Netflix / unauthorised charges

67 Norwich street , Dereham England Norfolk, United Kingdom

Hi, I wrote to yourselves a couple of days ago and still had no reply like I said in my last email I had a Netfilx account which I only set up for the free 30 day trial which I didn't even use in the end, there was two films on my account which was Essex's boys retriabtion and only fools and horses which was done on the 08/10/15 which we didn't even watch, then only to find out that my account settings had been changed as I know I hadn't done them cause I have all my settings set so I get confirmation emails of when so called payments are due to be taken out which I didn't receive on both occasions! I am not happy about this and I would like a refund and asap as I don't intend to contuining using my account as from when I last emailed you. I want this resolved asap!!

Dec 12, 2015

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