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NeoPets / Scam and cheating

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My wife had been playing neopets since the game started around 1999. She wanted to try the premium account so we paid for one month of premium service with their site. After the month was up we decided that it wasn't worth spending the little bit of extra money we had on it and canceled the premium. 2 days after the premium was canceled they froze her account for having an inappropriate name (wenisrubber, wenis is the technical term for the skin that covers the area from elbow to the webbing of the fingers) and the account was frozen indefinitely. If the name was inappropriate why was it allowed to be used for so long?

This is very frustrating and seems that neopets does not want to have their free users anymore. If that's what they want they should make it an all pay site. I have noticed that they have done a lot worst to other people, but thought I would add this.

I checked the BBB and they have well over 300 complaints against them.

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  • Us
      15th of Feb, 2009
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    neopets-viacom, very much agree, users pay real monies for virtual game and prizes, then get frozen and disabled because of high end use, many older users were disabled, so beware not to buy real items, only to be removed, terms mention it is not for real money, but you do by items with codes at Walmart and McDonalds, and after ten years, they freeze your account, some real users do not use there real life information for privacy reasons, and with out remembering gates and names you cant get back in, with the economy down, these scavengers may go under anyways, sad waste of time for all,

  • Ha
      15th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Neopets has become the nazi-website of the internet. As a young child I used it frequently around the same time frame as you describe, back in it's original days, when it was a fun website. Before they left other 'worlds' to rot indefinitely and chose to create more and more half-assed and half-finished plot lines. How long ago was "NeoSchool" introduced? We never got it, but they sure love to sell the supply's.[Both fake, and real money if you cough up for it]

    I cannot count how many times in a single month I had my new account 'suspended'. Having used the forums about 5 times since I created the account, you can get the picture.

    Quite frankly, I am ashamed of what Neopets has become, as a child I adored making friends and playing games on the website. But now I can see how they pick favorites, certain users[of which you can find the names of on several complaint websites] who are given free run of the entire website while the pitiful common folk are left to grovel.

    If you look at the active users, you'll find it largely declined the past two years. You could try to contact right up to the top of Neopets hierarchy, calling them out on their blatant discrimination. But it likely won't get you anywhere.

    Neopets is a waste land.
    I tried desperately for about a month to regain my interest in it, and it has since failed.

    I suggest taking up hiking instead.

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    Did you not make a board about this. I seem to remember a board about a either your wife's username or something simular getting frozen because of her username. Anyways I find it funny. (not ha ha funny but suspicius funny) that they froze your wife's account just after she cancelled premium. Interesting that they froze your wife's name but when I reported this username pervert(which was later banned from filters) the user was allowed to keep his/her name until they self froze. (This was way back when you could simply type in someone's username and any password and find the reason they were frozen.)

    Well you don't have premium anymore but people who have had premium and were unfairly frozen have taken neopets to court and won the cases. Seriously Neopets is going downhill and I hardly play anymore. I don't know it seems that ever since Adam and Donna left neopets that things are going downhill. They have created another website though.

    Neopets used to be a free site but now they are making it so that it is not free. They introduced NC mall and KeyQuest.(My guess is they created KeyQuest so that you can pay money to collect special tokens to show off.)


    I have been playing neopets for a while. Got unfairly frozen. The neoschool thing has been in plans for five years and I doubt it will ever happen. I also find it funny(again not ha ha funny suspicious funny) that innocent users like you get frozen while scammers and even one possible child preditor who usually goes by the name angrykid is still allowed to create account after account.

    You are right a lot of famous neopet users have left because of what is going on. If you complain about the way they are getting worse they freeze your account for "harassing" TNT or for using profanity at TNT, though some can debate that "you suck" is not profanity. :D

  • Us
      1st of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    hopefully some lawyer that plays will get booted, and sue, and cause bankruptcy or close site,

  • So
      29th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Similar experience, I think I annoyed one of those protected users, they reported and I got frozen. I wish they would go out of business heh, stealing money is one thing but little kids play certainly isn't fair to them and I'm keeping my siblings away from there from now on.

  • Wi
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    SHAME ON NEOPETS!!! I am disgusted with their Customer Service, or should I say LACK OF!!

    I started playing Neopets in 2001. I am a mother of three children and found it a fun past time while I was home with the kids. The older two would play with me and it was a great time. I took a year or two break from playing Neopets and when I returned, they had instituted the birthdate as a log in. Being that it was years ago and I know I didn't put in the correct birthdate, I have been frozen from my account. I have answered all of the "personal" questions on their automated form letter, but they have not responded. It has been 1 1/2 years since I've attempted to gain access to "my" Neopets account. All I get is the form letter again - like I haven't sent it 20 times to them already.

    I have tried to contact them by any means available and all i get is the automated form letter from Some support!! I don't think customer support contains anything or anyone for that matter, but a standard automated form letter.

    I guess I should consider myself lucky that I'm not one of the poor folks here that have paid for a Premium Account, only to be frozen not once, but repeatedly!

    A children's site, that's what it used to be...Adam and Donna, please come back. Viacomm has ruined what was once funloving entertainment for families. I will not be one of those that makes a new account and neither will my family or friends.

    Sandra B.

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    user, that would be sad since children still enjoy the site, besides I don't think they can sue unless they spend money on the site, follow the terms and conditions, freeze the person unfairly and refuse to return their money. What they really need to do is fire some of the staff members. Justin, Brandon, Heidi, and hire people who have knowledge about running the site.

    I am not surprised that the OP got frozen as soon as he cancelled premium. I got frozen because a moderator(Brandon) stumbled upon my post encouraging another person considering getting premium not to because TNT runs the site poorly. Brandon later confessed that one of their policies is to freeze any account(IP freeze them) if they are discourage possible customers from getting premium because it takes potential money from them. I know someone who did not even have his parents permission to play, told the truth about his age. He was frozen for using profanity when he has no access to post anything anywhere. The father asked for an explanation on this and for proof of the profanity, and they could not find it, so instead of apologizing and admitting to their mistake they ignored his emails.

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    This should make you laugh. A child under 13, without having his parents sigh the COPPA form, who told the truth of his age got frozen for using profanity. When asked for proof since they are not allowed to post anything, they completely ignored the father instead of providing the proof. The child could not have used profanity since he has no access to boards, neomail ect.

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