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Navy Federal Credit Union / unprofessional supervisor

1 FL, United States Review updated:

I've never had to much of a problem with them before, but I encountered one today (i was usuing the 800 number to try to get info on my title so I could register my car in fl). let me just say that they were highly unprofessional and rude. because of my bankruptcy (suddenly being single and having to handle all the bills of a household, raising a new baby with no help financially, etc - not from being irresponsible and blowing my money on stupid stuff) they said "why should we help you" and "you owe us money" (uhm its written off)... exact words, wish I would have been able to record them. the "lady" was a supervisor and if I remember correctly her name was sherry, cheryl, or something similiar to that. if they could have just faxed it to the dmv that would have been perfectly fine and acceptable with me, but they refuse to do even that... why? the dmv said that if they would even write something on company letterhead stating that they are not relaeasing the title to me, and why, that they would even accept that. nfcu wasnt even willing to sign a piece of paper saying they are unwilling to help or compromise in any way. I can understand it they didn't want to give me the title, that's fine. they said if the dmv got a hold of them that maybe they'd think about it then. its assanine (spelling?). so much for customer service. I wrote the ceo last night and am sending it off otday. so thats my thought on nfcu now, don't use them if you have an option.

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  • Pe
      16th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Why would they give YOU something if you won't give them anything??? They trusted you and leant u money and now u are not even paying them back. They even wrote off the loan! That means that NFCU paid for it out of their own pockets! Maybe you should try to prove yourself by working out some type of pymnt plan. I understand it's difficult when you are in the situation you are in...and I know u are not blowing ur money on stupid things...but we don't get a free ride just because of financial hardship. We just have to deal with it and move on in any way we can. So maybe you should have the DMV contact NFCU and see how that works out.

  • Ty
      16th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I did have the DMV contact them. The main message of this conplaint was of the unprofesionalism and rudeness of the employee. If you could read into the context of a message instead of just being argumentative you would have seen that. Yes I felt bad about filing a bankruptcy, but if I had money to "work it out" in any way do you really think I would have needed to file the bankruptcy in the first place? Common sense please. By the way, if you have a bankruptcy (cause for some reason one day you had nothing better to do than file one) its illegal for the debtee to harass you. Look it up if you don't believe me. Sounds to me like you may work for them also. I dont owe you or her PERSONALLY any money, don't don't go getting your panties in a bunch over something that doesn't concern you. This was to let other people know about the bad customer service I recieved (and I've worked C.S. before and know how you conduct yourself with a customer). That's all.

  • It
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes her name is Sherry and they are all very rude. I have talked to alot of them. I had one lady, and all she wanted to do was interrupt me at every chance she got. I finally exploded on her and told her she need to go back to customer service school. Then she did it again so I hung up. They will never get it there. Take your money out and go somewhere else.

  • Nf
      29th of Dec, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This credit union is outsourcing there customer care to a collection agent in GA. That so called supervisor Sherry works in the pensocola office. I have her home address and car/reg info, anyone want to come for a ride and give her a little lesson on proper servicing of good customers, yes my dear, someone know who you are, where you live and might just show up some day and have a little sit down and expalin to you what it is like to loose something, like your job. Maybe if some asks in a niced way she will return the favor in a nice way with a nice steamer of a JOB! Open wide and remeber to swallow all of it!

  • Ca
      21st of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have always had problems with NAVY FEDERAL ever since i joined the NAVY and left! They have recently sent letters wanted to close my account and WITHOUT my consent took money out of my account. After speaking to a supervisor which they sent to collections... UNBELIEVABLE. This is the most UNACCEPTABLE thing i've dealt with. They want MORE money saying I owe them from a few years ago... it's just another GREED.

  • An
      3rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Quite honestly, you are lucky that the collateral was not repossessed. You are also very lucky that you did not end up at the receiving end of some potentially ruinous legal action. You don't deserve the title, because you do not own the title to the car, truck, snowmobile, or whatever it is that you bought. You do not own it, and you never have.

    You agreed to borrow money to make a purchase that you could not afford on your own. NFCU provided you with the funds you needed to finance that purchase. You were provided with a promissory note outlining NFCU's responsibilities to you, and yours to return NFCU's funds. Obviously, they lived up to their end of the bargain, and since it was "written off, " you apparently did not live up to yours. The funds that you never paid back haven't just cut into a profit margin in some corporate entity. Credit Unions are not-for-profit institutions that do not have shareholders. They have members--and that includes everyone that has an account there. Minus the operating costs, all "profits" go back into the membership--improving rates and services. Legally speaking, they must for NFCU to retain its status as a credit union.

    It is because of people like you, that folks that actually pay their bills may experience a possible increase in their loan own rates, a decrease in dividends paid on accounts, or additional fee that has to be instituted to recover lost funds. You don't deserve that title. And frankly, you don't deserve good customer service, because you would actually have to be a customer to get "good customer service."

    You don't pay your bills, and feel no guilt for not doing so and that means you really aren't much but a thief that just got away with stealing a car. I hope you never get that title.

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