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Recently i just wrote about the poor and what i beleive to be intentional delay of turn around times of Netflix rentals, well they are still at it. if you read my complaint of a few days ago nothing has changed, even after talking with them and a supervisor, they had their movies back but did nothing as far as processing the next set of rentals til the following day and then there is the shipping time. Netflix must be trying to make as much as they can for their investors while sacrificing their customer base, if true then that also begs the next question is Netflix getting ready to drop or side alley their U.S. business and direct their attention to the markets over seas which are finally opening up and are not saturated yet?

I suggest folks start using Red Box, now they may not have some of the older stuff, if at all, never know what they may do, but they do have movies, i don't think the Netflix fees are really any better when it takes a whole week from sending and receiving and turn around times that Netflix has gone too.

If you want to prevent the detailed info that Netflix is building about you then the elimination of the bar code above the nearest Netflix Facility on the return envelope, may prevent them from knowing where and when you placed it into the mail stream as they are not first scanned until they reach a USPS regional section and sorting center, the USPS will still get the envelope back to Netflix in the same amount of time it appears, you will just be protecting the info being gathered and stored by Netflix and whom ever else (USPS)from having access to the info. Placing your disc without the bar code being displayed will also not stop your return from getting to Netflix, rather a different on site at Netflix or an actual person will have to handle that piece(s) individually you might even effect them to have to hire someone.

If Netflix with all of the programing and technoligy can't keep or improve your experience then there should be no reason to assit them in their informational gathering of your stats, if you call them don't do the survey,

For those who don't know this the USPS sells your info to business and especially when you move if you use their change of address form. Want to prevent most of the junk and other mail you want to stop from following you, then take the time and only give the change directly to those you want to hear from. It can take years for your mail to junk up again if ever. If you don't think they are gathering info pay attention to the clerk when you get additional mail services they are just typing away your name and other info about you as well as the recipients info and they are storing it all.

The USPS is also getting ready to offer a way that you can see what is sitting in you mail box or is out for delivery and from whom it came. You have to wonder who else will have this access and will you ever know?

Netflix and the USPS are not your friends.

Jan 25, 2017

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