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Netspend / criminal activity!

1 Bernardsville, NJ, United States Review updated:

I received an email from Netspend congratulating me on selecting their pre-paid debit card. The problem is, I didn't. When I called to find out what was going on, they wouldn't help me without my card number. I didn't have a card, so I didn't have a number.

I was told they needed my name and social security number to move forward. Naturally, I did not share that information with them. I explained that they should be able to connect the email address they used to contact me with the card in question. "Erica" claimed they couldn't.

I believe this company is generating hundreds, or perhaps even millions of emails to unsuspecting people in order to get their names and SSN's to commit identity theft. I'll be contacting the FTC and the Attorneys General of Texas and NJ first thing Monday morning.

These people are criminals.

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  • Ca
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    You probably received a fake email from a person targeting NetSpend customers. Fraudulent emailers send out boatloads of false emails, congratulating you for opening a bank account, then asking you for personal information to verify something or unlock the account. Of course, most of the people who get those emails don't even have an account at the bank the email claims to be coming from. A few people do. Of those few people, one or two are usually stupid enough to enter their personal information into a reply email and lo and behold all their identifying info is compromised.

    If you get an email from a bank or financial institution where you don't have an account, call that bank at their phone number listed in the phone book and ask about the email address and the email. Chances are, the email didn't even come from the bank.

    It's called phishing. Don't blame the bank.

  • Jo
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    I've had a NetSpend card for more than 5 years and never suffered any phishing issues or bad charges until today, when I got charged from a VISANET TERMINAL TRACE for like $5. I called and they couldnt cancel the charge or do anything about it so today I am a bit ticked at them myself. I am working on getting the charge reversed and will post if I get results and how I went about doing so.

  • Ch
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    this card has to be the worst i have ever seen

    Monthly Service Fee $9.95, billed on accountholder's cycle date

    Card Fulfillment (Shipping & Handling) $9.95

    Account Maintenance (waived if account has debit or credit transaction and/or balance inquiry within 90 days) $5.95 per month

    Check or Additional Statement Mailing Fee $5.95

    Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal / Cash Withdrawal at Distributor Up to $2.00 per withdrawal, plus ATM owner fees, if any

    International ATM Cash Withdrawal $4.95 per withdrawal plus ATM owner fees, if any

    Lost or Stolen Card Replacement Fee Up to $9.95

    this is just a taste of what you can expect for being a "valued" customer. not to mention any hideen fees which i will not be hanging around to find out about.

    dump this card if you have it

  • Ed
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    Yes, it's called phishing - don't you understand spam?

  • Vi
      30th of Jan, 2011
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    I am having a verry hard time trying to access my balance on line. I have register my card, but it want let me go pass the log in. I have to keep putting in my user name and password. It want take it. I sign up for the alert system and it's not work. In oprder for me to check my balance I have to call the auto line for a charge of .50 cent. I would like to know if it's another way I can check my balance when your system is not working right without being charge? I would like to be refunded all my .50 cents. I wasn't going to address this issue but this is not the first time and the .50 cents are adding up. PLEASE CHECK ON YOUR ON LINE SYSTEM SOON. I already paid a fee to Netspend (ACE) to put my own money on the card and they are charging you again for an on line system which is not working for you to call and pay to find out what your balance is. This is a money scam and it needs to be stop. Thank you in advance

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