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I found my account to be frozen for no just reason. As other complains about neopets have gone, I'm an adult I know I broke none of their rules, etc. Yet my account was banned for nothing. I sincerely hope nobody purchases their products as my previous conversations with their support teams show they care nothing of their customers and will refuse to help you even if they are clearly, clearly in the wrong. They abuse their own terms of service and ruthlessly (as I'm seeing) ban accounts.


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      Jul 11, 2009

    They took me thru the long 2 weeks investigation, with all the questions. As if I knew what happen, then finally their reply was your account is frozen and we can not return it to you for cheating. Frozen how for what, my believe the can't solve the problem and took the easy way out. No one cheated and if the account was frozen why was that noy the reply in the beginning. Also if I go to sign on now it says my pets are active just password is incorrect. They are a joke and I am disappointed in them, I have asked friend to not purchase neo cash and parents and friends be aware. No one there wants to help nor do they know how to help.

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      Jul 11, 2009

    Account is for my physically challenge granddaughter. I am applaued that they would reply with a e mail as they did. With not reason of any kind as to what she did, if she cheated thats something they should have known right away To take her throught this then just reply with this type attitude, some of these are children. When someone hurts her it hurt my family, she loved her pets, I will never recomment this site to children again. Neopets have no idea what they are doing Emily at support is lost, and took an easy why out. I agree parents there are other safe site for the kids.

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      Jul 17, 2009

    I think that they're freezing sytem is completely unfair, other sites will freeze over a certian amount of time, or at least give warnings, half of these cases never have warning that their account will be pernamently frozen!

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      Aug 06, 2009

    i agree with all off you i have played neopets for 6yrs one day went to log in and it said invalid password i had my password sent it was right but then my friend called me and said why is ur account frozen i diddnt know it was i did nothing wrong they wont tell me why it was frozen or anything they are even asking me about auctions and trades and i havent done any off that for years forget neopets i will never play on there again they are so unfair

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      Aug 29, 2009

    yeah neopets is a bunch of bull**** they froze my account for asking a bunch of people if they would change there trades to a more fitting prices for an item, example it was, lets say a baby paintbrush, but HTS and I was selling it for 600k( the rightful price) and they were selling it for 300k(way below price) and the only people who would buy it immediatly were called ressellers and those people buy items at half the price of the lowest TP offer and that means my 600k item is worth **** and they actually thought they would get 300k for an HTS item I think ****ing not. so I was trying to organize with these people to bring the price back to 600k and guess what one of those [censored]es thought I was trying to ****ing scam them and a few hours later they ****ing froze my acount 5(wont give an exact year but its higher than 5) ****ing years down the mother ****ing drain, **** you trading ###s and **** you neopets you sons of *******!!!

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      Sep 18, 2009

    SHAME ON NEOPETS!!! I am disgusted with their Customer Service, or should I say LACK OF!!

    I started playing Neopets in 2001. I am a mother of three children and found it a fun past time while I was home with the kids. The older two would play with me and it was a great time. I took a year or two break from playing Neopets and when I returned, they had instituted the birthdate as a log in. Being that it was years ago and I know I didn't put in the correct birthdate, I have been frozen from my account. I have answered all of the "personal" questions on their automated form letter, but they have not responded. It has been 1 1/2 years since I've attempted to gain access to "my" Neopets account. All I get is the form letter again - like I haven't sent it 20 times to them already.

    I have tried to contact them by any means available and all i get is the automated form letter from [protected] Some support!! I don't think customer support contains anything or anyone for that matter, but a standard automated form letter.

    I guess I should consider myself lucky that I'm not one of the poor folks here that have paid for a Premium Account, only to be frozen not once, but repeatedly!

    A children's site, that's what it used to be...Adam and Donna, please come back. Viacomm has ruined what was once funloving entertainment for families. I will not be one of those that makes a new account and neither will my family or friends.

    Sandra B.

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      Nov 20, 2009

    i just logged on today, after being on neopets for 4 years, to find my account frozen for an "inappropriate" name. my name had the name "pms" in it. i emailed them and they told me to read their terms of service. so i read it. pms is not profaine, not pornographic, not obscene or inappropriate. if youre talking to about kids who are under 18, then all the girls have pms starting at age 12 or so now. they did not warn me, just out of no where froze me. i told an attourney about it. this is ridiculous and if anything the way they treat their own customers is inappropriate and rude. i did not mean that name to be offensive. and if it did violate their terms and conditions, then how come they didnt freeze me a little while after i made it, instead of waiting 4 years? and "pms" is a medical term anyway, and its not like young kids do not hear the words "pms" or "pmdd" on tv now adays when commericals play about taking birth control or other things. and lets face it, theres neopets account names that use phrases like "bashing kittys" or things like that, which is accepted. even though that is obscene and inappropriate. the people who run neopets are complete idiots and do not know anything about what theyre doing. what a waste of time.

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  • I got frozen for no reason. I told them off politely, so this user Brandon kept freezing my account right after I created one. He was acting very childish, rude in his replies. Then when I managed to get an account that reached one day. I told someone who was trying to get premium not to get premium. Brandon froze my account with the reasoning. Spreading lies about neoepts staff. He later confessed that whenever someone discorages someone from getting premium they freeze their account as soon as they see the message from monitoring the boards so that we don't take away potential customers.

    kibbles, sorry but unless you spent real money on your account(premium, NC cash, ect) they basically cannot do anything. Neopets has been sued for unfairly freezing paying members and not returning their money.

    trg1998 I am with you. Some of these children they have replied to they have posted profanity, racist comments, sexual dialogue(things like you probably have a hard time getting "laid"). This was written to an eleven year old child by Justin. Brandon is not better. His replies were full of profanity and references to my sex life he knows nothing about. It is bad enough to get an auto reply, however this member Justin has sent rude messages. Every have a pedophile on neopets, Neopets not only freezes their account(they should contact the police and do an IP banning on them) when a child complains about what happens because they feel too scared to go to their parents, Neopets cares more about their site and making it seem safe than protecting the child and other children.

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  • This should make you laugh. A child under 13, without having his parents sigh the COPPA form, who told the truth of his age got frozen for using profanity. When asked for proof since they are not allowed to post anything, they completely ignored the father instead of providing the proof. The child could not have used profanity since he has no access to boards, neomail ect.

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      Nov 03, 2011

    Definetly agree. I would not recommend neopets to anyone especially purchasing any of there NC items as apparently they will think up some reason to freeze you to scam you out of your money. BBB should get involved.

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