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on february 11th 2013 i couldnt view netflix because it said i needed to pay my $7.99. i thought this was odd since the last bill was due and aid on the 26th of january. but at 3 am after a hard nights work i went ahead and paid them anyways and was told my new billing date would be the 11th of every month and the company was having trouble with theyre billing system. satisfied that i would be pro rated i left well enough alone. now here we are on the 20th of february (9 days later) and netflix wants another $7.99. when i asked what the problem is i was told rudely by the supervisor johnny that the problem was with my bank and if i would like to 3 way call them and let johnny the supervisor handle it for me everything would be fine.. umm, no. when i asked why there was suddenly a problem this month and hasnt ever been before i was told the company was having trouble with theyre billing sustem. so i asked if thats why im getting ready to pay for the third time in 1 month? i was told no. the problem was on my end. yet my statements say "PAID" to netflix twice this month. so i was basically charged 3 times for a product and didnt even get a full months use out of it. thank you netflix!

Feb 20, 2013
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      Sep 20, 2012

    Had netflix turned on thru their website. They put a hold on my bank account for 7.99. Then they turn around and placed another hold for 7.99 on my account. After that they took 8.53 out of my account. Had to call them about this so they finnaly returned one of the holds. After 10 days now they still have not returned the other 7.99. The person I talked with was very rude. They are all about the money and could care less about service. Don't. Use their service. Nothing but problems.

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