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Nokia E65 / faulty nokia e65

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Last September, my partner signed up for a plan with 3 network and got a free Nokia E65 with it. About a month later, the phone started to have problems-cannot call from call log or contacts by pressing the green call button or going into options>call>voice call. When this problem comes up, loudspeaker also doesn't work. When you restart the phone, the problems go away but comes back to haunt you after awhile. There's no fixed time of the problem resurfacing it can be weeks or days or just hours. So we brought the phone to a 3 shop to get it fixed. They sent it to the 3 service center and she did not have her phone but a lousy loan phone for 2 weeks. Then she got back the phone and the 3 staff said they reinstalled the software of the phone. After a few days the problem resurfaced! We had to send it to the 3 service center for another 2 weeks! We got back the phone again after that and the problem came back out! We personally brought it to the 3 service center to get it fixed within the day itself and they did the same old boring thing-reinstall software. Then the problem resurfaced! We brought it to the 3 shop and we asked is there anything else we can do. They said that they will try to get a new refurbished phone for us and we can probably try going to the Nokia Service Center. Almost half a year now and no news about the refurbished phone.

In the mean time, we brought it to the Nokia Service Center as advised by the 3 staff because the problem resurfaced. So off we go and was told that the servicing 3 did for us was not counted and they had to do the servicing themselves. They just did the same thing-reinstall software and also wiping out the memory card files! Everything in there was gone and they did not advice us to back it up! My partner did not have her phone for another week and had to use another lousy loan phone. This went on for 2 more times and the service center decided to get us a new refurbished phone. After a week of waiting and and using another loan phone, they sent us an sms saying that the phone is ready for collection. On Friday (11 July 2008), I went to pick up the phone and over the weekend I found a line of probably 'dead pixels' across the screen. I brought the phone back to them on Monday (14 July 2008) and they fixed the problem for me. And then on Tuesday (15 July 2008), THAT SAME OLD PROBLEM CAME TO HAUNT US AGAIN!! I brought it back to the Nokia Service Center the next day stating that I'm very unhappy with their service and wanted them to replace this phone with another new phone. The Nokia staff said that she cannot do anything except send the phone back for repair! This is really frustrating as the refurbished phone has the same problem with the previous phone! The worse part is that when I'm about to book my phone in for repair, she said that they do not have any spare loan phones! What am I going to do without a phone! So I decided to take the phone back with me instead. I went back to the 3 store and give a shot to ask them what they can do about the phone. But I was turned down because they cant see the fault all because the lady at Nokia turned off my phone when she wanted to book my phone in to get my IMEI number. The staff at 3 also said they cant do anything and said I was better off calling their call center instead. What bad service! Now I'm stuck with this faulty Nokia E65 and I am sick of booking the phone in for another repair without getting any positive results! 85% of the time we had the phone went to repairs.

Shame on Nokia for selling faulty phones!

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  • Mo
      1st of Dec, 2007
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  • Gi
      21st of Jul, 2008
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    Nokia E65 - Terrible quality product
    Nokia E65

    Bought a nokia E65 from car phone warehouse wilton shopping center, cork city. Staff had very little interest in explaining anything bout product had to bring it back 2 months later as battery kept going. Yet again staff not to bothered busier chatting to one another got phone back week and a half later and had to bring it back 2 days later battery still going after 4 hours sent it off again got it back week ago and had to again return it as battery still going whats going on like between brain dead staff and faulty product coming back hello sort it.

  • Yo
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    My name is yoav and I live in israel
    I would like to know what happened with your clime against Nokia?

    Because I have the same problem with my phone and I bought it at the same time that you did.

    My email address is

  • Fa
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    same ere ... i also bought a nokia e65 ...
    the fone is awesome ... but the call problem bugs a lot :@:@
    nokia should introduce any fix 2 it coz its damn annoyin
    i hav upgraded my fone 2 the latest firmware... but still the prob is still there :S
    dunno wat 2 doo ... plzzz if anyone has the fix ... let me know ... my email id is ... i shall b very grateful 2 u ..
    best regards .
    Fahad Ahsan

  • Wi
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    I bought my Nokia E65 in July 2008. So far the phone is just functioning well save for only one problem, it never shows video in full screen mode what could be the problem?

  • Ne
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    I have the same problem with my E65.
    I have the phone one year and until now it was all right. I made a software update, reset the phone, delete all installed programs, format the card, but all in vain. Just thinking about buying E66, but after this I'm not sure whether again to buy Nokia
    If there is a solution for this problem please reply by e-mail

  • Sp
      4th of Oct, 2009
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    Nokia E65 - Replacement of hand set


    I purchased Nokia E65 on 15th August 2008 and after few days it started developing problems and when contacted Nokia Care at Sector 7, Panchkula I was told that due to software corruption it needs software installation which was done there and them. But the problem of restart distortion in incoming and outgoing and no illumination on key pads remained there. And when contacted again I was advised to use the same with problems intact for few more days as it is under warranty and also told that as one level of care thats is, HCL which is undertaking repairs is going to be eliminated due to bouncing of hand sets without repairs. I took the advise of nokia care.

    But when I contacted Nokia care again on 19th July 2009 almost one month before warranty was going to expire I was told that it will take 5 days to rectify the problems in my hand sets. But when contacted after the expiry of 5days I was told that it is sent to L3 level of Nokia Care Noida and it will take another 15 days to get the hand set back. But it took more than one and half month to get my hand set back on 30th August 2009 and that too without any rectification of problems in it and I again returned the set within 5 minutes to nokia care. Which took another 20 days to get it back. But I was shocked when I switched it on and found that my display too is damaged instead of getting th problems removed. If this the service of L3 then it would have been better for to go to some "sadak chhap" mobile repair service giver and would have spent few rupees and I am sure that I would have got better services in mush less time which your nokia care centre has taken.

    Now, I DO NOT want my E65 (IMEI NUMBER 358633010614887 Warranty Ref. Number APAINY184625082)) hand set in such a damaged condition and want New and Fresh Hand set at the earliest so that any consumer legal action is avoided

  • Ar
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    I got my Phone May last year and paid $800 for the piece of )*I*(. The inside screen broke within a week and I never dropped it. Customer Service staff called me a liar a few times. They lost my phone then told me to be thankful they gave me a new one. Then Feb this year couldnt get it off hands free. Sent it away again, it came back with a new inside. Then it broke again where I couldnt ring out without pulling the phone apart. At the moment having a battle with Nokia about replacing it with another phone NOT E65. Not happy at all. The carecentre is no help and they need to change the name to Stupid Centre. E65 is crap not worth a cent. :(:(:(

  • Ju
      8th of Jan, 2011
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    Nokia E65 - nokia uk promotion
    3, Anuoluwapo street,Shasha Lagos
    Northern Ireland, County Fermanagh
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 07033570045

    We don't understand about the promo whether it is real or not? And if real how do we process the necessary arrangements on how to proceed with it.

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