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Nestle Coffee-mate Creamer / change in formula - nasty taste

United States Review updated:
Do not buy nestle coffee-mate creamer!!! Anyone using nestle coffee-mate creamer, beware! After purchasing french vanilla and hazelnut, I found the flavors to be different - not very good at all. I communicated this with the company, who informed me that "formula" changes were made to "balance the ingredients." no one bothered doing a taste test. Their response was that they were "trying to resolve the problem."
Do not buy nestle coffee-mate! If they see their sales drop, they may do something.


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  4th of Jan, 2009
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I agree. I have been drinking Coffee Mate Vanilla Creamer everyday for the past 10 years. I am so upset with the new flavor. It tastes very strange...almost as if the coffee has been diluted. It is also very foamy now, it was neverl like that before. I also wrote to Nestle to complain and received the same response. I hope they fix the formula quickly! I no longer buy the creamer and have switched to International Delight, but it's not as good as the Coffee Mate used to be.
  23rd of Jan, 2009
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Thank you SO much to the two previous posters! I thought I was losing my mind - I also use (or at least USED to use) the Cofeemate Hazelnut creamer. I noticed about a month or so ago that my coffee tasted HORRIBLE. I thought it was the coffee grounds. Nestle - if you're reading this, you can count me as a dissatisfied consumer who is no longer purchasing your product. IT'S ***GROSS***.
  23rd of Jan, 2009
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Fat Free:
SODIUM CASEINATE (a milk derivative not a source of lactose),

New Fat Free:
SODIUM CASEINATE (a milk derivative not a source of lactose),

Definitely NOT the same

I’m Mixing the Powered Form Fat Free with Water. It tastes close the old because it still has CORN SYRUP SOLIDS in it. Can't wait for Nestle to correct the PROBLEM.
  26th of Jan, 2009
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I agree with all of you. the regular vanilla creamer is disgusting it has o trans fat on the bottle know. the taste is so different and you cant find the regular no where I cant drink it in my coffee. I use the other brand internationals delight it taste better then the new french vanilla coffee mate, its better then nothing.
  30th of Jan, 2009
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January 26, 2009

Dear Mr.********

Thank you for contacting Nestlé® Coffee-mate® Non-Dairy Creamer regarding the difference in taste that you noticed. We appreciate that you took the time to let us know about your experience. Your feedback plays an integral role in our ongoing efforts to further improve our products and services.

We recently made a change to our formula for Coffee-mate Liquid Original that was based on capabilities at our new factory. However, we soon realized there was an unintended change to the taste.

We quickly put all our resources behind resolving this issue and have corrected the formula to more closely match the flavor you were accustomed to. The interim, most current formulation will have Sell By dates beginning with 3/5/09 and is very similar to the original formula. You may want to watch for those codes to appear soon at your local retailer.

We know that you want the old formula back and the good news is that beginning in late March or early April, you'll see the regular, original formula, Coffee-mate liquid return to your retailers' shelves. (We do not yet have date codes available to share.) The date is yet to be determined for the FF and Lite formulas.

You are a valued customer and we feel confident that you will be completely satisfied with our product in the future. Please provide us with your complete mailing address so we can send a letter via regular mail containing a full value coupon towards a future purchase.

We appreciate your patience and we feel extremely lucky to have passionate Coffee-mate customers like you. We thank you for your loyalty and hope you'll visit our website often for latest information on Nestlé products and promotions.

Beverly Watson
Consumer Response Representative
  14th of Feb, 2009
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I too found my coffemate fat free hazelnut undrinkable, what a shock to my system after drink at least 3 cups a day since it came out. I won't buy it anymore. They will loose 300.00 a yr on me alone. My coffee is too important to ruin. I was good while it lasted but I've had to move on.
LM summerville sc
  26th of Feb, 2009
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Im so glad I saw this forum, I also thought it was me, its totally undrinkable why would you change a perfect formula?
I dont like internation delight creamers, and thats what this tastes like now!!
  2nd of Mar, 2009
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Thank you to everyone who posted on this website. I have used Coffee-Mate Original Fat-Free Creamer for years and loved the taste, as well as the fact it is so low-cal with no fat grams. For the past couple months, I have consistently noticed a sour, bitter taste and thought it was the filtered water I was using, knowing that the creamer was fresh. What a relief to know this is not my imagination! I SO miss good coffee throughout my work day and am glad the company is addressing the issue.
  14th of Mar, 2009
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March 14, 2009
I thought the different taste was because of my medication, and after reading the comments made above, I know it's the new Coffee-mate!
I am going to change to another brand until Coffee-mate goes back to the way it was. The new Coffee-mate is terrible and I can't wait until the original Creme Brulee returns! And yes, I too miss GOOD coffee first thing in the morning. Susan K.
  18th of Mar, 2009
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I am in total agreement with you guys. What else I found was that when I don't drink my coffee w/in 30-minutes, it seems to congeal as well - like a gritty thin pancake batter. Yuck! I so hope they bring back the old formula. I want my French Vanilla back!
  18th of Mar, 2009
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GREAT NEWS! THEY ARE FINALLY CHANGING THE FORMULA BACK!! I e-mailed Nestle and complained about the taste and they e-mailed once to say OOPS sorry we changed the formula, we know it sucks, we're changing it back and we'll let you know when we change it back. SO I got an e-mail yesterday saying THEY HAVE CHANGED THE FRENCH VANILLA 32 OZ CONTAINERS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL YUMMY FORMULA AND TO LOOK FOR BEST BY DATES OF MAY 30 2009 OR LATER. They are still in the process of changing the 16 oz and the 64 oz though. Just thought I would let everyone know...
  21st of Mar, 2009
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THANK YOU for the info, ImpiousAngell. I am counting the days until the original formula is back on the shelves where I live. For now, I am making do with International Delights.

I also contacted Nestle last week about how awful their new formula tastes, and received coupons from them for a couple free bottles. I can't wait to enjoy my morning coffee again...
  22nd of Mar, 2009
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I have wasted so much money on CoffeeMate in the last few weeks trying to get my hands on a bottle that doesn't taste like sewer. I've been buying International Delight, but holy moly that stuff isn't much better and it makes my stomach upset. I am so miserable without my CoffeeMate Cinnamon Vanilla.
  25th of Mar, 2009
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Would you all believe that I just emailed Nestle yesterday regarding the same complaint...I'm so glad I googled it and found this forum today..
I noticed several months ago that some of their products had new labeling. My absolute favorite for YEARS: Fat Free Hazelnut was still in the older packaging.(maybe due to geographic location-Washington) At any rate, I am a hard core coffee w/ FF Hazelnut drinker. My husband and I drink at LEAST one every other day. I take it everywhere I'll have to drink coffee...when I study late at the diner, when I go on vacations, holidays at the relatives..etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Well, for someone that drinks this much- I nearly spit it out when I took my first swig of coffee...what the ??. So, I rounded up the little kids (I have 5) and off the store we went. I was SURE they had changed the formula and wanted to see if I was correct. Well, I had the same findings as the previous poster, they changed it quite a bit. I've been searching all the local grocery stores for some more "old" packaging..no luck. I've even tried to *like* the new kind, but it is AWFUL!!! I have a horrible bitter beer face every drink I take. I am SOOOO disappointed. I guess I'm glad to hear that they are switching back, but I'm wondering when that will hit our stores out here in Washington. It will be interesting to hear what, or if, they reply to me...I'm also miserable without my Fat Free Hazelnut CoffeeMate Creamer!
  25th of Mar, 2009
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hi...I too contacted the company regarding the horrible taste of my french vanilla. I can't even drink my coffee and have been going to Starbucks almost every morning (very expensive) but my morning java is very important!

I thought about switching to International Delight, however, I really do not like the taste of their creamers. I really do hope that Nestle's returns all flavors to their original formula! If not they will lose a lot of loyal customers.

Why would you mess with a good thing??
  26th of Mar, 2009
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I have used the FF Hazelnut for 10 years and absolutly hate the new formula. I just sent a complaint to Nestle and then found this. I'm glad to know it's not just me and I hope they change it back. Does anyone know any other products thast are better?
  29th of Mar, 2009
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I too have been drinking Fat Free Hazelnut for ~ 5 years. Two weeks ago I noticed the change and thought it was me. Off I go to the store to buy Regular Hazelnut. Not as bad but, not the same. After that I switched to Irish Cream (which I used to drink) and even that's changed. I have to have my Fat Free Hazelnut and can't wait till they go back to the old formula. I'm so glad I found this Forum. By-the-way, forget International Delight. I can't even stand the smell!
  30th of Mar, 2009
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Why does the liquid coffee mate feel like plastic when it dries?
  30th of Mar, 2009
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I had posted earlier, and also contacted Nestle, they told me they were soon to be reverting back to a formula close to the old one, I dont know about everyone else but I dont want close i want exact!!
I decided to experiment and for those who live on the East coast and have Hannaford supermarket chain available you have to try their store brand hazelnut creamer I was so excited!! it tastes exactly like the old Nestle and its much cheaper apparently its made by Hood
Im going to go tothe other supermarket chains around here and see if their own brand is good also,
Nestles other response was to mail me coupons !!now why would I want coupons for something I hate!!
  31st of Mar, 2009
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Add me to the list of long-time FF Hazelnut creamer consumers who's run into the effects of this recent formula change. It was soooo nasty tasting I had to Google to see if I was imagining it. Don't they taste test their formula changes?!? It's dreadful now.

I'm looking forward to seeing the problem fixed sometime soon. The shame of it is that I have 2 large containers of the nasty stuff that will go to waste.

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