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Cary, NC, United States

I am furious this evening. I have been with NetSpend for maybe 4 months. It's been an easy journey thus far as I dont really pay bills with the account, I mainly deposit 2 checks at most a week and do some online/grocery shopping.

Tonight to my dismay, i went to make an online purchase to see my account was declined- impossibly so. I went to check my online funds, alarmed. I am locked out of my account it seems.

I went to "forgot password" because, I do forget my password often with the many accounts I have.. and thats when it siad
essentially my account is not accessible and it cannot be unlocked at this time.

I think its absurd that they don't have customer service 24/7. I also think it's absurd that this seems to be a normal occurance, and their responses on twitter are so "whatever".. These are peoples funds, hard earned money. I'm reading of single parents being locked out their accounts for weeks.


I have emailed twice, called for the hell of it, blowed up on twitter and even made one of my infamous youtube videos complaining. (laurenejordann)

I want my money and my account unlocked first thing in the morning, as their is no excuse for this. I am livid. I need to make an important purchase involving work.

Oct 17, 2017

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