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I Never thought that I would come across a bank who I was under the impression was a great leader in the service and banking industry. How WRONG I was about Nedbank!!! I should have known that from day 1 I had issues with their service but I chose to give them the benefit of the doubt. I applied online thinking that it would be easier than having to stand in long queues. Firstly the card took more than a month to be delivered. Secondly they charged me a statement fee which I never requested. Thirdly which is why I decided to close this disgusting Savvy account was that all my swipe purchases were going off only 1½ to 2 weeks after I had made the transaction which meant that my account for the last 2 months has been overdrawn. I contacted the call centre the stupid girl I spoke to said it’s not the banks fault but where I was swiping my card. I explained to her that it was the bank not the place I was swiping I dropped the call before I cursed that customer service agent out. This month not only was there back dated swipes of more than R700.00 on my account but Nedbank themselves added sundry cost of R90.00 for every debit that only went off after there were no more funds in my account!! I want these charges returned to me when I swiped for the items I had money in my account and now you want to penalise me? I am going to the banking ombudsman if this matter is not quickly resolved. I’ve had enough!!!

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  • Ts
      2nd of Jan, 2017

    I am experiencing the same problem and I'm also going to bank ombudsman as it's been a while now and the was fraud done in my account and was told I only got my money as I knew the right channel customer get their money after months or never. Nedbank is just bad as for the call centre they need training. My consent is untrained people are taking care of my money. I'm going to capitec in the years I have banked with them I'm still happy

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  • Pe
      17th of Apr, 2017

    I am also experiencing this Sundry issue, i got charged R1500 and nobody is willing to explain it. You can their call centre and it's nothing but a waste of airtime. I've heard enough of Nedbank

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  • Bo
      29th of May, 2017

    I too have the same problem, at first i thought it was for debit orders but then i realized... I'm 21 and still living with my parents, what debit orders do i have? And, very true, the call centers cannot explain what those charges are for.

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  • De
      29th of Jul, 2017

    Please get this Sundry charges OFF!!! What are they?

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  • Nn
      22nd of Aug, 2017

    Wow am experiencing the exact same thing.
    This can't be right😣

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  • Se
      6th of Mar, 2018

    I changed my savvy account to a normal savings account... But they still take sundry charges... Im not at all happy with the this... I deposited money all they do is take... I'm thinking of closing account this month no doubt I'm done with this bank...

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  • Al
      6th of Mar, 2018

    Wait till they charge you for their "free banking app" which still says is free, and even the original email states it is free. They then blame SAGE ACCOUNTING, which since we are looking into ethical circumstances, and since NEDBANK do the debit not SAGE, it seems they are criminals now.

    And just like you said, they will do charges on charges to make fees, when you are below R0.00, well i am still fighting with them since, i only have 2 debit orders on my account, and say i can only afford them both after missing a month, so i owe 2 months, and say i had enough for 1 month of each since i have an accounts issue with the company who the debit order is being done for, i have proof of NEDBANK not only swapping around which company must be paid first, of the 2, but also if the 2 months of the most expensive debit order will cost more than what is in my account, THEY ADD THE 2 MONTHS TOGETHER, TAKE OFF THIS HIGH AMOUNT, AND SINCE THE SECOND NOT ADDED TOGETHER BUT 2 DEBITS ALSO FAIL, I AM CHARGED 3 FEES, yet on regular months i never get billed in that order, as well as if i missed a month and had enough for all 4, they do 4 SEPARATE TRANSACTIONS, all with separate fees, and transfer fees, they have even gone as far as to say i was lying, when i had not only sent proof, BUT THEY HAD CONFIRMED IT LOOKED FUNNY on a recorded call.

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