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Nissan / the horrible service at nissan

1 3456 N. Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60618, United States

I bought a use care from Nissan in 2014 with a bumper to bumper extended warranty for 4 years priced at $2, 000. At the end of the warranty they had some recalls on the air bags. I took my car in to address this issue but they had a waiting list because the airbags had not come in. They told me I would need to take a rental until the airbags came in. I couldn't take the rental because I only had one parking space and Nissan would not keep my car until the repairs were completed, which could not be completed because they airbags were not in. I took the car in about 3 months later to get an oil change and was told that in addition to the airbag recall which the airbags still were not in I needed control arms, lower engine mount, and front springs.
All of these items were covered by my extended warranty. I called back a month later ready to get the work done and was told that my exhaust was rusted and in order for them to get to the work that was covered by my warranty they would have to remove and replace it and that would cost me a whooping $1, 400. I was told by Dannie who was very rude and condenseding that if I drove out with the exhaust my car would be very loud. I was told to call Consumer Affairs by Dannie and that he would too to see if they would help me or pay the cost in incur some of the cost or in full. Months later I called Consumer Affairs and got a nasty Stephanie on the phone (senior regional customer affair specialist) she appeared to be nice but was very nice nasty also. She told me they could not help me because they did not cover wear and tear nor damages only if the exhaust had been defective would they cover it. I called a Cooperate Supervisor name David and pretty much got the same answer. My behavior was not the best because I was frustrated at how I was being used. During this entire process I was put on hold for long periods of time (they have call waiting so they know who is calling), 2-3 business days went to 10 business days in the meantime that deadline for the warranty is getting closer and closer. Finally, I got it they are trying to not do this work and make more money doing it. I asked another service agent never got one. I called at the Kedzie Location which was suppose to be new and improved after that unprofessional staff they had at 4444 W. Irving park Rd in Chicago. Well the staff at 3456 N. Kedzie Ave was no better. I called several time asking to speak to Anthony the supervisor I was told he was at a meeting and he might get back with me. At this point I only have about two weeks to get this work completed. I'll let you know how this goes! But I won't be buying any more cars from them and I'm going to encourage friend and family to do the same. My resolution would be to get my car repaired the exhaust and the items on the extended warranty. People if we stick together we can win. Let start a petition and start picking their locations! When they lose enough business they'll behavior better trust me I know.

Apr 5, 2018

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