Nokia 5800 / battery backup

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Now already 4 times it repaired. It is not become a good phone why?The customer angry with me. U pls ask to repaire very well. Now I lost more 500 aed for new batteries. If dont mind please changing that phone and give me a good phone.

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  • Gg
      Dec 12, 2009

    phone died in 5 days. 4 and counting attempts by nokia to repair SAME ISSUE

    if you find anything wrong. RETURN for REFUND immed if possible.
    Purhcased at NYC flagship store. I had the phone working for 1st 5 days. When the battery started to discharge, i tried charging. It didnt charge at all. Store gave me new battery saying battery was at fault. Again same issue. It wudnt even turn on with the charger connected - so clearly its not just battery problem. By the time this battery discharged, the 14 day return period was over - pretty sure they knew it.
    Then started the saga of sending to nokia service center - PALCO. Already sent 4 times. each time had to ship back same evening or next day. Same problem for "repaired" "replaced" and "repaired again" phone.
    First they claim its "repaired", then 2nd time they claim "cannot be replaced"...why did they send it then?
    but the so called replaced also had same issue - how can this be co-incidence?
    again sent...they claim repaired...but same issue.
    When i call...they dont agree to send me a courtesy phone since its clearly their mistake and 4 attempts are enough to figure out im being cheated.
    They wont give me refund or replacement.
    They wont even agree to send me a email saying they take responsibility to resolve the issue.
    5 is not my lucky number...i have no hope it will get resolved.
    looks like they will continue playing ping-pong till end of 12 months.

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