Nokia Carefraud

I ramkrushna nandanwar, sde, bsnl, nagpur before I should lodge complaint against nokia care I should tell u that nokia care is trying to fraud people unnecessary I have lodged complaint against milaps electronics, nagpur also before but unsatisfactory response was given. Now I want to lodge complaint against the following nokia care.
Anurag marketing
Mazenin floor, fawara chowk,
C. A. Road, nagpur
Mob. No: [protected] ph no. 2721684, 3211684
Email: [protected]

The above address is of the shop which is trying to fool us. My imei no. Is [protected], , job sheet no. [protected]/100805/6, I submitted my mobile to care at 5/8/10 they said display had to be changed so they changed the display again after 2 days that same problem occured again they suggested that the display had to be changed and after completing formalities the bill was paid again the problem occurred in my cell and I went again to the above address they said ic has to be changed and now today when I went to the shop I noticed that out of the four screws of my n96 slider one screw was broken ie. Its base was broken. When I asked how? They said that it was broken already whichwas a damn lie. Then I said when I gave this mobile twice before that time it was not broken and how now? They were not ready to accept their mistake and said that to change the slider and I have to pay rs.850. Sir from the day I had purchase mobile I am fed up of such problems. They just try to fool customers they try to put on unnecessary charges one by one and why should we pay the money for their mistake till now I spent 5420rs. For my cell problem.
Firstly the distributer mr. Durgadas, mob no.[protected], shivasagar, assamfrauded me I purchased this mobile from assam on 09/01/08 and handed such type of handset to me the time I purchased this mobile the software prblm occured within 24 hrs so to tackle the problem he kept my handset till one month and gave me bill after 3 months that to the name of the another shop the name of the shop is:

Mamta fashions, j. P. Agarwalla path, sivasagar - 785640 (Assam) ph.223283, [protected]
And now these nokia care also are trying to betray me. And they are not ready to listen and taking my problem lightly sir I handle minimum 20000 mobile connection in bsnl I never thought that nokia care will give such unsatisfactory, poor and ill services to consumers. If necessary action is not taken early I have to move to consumer court and have to organize a press conference against nokia company.
My contact no:[protected]
Copy to:mr. Trivedi, hitvada chief editor, nagpur
Mob no.[protected]
Mr. Rahul pandey, hitvada chief reporter, nagpur
Phno.[protected], [protected]

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