Net10 Wirelessdefective phone! no data! returned, no replacement came!

Go Mar 08, 2016 9700 NW 112th Ave

I upgraded my phone after a satisfactory experience with Net10. I continued to pay for my old phone (pay per month) so I could retain and transfer my phone number, as they directed me to do. I received my new phone but they did not transfer the number. This is a 20-year old number that I have on my business cards and more.

They told me the number was no longer active and I said "Impossible, I am calling you from this number." They abruptly closed my old phone (I even had minutes remaining) and told me they had lost the number. I fought to get it back, which took about 9 hours over several days.

They got it back, and transferred it to a new sim, but (self-admittedly) throttled data on the new phone, making it impossible to send photos, go to the Internet unless on my home WIFI.

I spent over 16 additional hours between October 16 and today trying to rectify the situation, which included:

Wrong sim card size
Correct sim - but wrong number on sim
Lost my original number
Found original number and sent correct sim, but NO DATA for over 4 months and I PAID for data!
Sent a few more new sim cards that did nothing.
They gave me no refunds - no credits for not receiving data.
Now they say my new phone is defective.
I returned my 'new' phone a month ago at their insistence - they received.
A new phone was never returned to me, no FedEx tracking provided on new phone shipment!
Net ten says phone is on the way but will give me no tracking number.
They say it was shipped by two day mail via FedEx a month ago.
They said they re-shipped it, and will not provide tracking number.
FedEx has no record of such a shipment.
I am getting the total run around.
I am currently retaining my 20-year old phone number on an old blackberry and only have 10 days of service left via net-ten.
I am at my wits end.

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