Netspendpoor management

The trainer named rachel altkens was very slandering and patronizing during the training session that began on 01/05/2015. She would make comments such as how she could care less about workers being late to training. At one point she stopped during a training session to explain how she was "starting to get pissed off" because one of the other black male participants was trying to explain himself. This past monday I asked rachel a question regarding the topic she was discussing. She answered my question but shortly afterwards she made a facetious comment saying "so dumb" that was obviously insulting to my intelligence. She has nonchalantly said in the class room how she could care less about anyone getting penalized or fired because she would be moving on to her next position. I found her choice of words to be disrespectful and I dont feel that I deserved to be down played and disregarded in the presence of other training participants. Secondly rachel along with one of the managers had my contract cut short leaving me unemployed again. I asked for reasoning for this from my recruiter. I was told that they decided to release me due to my performance or time to take the assessments. Although everyone being trained was given 2 attempts to make a 90 or above. I did make a 90 on my first attempts and a few on my 2nd. A few times I scored a perfect 100 after the first attempt. I was very proud of my scores and actually thought that I would be welcomed to the team. Well unfortunately for me I was around a trainer that obviously did not respect my efforts or time spent in her training class. She never set a exact time limit for us to take these tests. She would only notify a few participants of how much time she would give to complete after a short while. Let me include that I waited over a month for this position as a document review analyst and was never late, unprofessional, or absent for training. This past friday one of the other managers or supervisors from the netspend department came in to speak with the class. She would arrogantly comment about the weather and place certain individuals on the spot. At one point she asked me why I was not laughing at her jokes along with the other participants. I replied with being about business (For a better choice of words in a cordial manner). She made some insinuating comment such as "well you don't have to talk to them" and we will discuss business monday (The date I was released 01/12/2015) now I am once again unemployed due to nonchalant arrogance and poor judgement of character. I guess this is just another notch on the netspend managers belt and a boost to rachel's pride as having authority to abuse.

Job title: document review analyst
Location: 6505 airport dr, suite 100, austin tx, usa 78752
Duration: 3-4 months

Jan 13, 2015

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