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Nedbank / bank

1 Johannesburg Cresta Mall, South Africa
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I have a current account and 32 day notice account with Nedbank. On September 30 2016 I went to Nedbank Westgate Mall to close my current account. I was assisted by a consultant in cubicle number 18. I signed forms to close the account and was never asked for reasons why. The consultant advised me to pay R92 odd rand on my account and indicated that the amount would reflect after 24 hours and only then will my account be closed. I proceeded to sign account closure documents and was informed that she will close the account the next day and advised that I may leave the branch.

To my dismay, I received an sms indicating that my account is overdrawn and never been closed by the consultant.

A few weeks later, I went to Nedbank and cresta mall again to close the account and was told I could not as it was overdrawn. I was assisted by Rose Mokoena and had explained to her what had happened at Westgate and she indicated that there was nothing she could do and she could not close the account. I immediately gave notice on my 32 day notice account to Rose Mokoena and signed the relevant documents. Rose indicated that I should come to the same branch on November 10 to collect a cheque for the full amount.

On November 21 2016, I visited the Westgate branch and went to the consultant who was initially instructed to close my account in order to ascertain why the she failed to do so. She took no responsibility for failing to close the account and merely indicated that it was my responsibility to ensure that the account was closed.

This consulted was rude, defensive and ensured that she had the last word. I requested her to give me the cheque from my 32 days notice account as I want nothing to do with a bank that employs inefficient incompetent people who have no customer service skills. The consultant AGAIN DID NOT ASSIST ME as Rose Mokoena from the Cresta branch apparently gave notice for only an amount of R2900 when it was meant to be for me than R9000. Upon respectfully expressing my disappointment with the service offered by Nedbank, the consultant became defensive and indicated that she cannot take responsibility for Rose Mokoena. She told me to go back to the cresta Nedbank branch for Rose Mokoena to sort out.

On 22 November 2016 I went to the Cresta branch where Rose Mokoena failed to give reasons why my money cannot be released. I asked to speak to a team leader and was directed Cheryl Fourier who was the cHarry on top of the incompetence. Cheryl was confident in telling me that I am not going to get the money on the day I visited the branch and confidently refused to let me know when my money will be released to me.

It is more than 40 days since I've given notice yet Nedbank refuses to give MY MONEY to me. I am being incredibly inconvenienced by this delay and incurring expenses driving from one branch to another and getting incompetence over incompetence. I am tired of this and I want my money immediately!

I expected better from Nedbank. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BY ANY STANDARD!! THE SERVICE IS DISGUSTING. I'VE BEEN PATIENT ENOUGH!!! This type of service is bad business and request to be refunded on or before 23 November 2016.

Nov 22, 2016

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