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I have a long story and several major complaints against this website, I have been a user of their site for nearly six years now--I worked hard and earned lots, many trophies and prizes I can never earn again. My virtual pets are as precious to me as my living pets. I recommended friends and family to the site, kept all their rules, and generally just played quietly and contently.

In December 2007, much to all our shock, the accounts of my entire family got frozen one day without warning--all except my main account oddly. My sister lost 3 accounts, my brother lost 1 and I lost 4 side accounts. We sent in inquiries about what had happened, trying to explain that we were all different users who shared a PC. They barely responded except for generic automated messages. My sister was devastated and hysterical for a long time after the fact. I still am upset but hopeful that I may one day again see my side pets.

In Feb 2008, I sent a suggestion in. I noticed an item on their site that seemed to break one of their own rules--the rule that political, social, and religious issues weren't allowed on the site. I had sent many suggestions in before and never received any replies. So, I was quite shocked when I did receive one. However, the admin who sent it was very rude and sarcastic and insulted me and my religion in it. She basically implied I was a religious nut that fish grew legs to run away from and that my religion and beliefs were less serious than jelly. When I responded stating my indignation and asking for an apology I was ignored.

I continued to ask for my side accounts back and an apology over the next few months and received nothing but automated messages. Then, in Sept 2008, right after I again asked for an apology my only remaining account was frozen. I again sent in inquiries. This time I wasn't even given a consistent answer. I was told it was frozen from everything from having multiple accounts (when I only had one left) to having cheated in the beauty contest (which I can't even enter cause we don't own a scanner). The kicker of it all is that the email address I get all these automated replies from is the same address as the one who mocked me earlier! I ask what evidence and what made them think I was cheating and get no answer. I am convinced that I did nothing wrong and was frozen by this admin out of spite.

I have even taken up my complaint with the Better Business Bureau (which y'all can do to and please do so!) and the Federal Trade Comission. Once again, Neopets Inc failed to properly address the issue.

I'm not the only one, hundreds of innocent users are unjustly frozen and can do nothing to get their hard-earned accounts and pets back. The internet is loaded with horror stories, even from paying users who are treated like garbage by the customer service! They even hide all their contact information so that the only way you can take an issue up with them is through autobot-guarded emails. It frustrates and sickens me to think about the treatment I've been receiving after being a loyal user of their site and paying for their virtual items. It saddens and hurts me to think about my precious pets being trapped forever because of one malicious admin. This crap has got to stop.

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  • Been there done that, had my whole family frozen. Told them we were several people was told that it was one person. Did not do research. I bet if my family ganged up on them and started attacking Justin(the person claiming it was one person he would know that there was more than one person. A lot of the people working at neopets including Jason, Brandon and Heidi are useless idiots who have not computer moderating skills at all. Also Justin has been accused of pedopheila but it has never been proven or went to court so he still works at neopets.

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  • Va
      Feb 04, 2009

    I was cookie grabbed. The "hacker" or the person who cookie grabbed me got a hold of my password, and my PIN number. I have been playing Neopets for eight years, and I would never give out my PIN number, let alone my password to anyone! I sent in a complaint for a stolen account, which was then redirected to "lost password/retrieval" which was NOT the problem. I emailed them back saying that I did not lose my password, that my account was hacked, so then I got another email saying to fill out yet another form. I kept going around in circles all day!! After cookie grabbing me, changing my password the "hacker" went on the Neoboards, scammed people and wrote all kinds of obscene things (which of course is NOT allowed on Neo). Needless to say, my account was frozen.

    I was so angry. I kept sending in those forms that they ask you to fill out, with all the information that I could possibly provide to prove that it was my account, and to prove that it was not me who did these things. I sent one each and every week. I also kept getting autobot responses saying that they were "investigating" the problem, and there was no guarantee that I would get my account back. So, I created another account, as I thought I had lost my main account forever. Finally after over two months of waiting, I got a REAL response from Heidi M. She was very curteous and gave me my account back. I was thrilled!

    I don't think that TNT is all that bad, there are millions of people playing Neopets, and very little staff. I think that Neopets customer service could be much better, and that they should hire more staff to handle complaints in a more timely fashion. I think a lot of people forget that Neopets is a corporation like any other, and with all big corporations there are bound to be some defects, especially in the customer service department!

    Also, I wouldn't bother writing asking them for an apology. They will not apologize to you. You may not like what I am about to say, but you have to grovel. There is nothing else you can do. Threating letters will get you nowhere with these people, asking them what you did wrong generally can get you a response as long as you are civil, but may not get your account unfrozen. If you really want your account back, apologize to THEM. I don't really think that they freeze people's accounts just for the fun of it. Perhaps you did something wrong without really knowing it? The rules are extremely strict on Neopets...

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  • Be
      Jun 08, 2009

    Neopets has the worst customer service I've ever experienced anywhere. I haven't been there in years, but just noticed a commercial for it on tv and decided to see if it has improved at all but obviously it hasnt. I wouldnt recommend anyone to that site, they will destroy years worth of work without a single word. I wish they werent still in business honestly. They really do not deserve the success.

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  • Bu
      Dec 17, 2009

    My accounts were just recently hacked/stolen (main & 3 sides) on 12/14/09. I have been playing neopets off and on for 8 and 1/2 years and nearly every day for the last 2 and have never given out any personal information including password and pin. The hacker got my main frozen for mentioning a cheating program on the boards for restocking.

    I am in the process of replying to the automated responses that continue to tell me why the account was frozen but no insight as to how it was compromised or why they don't believe me when I tell them that someone gained unauthorized access to my accounts. Luckily the person who did this to me left my profile email address the same and I was able to retrieve the new passwords they had set, regain access to my 3 sides and change the pw's again to (hopefully) prevent further intrusion. I have asked what more I can do to prove that this was not my fault but just keep getting the same canned speeches.

    I am thinking of taking a note from the user who posted above (Valerie), and send in forms each and every week until something is done about this. So far I have been as polite as possible but am becoming increasingly furious with every automated response I am being sent. I definitely wish the customer service was better, or that there was at least a number to call and a live person to talk to about this.

    I would never do anything to gain an unfair advantage over other players nor do something that would get my account taken/frozen. I have worked far too hard earning neopoints, trophies, avatars and painted pets whom mean a lot to me, to even consider compromising my account. I am really frustrated at how this is being handled, but hope with some patience and consistently sending forms every week, I will be able to get this situation resolved as Valerie did.

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  • Mi
      Jul 22, 2017

    I was frozen and have no idea why. I have been playing on neopets for 13 years and all of a sudden I am frozen. I have spent countless hours playing here. I have been a premium member for most of those 13 years which means I actually pay to play. I am going to request my accounts be given back. If not, not only will I be contacting the better business bureau but an attorney. I am fed up with people stealing from me. I feel like I have paid for my account in real money, never cheated, lied, stole anything. I am a 53 year old cancer survivor, I use neopets to relax and take my mind off things. after me paying them to have the account for thirteen years they freeze it. I want to be paid for the countless hours I spent building neohomes, all the premiums I have paid in, all the neocash I have bought, I want pain and suffering from the emotional stress this is causing me I want whats fair my account back or to be made whole by their actions!!!

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