Nedbankbad service

I went to Nedbank branch at Glen Acres The service was so bad.
1st I been at the reception desk the Lady there did not even great me with a friendly face no helpful. I told what I need to do so she said to me I can do it telephonic at the Call Centre, but the Call Centre told me I need to go to the branch to give my prove of letter that I been retrench, she said to me well then you must sit and wait, was very rude. I sit for a couple of ours before I been serve. The Lady in office 11 was not even helpful all so. She gave me a form to fill in and told me to go and sit in the office next to her and when I am done must come back to her. When I was done she was busy with a client and took me back to the reception desk and she told the same lady she need to help me straight away, but she just gave me a number again and need to sit again. I thought well this is not on. I went back her and told her that she need to help me when I told her that I will put in a complaint. She took me to another person to help. I gave everything for her. I phone the insurance dept for my claim to found out what is going on and they said they did not receive any documents of me. I do not have work and I must waste my money on call and petrol to go back to them. This is such bad service. I need to get this sort out urgently.

Jan 18, 2017

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