Navy Federal Credit Union [NFCU] / "supervisor" alise in the 800 call center

Savannah, GA, United States
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I called in due to being charged an insufficient funds fee on an account that I deposited cash in to cover the items that were set to come out the next business day. The first agent could not assist me therefore I asked to speak with a supervisor. Upon speaking with the supposed supervisor Alise, she informed me that she "would not" escalate my issue and that what she told me was final. She stated that there was no reason to escalate the issue. If a customer is informing you that they are unsatisfied, the last thing that you should convey to them is what you would not do...especially being that there are many other banking companies available. They way she spoke with me and the statements that she made should never be spoken to a customer. I don't know what she may have been dealing with before she spoke with me, but she came across as very disrespectful.

Feb 1, 2017

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