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Linden Lab / Linden Research / marketplace listings

Jun 15, 2019

Hi. I've been having major issues with my store on marketplace. About 4 weeks ago I logged into my viewer and found my marketplace listing disappeared. They were showing on mp site. Items got delisted each time someone went to purchase. Was told by support to raise bug through jira. So I did...

Linden Lab / Linden Research / second life

Feb 24, 2019

Well their customer service is of no help. I been wrongfully banned over a griefer who I thought I could confide in. So... Basically I got banned because I created a hud to use amongst each other for fun, but this person took it upon himself to use the hud to troll others with it. Anyhow...

Second Life / No refund


Second life, The virtual world has several issues dealing with bugs that can cost there paying members money, however thay refuse to resolve these bugs. On March 3th, I had a accident encounter with bug with the group contributions, resulting in my land tier increase from 40.00 to...