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Dear Nike, I'm one of the big fans of your products, especially footwear. Since I live in Serbia, I am forced to buy shoes abroad, because in Serbia in the sale there is no number 10 for women. I was looking for shoes and winter product that I found was promising. Price from 250 e (which makes up more than half of the average salary in Serbia). I decided to give you, because it is a product of providing what it considers to be in the next ten years. Resistant to water, resistant to winter, just what I need for the next many years. Boots are finally arrived (my friend ordered online in Sweden) yesterday. I immediately put on them, and went out. Outside, there were approximately -1 Celsius, which is a mild winter (it used to be and -30). My feet froze after just 10 minutes of walking. I have nike, I bought 10 years ago, ordinary shoes, which are warmer than those that are "ideal" for the cold weather! I decided to make a really large sum of money for a product that is completely disappointed. This is the product

Jan 26, 2017

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