Net 10 Wirelessair time card


My complaint is, I bought this net 10 phone a few months back, I thought I was getting a good deal, About two months ago the phone just died, it would, nt recharge or anything. so I called the company I talked to a customer rep and they sent me a replacment phone. She told me when the new phone came in send the old phone back and they would put my remaining minutes, on the new phone and I would be able to keep my old number. the new phone comes in I call net 10, they tell me I have to take the new number and it took almost 8 hrs to get my remaining time left on my phone witch was 521 mins. on 6/22/09 I bought another phone card and my daughter went in threw the phone to add the air time. this was 8 days ago. they are telling me there is no possible way this could have happened, but it did, I have been fighting with this for 8 days I have even faxed copys of my card and receipt, guess what they said they never got it.I, m 69 yrs old and they make it like I picked it up off the street. They have realy stressed me out over this. Thank you sincerly Judy Culbertson

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