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Net10 Wireless / terrible customer service!

1 United States Review updated:

My Net10 Go phone had 1400+ minutes as of Thanksgiving Day. On the day after Thanksgiving, I tuned it on and found the minutes was reset to 0 minutes and the due date was reset to 00/00/01 and I was not able to make any calls due to the 0 minute. I called the customer line at [protected] and I was on the phone for at least 40-50 minutes talking to the technical rep who had a very heavy accent and it was so frustrating as we don't understand each other and had to repeat things over and over again. She had me enter a series of codes and I was able to get 900 minutes back while the balance before the reset was 1400+. After the rep consulted with the supervisor, Net10 agreed to send me a new phone and I will have to call the customer line to activate the phone and hopefully to get the minutes back. I received the new phone 3 days later and found the new phone is a much worse phone than the one I have. So I decide to keep my phone with the loss of 500 minutes. The customer service was terrible and I have no courage to call back so I'm using this channel to complain. I hope net 10 will improve their service and the incident that happened to me (minutes was rest to zero) will never happen again.

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  • De
      28th of May, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I was reluctant to mention the communication problems with NET10 customer service and tech support (I didn't want to seem racist). But I agree 100% with the complaint about TERRIBLE customer service. I changed my cell no. recently and since then my voicemail has not worked. I also spent about 45 minutes with tech support trying to explain the problem to someone that I could barely understand and who refused to believe that I knew who to set up my voicemail in the first place. One tech hung up on me! It's been over a week of back and forth emails and phone calls. And I still have no voicemail. As soon as I use the minutes I have left on my phone I am finished with NET10.

  • St
      5th of Jun, 2007
    -1 Votes

    Net10 has very frustrating customer service. If you try to contact via phone, you usually are on hold for 15-20 minutes, then they cut you off. "Once you do get through, the customer service reps really only read the poor instructions shown on their website. CS reps probably want to help, but they do not speak english well and are trained to repeat everything you say and talk in circles. Actual conversation "is it ok if I put you on hold? YES. Ok, so I am going to put you on hold, OK? Are you there caller? YES. Ok, then I will put you on hold, OK? YES.." and so on. Try this for more than 10 minutes and you will wish you never had a problem. I am hoping to have no other problems.

    Oh, and you can't find an email address to contact them, or a US phone number. They do have a tech support form online to fill out, but after taking 10 minutes to fill this out thoroughly, and hit SEND, it errors out, and you have to start over and it errors out again. Great customer avoidance. I wish there was a way to contact their management.

  • As
      7th of Aug, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I just called the net10 number and had the same sort of ### happen to me. The guys didn't speak English well enough to answer any of my questions, and even if they had spoken better english they were too stupid to have been of any use and they both hung up on me. I don't have service yet... i called to ask questions about the service... but i am glad i did before i went out and bought the phone and had my number changed over. What a nightmare... what a bunch of idiots.

    I am curious to see when consumers will get so fed up with ### ### customer service like this that the business world becomes aware of it, and companies start springing up that actually spend the money to have a really good customer service department, as opposed to a "customer avoidance" dept (a genius line), because they know people will flock to them like flies on ###. has anyone ever called crutchfield, the guys that sell electronics? They spend the money, and its really something...

  • Jo
      29th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I give up on the English reps. They have the intelligence of 1st graders. Thank god I speak Spanish. I got transferred to Guatemala and got very good customer service.

  • No
      30th of Aug, 2007
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    Net 10 Wireless - This company needs to go under!
    United States

    NET10 Wireless

    My Net10 phone was deactivated with minutes still on it. I thought well I need to add minutes, so I went onto the computer. Input my IMEI number, which was still good and began the process of adding air time. Net10 accepted all charges but when I went to add the airtime, my IMEI number was no good. So I called NET10 to have my charge canceled or refunded. After over TWO hours of being shuffled from one IDIOT SERVICE REP to another, I got to an IDIOT SUPERVISOR that could not understand I wanted the charge refunded. He couldn't do it, but he knew who could, so he transferred me. Well another well trained (HA) supervisor could not understand what I wanted. After hours on hold, I called my credit card company and stopped the charges. This company needs to go under!

  • Ra
      4th of Nov, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I can't believe that a company could possibly get away with this type of customer service/technical support and stay in business. My experiences with Net10 have been exactly as described by the previous complaints above. Trying to get any problem with their service resolved is an exercise in frustration and futility. I will definitely not continue purchasing any more air time from them and only wish I had read the various comments/complaints by other users before I purchased their phone and services.

    Why do I bother to post my comments on this forum? Because I believe in sharing my experiences and allow inquisitive minds to make an informed decision before purchasing any type of services/goods.

  • Je
      8th of Nov, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I have complained about my reception to my phone numerous times. I have had no satisfaction. I am about to run out of minutes in less than two weeks and WILL NOT purchase any more minutes. I HAVE THIS NUMBER on all my business cards and other business related materials. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in NET 10 service. MY VIEWING SCREEN HAS JUST GONE BLANK.

    As I stated earlier my VIEWING SCREEN HAS GONE BLANK. I cannot look up any other numbers, INCLUDING my phone numbers.

    My number is 336-686-4314.
    My home number is 336-622-5372.

    I also have minutes left and I would like an extension on those minutes since I obviously cannot use them at this time.

    This is (at least) the third time I have contacted you about this phone without any satisfaction.

  • Da
      1st of Dec, 2007
    -1 Votes

    I lost 1000 min and been thru 2 sim cards and my phone stil wont work. No one at net10 can help me. It displays enter puk code. I am pissed .i aint got to use it yet!

  • Er
      2nd of Jan, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Net10 customer services has made my account so bad, I can't believe it. Back on Dec 23rd it all started:

    The old phone I had was having problems working, time for a new phone, went out to Walmart and bought my new phone, call costumer service to transfer the account over to the new phone.

    First Call: Costumer Service activates the new phone first, causing a new SIM card to have to be sent to transfer my number over to the new phone since they activated the new phone first.

    Second Call(Dec 29th): Have New SIM card, not able to transfer the phone number over, they think they have to have it ported.

    Third Call (Dec 31th): Don't know why, but the phone number attached to the porting for the touble ticket isn't mine and their is no need to to port anyway. However they can't seem to transfer my account over to the new phone with the minutes, the departement is already closed for the day at 12:00 PST.

    Forth Call (Jan 1st): Start to finally transfer the account information over, minutes taken off the old phone, then disconnected. Call back, they start over, unable to confirm with the department regarding how many minutes I had, since that department is now closed at 11:30 am PST.

    Fifth Call: (Jan 2nd): Now they say the new phone isn't activated, nor do they have the new SIM card on record, unable to find out if my account balance anywhere.

    So far to count: Out over $150.00, talked for over 5 hours on the phone with customer service, now have neither phone working, and it has been 11 days so far.

    Never go with NET10, they don't know their own phone service and it cost you time and money!

  • No
      19th of Jan, 2008
    -1 Votes

    net10 isajoke huge run around with frustrating ridicilous so called customer service who you cant even understand and who are never actually able to resolve your problems they normally keep you on the phone for hours than say to call back later because the department you need has left for the day what a huge joke.

  • Ja
      2nd of Feb, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Ditto. I know for a fact that I had clearly communicated to Net-10 that I want my old phone number ported, but instead they issued me a new, unwanted phone number. And this didn't happen just once, but twice... and after many hours of constantly repeating those #%@* twenty digit numbers! This was not a communications problem--they are deliberately refusing to honor legitimate request here. Is it about saving dollars? Convenience for them? I'm not sure, but I hope legal actions are eventually brought against them. And it is high-time that they stopped hiding behind the language differences--they need to tell us why they are refusing to honor what I believe is a legal obligation on their end!!!

  • Ma
      3rd of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    These people are absolute idiots. The customer service is in Belize and the clerks speak broken English, at best. They are incompetent, but very calm and comfortable with their incompetence.

    I ported a number from Sprint, am now without my business cell for three days. After 10, 000+ calls to customer "no service" I was told that the simm card was bad and that they would send me one in five days! I finally got in touch with a continental US Net 10 idiot who agreed to get me the simm card by overnight delivery. So, the saga continues.

    I purchased this mess from HSN---which I hold responsible for all consequences of their relationship with Net 10.

    If I can ever get the phone to work, I look forward to many years of "third-world" customer service, defective products, and eventual failure of this no-service provider.

  • Ca
      7th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    On Saturday I called from my cell phone and ordered 300 minutes for $30.00. The actual total was told to me as being $32.58, to which I agreed. After speaking a very long time and repeating everything over and over with someone I could not understand (Asian accent) - sorry - that's what it sounded like to me - I ended the airtime order and hung up. No minutes came up on my phone, so I called back to ask approximately when the minutes would be added. I was told by the same (sounded the same) representative that there was NO record I had called or ordered anything. Although I was aggravated, I assumed the representative had just wiped my information (credit card #, phone, address, all my personal info) off the computer screen and my bank account would not be drafted for the $32.58. So, returning to work on Monday, I was checking my bank account to see if I had enough to purchase something from the health food store and guess what??? The charge of $32.58 was drafted from my bank account - see?
    04-07-2008 TWI*NET10 WIRELESS TWI*NET10 32.58
    WITHDRAWAL @ TWI*NET10 WIRELESS TWI*NET10 WIRELESS 877 836 2368 FLUS Trace #6318 (eff. date 04/07/2008)
    No minutes were put on my phone. So, I called the Net10 people and told what sounded like the same lady what had happened. She put her supervisor on the phone, and her story was the same - we have no record - blah blah blah. They frauded my bank account of $32.58. My bank said I have to wait 30 days to make sure they were not going to credit my account, but I told my bank that they said they do not even have a record of any of the information I gave them. So, be careful - look at Net10's advertisement accusing other cell phone companies of being 'EVIL' - they are the ones who are evil - absolute thieves. Don't make the same mistake I did...use a reputable cell phone company, or use a REAL phone.

  • Ca
      8th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Yesterday, I posted a complaint comment here and I also emailed Net10's corpororate office 3 times - I was so mad about what happened with their customer service department.
    Today, they phoned me and made everything right and gave me the 300 minutes that I paid for.
    I told them why I was so angry and I also told them I appreciated talking to someone I could understand. The customer service reps at the corporate office were very nice to me. If I had known I could have called them instead of using the customer service number that is programmed into my cell phone to buy airtime, this never would have happened. I hope they do something to change their customer service department and at the same time I wish I had not gotten so angry about what happened. Live and learn, but I am no longer angry and I am very satisfied and happy that they phoned me and made things right. ;o)

  • Ns
      26th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Please, don`t be so rude with Customer Service Representatives. I am one of them, and believe, being 8 hours a day, sitting down a looking the same System, repeating and reading verbatim some scripts... if we do not do that, points are deducted for us, so we can be fired... Actually, for best customer service, press option number 2 for Spanish, hold on line and a spanish rep, will assist, they also speak english, hopefully, someone in south america is going to answer your call. Honestly, is going to help you.

  • Pe
      1st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I ordered a new phone from Net10 on Thursday, June 26. I waited for news that it was being shipped and called back a few times only to be told that it was "in process".

    Finally on Tuesday, July 2 (five days later), I hear back from them that Yes! the phone has been shipped.

    So I go online to the FedEx site to check shipment and find that it was shipped with FedEX GROUND service. The Net10 website specifically says "FedEX 3-day service". Because it was shipped with FedEX Ground it will take another six days to reach me.

    How is it possible they used FedEX Ground, when that isn't even one of their normal shipping options?

    After a long bla, bla, bla from customer service rep they finally agree to give me 50 free minutes. Well great, but I'd rather just have the phone show up at the time they agreed.

    It always takes about five minutes for them just to pull up my order. (are they using some kind of antiquated computer system?) And just as the rep was putting through the request for 50 free minutes when the call was cut off abruptly. (before that I had offered to give them my home number in case we were cut off. the rep said, "we won't be cut off". ) So I spent 22 minutes on the phone for nothing, it seems.

    Of course I have empathy for the people working at these jobs. I know it isn't very much fun to talk to customers 8 hours a day, attempting to solve their problems, and probably a lot of the customers aren't very pleasant. But still Net10 should be doing something to improve their customer service, not just put a lot of insufficiently trained people in a call center and expect that somehow it will all work out.

  • Pe
      1st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Just some info about Net10 (which is part of Tracfone):

    TracFone Wireless or TracFone (Net10) is a mobile phone provider, subsidiary of América Móvil the largest Latin American (Mexican) mobile network operator; that provides prepaid mobile phone service in the United States, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. TracFone is currently the sixth-largest mobile network operator and the largest mobile virtual network operator in the U.S. market with 9.895 million customers (as of March 2008).

    Topp (Tracfone) received a major infusion of capital from Telefonos de Mexico or Telmex (NYSE: TMX), Mexico's largest telephone company. TelMex paid $57.5 million for a 55 percent controlling interest in the company.

    In 2000, Telmex spun off their mobile unit, creating América Móvil, of which Topp Telecom became a subsidiary. In November 2000, Topp Telecom Inc. changed its name to TracFone Wireless Inc."

  • Lu
      12th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Customer service is crap. I just bought a cell and could not activate the voicemail so I called these guys and the person that answer me didn't have a clue of what to do. After asking me to repeat the same thing several times with the same result (what a surprise!) and putting me on hold for several minutes, she told me that she cannot do anything and requested a lot of personal information for other department to see the problem. What a piece of s**t. I am returning that phone and won't deal with this company again.

  • Do
      17th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had a horrible time with Net10 and came to a realization that this forum has confirmed. They stole $37.20 from me after having to buy another 300 minutes from them. I emailed them and told them that the law stipulates that consumers are entitled to goods or services for money provided, they refused to even try to give me the minutes they had deleted from the phone. Minutes from the phone seem to continually disappear. Not to mention that sending a text message that doesn't go through is still charged. They are making a mint for providing nothing. I filed a complaint with the FCC and with the Attorney General in Florida. You can do this online. If more people complain then the Attorney General and the FCC will definitely have a look at the company practices. I am also seriously considering filing a small claims court claim against them. It's about time we stood up for our rights. It sound like just on here they have managed to steal millions of dollars from people with no reprecussions.

  • Ra
      24th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I wish I had been aware of this site before I purchased my Net 10 phone. Although, after reading some of the problems others have faced, my experience could have been much worse.
    Oct. 15 Purchased Net 10 phone with 300 minutes. Called tech support to arrange porting a number. Was informed that they would have to send me a new sim card to complete the process. Didn't sound right to me. But (being new to Net 10), I mistakenly assumed they knew what they were talking about. Was told the new sim card would arrive in 7-10 business days.
    Oct. 24 (today) New sim card arrived, and I promptly installed it. Called tech support to activate phone, and spent about an hour entering strings of codes. Was told to leave the phone on for an hour and it should be ready to use.
    1 hour later... checked screen to find SIM Card Registration Failed message, and 0 minutes. Called tech support and spent another hour entering codes. Actually got the 300 minutes added. Again told to wait an hour and the phone would be ready to use.
    1 hour later...same message. Called tech support and was told they could test the phone right away. After 20 minutes of listening to that dreadful music, the guy came back on the line and said it appeared the sim card was defective. By this point I was getting pretty pissed. He said they would ship another card, and they would rush it to me in 3-5 days.
    After I got off the phone I figured "what the heck", and re-installed the original sim card. Turned on the phone and, SUPRISE! it made and received calls!
    Called tech support to tell them I wouldn't need the new sim card. Asked to speak to a supervisor, and 20 minutes later got one. She listened to me explain the entire mess, and then started to walk me through more codes!?? I yelled, used a few colorful words, and told her I will not be buying any more products/services from them. She calmly asked me if there was anything else she could help me with today. I replied, "Lady you haven't helped me YET!", and hung up on her.
    Also like so many others, all of these conversations were tedious due to language barriers.
    Moral of this story: Save your money, and your sanity. AVOID NET 10!!!

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