Nokia 5310 Music Expressphones keeps restarting

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my phone was a present from my dad and about a week later my phone randomly kept restarted itself, i solved the problem by plugging the usb in and taking out the memory card it worked twice, and about 1 mounth later it had happened again it just kept turning o and of and on again. i tried charging it but it didnt work.My phone was very expensive and im dissapointed about how new it is with all th eproblems it had . Its been about 4 mounths now. Nokia stil hasnt had a sullution and my phone is no use to me.

Does anyone have any sullutions to what i should do ??

Merita Ldn

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  • Ma
      Oct 30, 2008

    i have the same problem. i already had a new one resent to me and its doing the same thing... i tried a new sim card and am keeping my fingers crossed but its disappointing!!!

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  • Jo
      Nov 05, 2008

    Have the same damn problem. Mine brings problems every time i call or play music. I love the design, the Brand but its dissapointing.


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  • Ma
      Nov 18, 2008

    it's becoming frustrating and this is reducing nokia reputation, l mean it is reducing the likeness people have in them. They should please adjust on these to avoid them loosing customers.

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  • Pr
      Nov 24, 2008

    hei am using 5310expressmusic. here i cont able to attend my second calls. also i cont able to dail any new calls wat happening here give me the correct solution for this.

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  • Mo
      Mar 13, 2009

    have you tried updating the firmware?

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  • Ga
      Jun 07, 2009

    try checking youre firmware.. if its lower than v5.?? something like that.. try upgrading its firmware.. mine had the same problem as yours.. but when i upgraded my firmware from v3.36 to v9.42 all my problems were gone.. voila!! instantly! just like that. now its much better and cooler phone.. the restarting problem is gone.. the speakers became more louder than it is before. the equlizer is more accurate..

    how to check youre firmware:

    dial *#0000# (then firmware details will appear with the date when youre phone was made..)

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  • Mi
      Apr 19, 2010

    where is medical dictionary for nokia xpress music 5310

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  • Pa
      Sep 19, 2010

    nokia has a lot of problem with its firmware/software. the older nokia phone models are better. for they hadn't much problem. except the fact that it can't play music/videos and the black and white lcd display. other phone manufacturer has not much problem with their software compared to nokia.

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