 600.000 pounds in uk mobile promo, your money is ready to be sent to you. for details cantact Frank Cole at im a bit confussed pls advise me..kinds regurds kostas pavlou mobile is 0035799548575

  • At
      17th of Sep, 2007
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    I also got a message saying that I won 600000 pounds from UK Mobile Promo and that i should send an email to Frank Cole .... what is happening?

  • Mo
      17th of Sep, 2007
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  • Vl
      17th of Sep, 2007
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    I have received similar sms message and try to contact to them, so far I understand that
    it is a scam and they still somehow our money true some currier or insurance payment.

  • Ja
      17th of Sep, 2007
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    Daai doos het dit vir my ook gesê. MOET ASSEBLIEF NIE VIR HOM IETS STUUR NIE.

  • Te
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    I have also received this unsolicited email message :

    "Congratulation, your GSM number won 600,000 pounds in the UK Mobile Promo, your money is ready to be sent to you, for details contact Frank Cole at" Sender UK Mobile.

    When I emailed Frank Cole he replied with more details and informed me to submit my claim to "Barbara Smith" with a list of my personal particulars.

    Thanks to this forum I now realise that this is indeed an International SCAM and I am not going to reply any further. What will happen is that eventually they will inform me to remit a sum of money to them first for various fees before they can send the winning (FAT HOPE!!) to me.

  • Kg
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    I also receivedthat kind of sms, so would youplease tell if it is a scam.surley nokia SA should be knowing .

    Dr anthony Floyd is the one dealing with the monies according to the mails he send me

    Please help what should i do??????

  • Ef
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    I have also received an sms on the 16th of September that informed me of winning 600.000 pounds. I'm puzzled. I haven't send them back any e-mails or messages. It seems that people from the same countries win the same amount of money... I don't know. At least I'm glad that all of you decided to tell your experience. If this forum didn't exist I wouldn't know if it's a scam or not.
    Thank You

  • Le
      18th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have also received this message just now on the 19th of September that told me that I won 172,000 pounds. I haven't reply them back any messages. The message asked me to call this number(+447045729051) or e-mail to to claim the money.

  • Ma
      21st of Sep, 2007
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    Got the same CRAP..................load of BULL#$*&!

  • Md
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    I have also receive this message just last night on the 21st of september that told me i won 600,000 pounds.

  • Mo
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    Same is here guys 2 or 3 days ago i got the same thing as u did on my mobile ... i had the same number of 91,000

    GBP and they want to deliver money using a mail company like FedEX :D lol. Money transfers through banks i had the same form 1st is NokiaVerificationForm.doc 2nd is NokiaPaymentReleaseForm.pdf
    cheaters... i felt it from the beginning.

    Don't believe them!

    it says VERIFICATION NO.: CN-435-663-6 as many people got it the same :D
    Name: Mr. Claus Alfons
    Tel: +1-347-402-8893
    Fax: +1-347-402-8893

    Dr. Alard Filbert
    Tel: +44-704-570-8858 that is the mail

    am from egypt and i dont know ### about any activities out side egypt like the U.K ... why me or why us people who are outside that country who wins ??? coz. its far away !!!
    I would like to know something ... did any one from england have had this ??? coz if so they r busted ...
    again DONT TRUST THAT ### and save ur money

    Mohamed Jamal
    Egyptian Navy

  • Ca
      23rd of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I alos received this sms and think it's a scam....Nokia are you doing something about this?

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