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I accept that I did not handle the account in the best manner – due to unemployment, I am currently employed and made an effort to get the account up to date. I did speak to Ettienne from legal prior to the judgment being taken, where I was trying to make arrangements regarding the account. Even before judgment was taken against me last month I told Ettienne that I would be making a R10, 000 deposit on the account(which I did) and will continuo doing every month until the account is up to date, he then told me that it would not help me as he is going to take judgment against me and would carry on with the process until the account is up to date and unless I don’t settle the total arrears it would not help me at all, besides Nedbank taking a arrears debit order from my account, BUT NOW THAT JUDGMENT IS TAKEN AGAINST ME HIS EXCUSE IS THAT HE CAN NOT HELP ME BECAUSE OF THE JUDGMENT, so which ever way I tried to correct the problem Ettienne just did not want to help . Before judgment was taken Connie Mulder (the reposessor) showed up at Featherbrooke Estate (my place of residents) security telling them that he is the sheriff and wants to collect the vehicle, he then gained access to the estate and went to my house, not ringing the bell and went around the house to the back door surprising my wife and son by showing up at the back door, I was still at work at that time as I am working in Bethal, Mpumalanga. Besides my 2 dogs almost biting him security removed him from my premises as he did not possess of the necessary documents to attach the vehicle, since then I had numerous unpleasant calls from Connie Mulder threatening me that we could do it the easy way or hard way (I have saved all the calls).

I was phoned on the 21/10/2009 by Connie Mulder the person that wants to collect the vehicle from me, I then called my employer to explain the problem to him – he requested that I bring him an email stating that if he pays the R23, 981 on my behalf that the bank would uplift the attachment order – I phoned Ettienne on the 22/10/2009 and asked him to send me a settlement, to what he agreed – he then send me the settlement of another client . I phoned him again on the 23/10/2009 to tell him that he send me the wrong info, he acknowledge that a mistake was made and that he asked a colleague to send it but failed and that he would send it to me right away, this did not happen, I still have not received the letter promised stating that the bank would not take the vehicle if the full arrears was paid.
Without the letter my employer does not want to help me as he feels that if he pays the money and the vehicle is attached then he has gained nothing and still has to purchase another vehicle for me .

It seems that no matter how hard I try to get cooperation from Ettienne im not succeeding.


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      Jul 07, 2014

    Nedbank seems what I suspected them to be: corrupt and power hungry bullies to the bone! They should be closed down.They did this to you. The bank manager of Gansbaai branch made a "mistake" with a debit order for my vehicle finance and cancelled it while my request was that she should cancel the debit orders of Babereki because they deducted twice from my account.Then ABSA phoned and I had to discover what Rosetta of Gansbaai branch had done! What an embarrassment! I dared to complain and now I am threatened with my overdraft after more than 5 years since I have had this overdraft with Nedbank! BULL! This is nothing but an indirect threat to financially destroy me should. Make any waves. I guess I must have stepped on the correct toes! Somebody high up clearly feels cornered...

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