Nivea (bought in UK) / anti wrinkle q10 plus c face cream

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I used this cream for 1st time before going to bed and it caused such severe itching all night all over my body even down to my toes and fingers but it didn't affect my face on that first day So I didn't think it was because of this cream.
The 2nd day I used it during the day. I went out shopping and did a long walk. I started getting severe itching again and noticed my skin was swollen and red across my body and then ears became swollen and red and face too so I had two anti histamines which only helped a little and my mum gave me some ground Kerala ( bitter gourd ) - it's the Kerala which helped stop the itching.
I have not used the cream today I'm scared to even touch the packaging god only knows what they have put into this product that can cause such a bad reaction across the entire body! Never again I don't trust Nivea!

Nivea (bought in UK)

Oct 20, 2018

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