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I am the wife of a deployed soldier. We've been member's of nfcu since they opened to all members of dod in may 2008 since we heard they were such a great institution. (From the myfico forums) I have power of attorney so I am able to handle my husbands accounts while he is deployed. This company refuses to honor it unless they get it within the 24 hrs of them receiving it. But, they will not let you know if or when they have received your mail or your fax. Useless trying to speak with someone about his accounts. I have mailed in copies of the poa and his orders 5 times and faxed them several more. This was so he could get the interest rate adjusted under the scra as he qualifies. These papers were sent in jan 2010 after he was issued order jan 5. I know they received them, because on our joint car loan, they reduced the interest rate to 6%. Their customer service representatives are rude and unprofessional, not to mention so lacking in knowledge, they will put you on hold for half and hour then come back to attempt an explanation that still makes no sense. They could learn a thing or two from usaa. I have had them walk me through the process of my husband's deployment and what I really needed to take care of first and they offered me help and a packet of information. They have taken their time and let me cry when coming to a sensitive subject, such as if my husband were to be killed, did we have enough life insurance, etc. They have given me their name and extension number in case I may need to talk to them again. Usually at nfcu, I get hung up on. Rude is an understatement. I'm sick of wasting my cell phone minutes and stamps to get me no where. They have been so awful they have upset me and made me cry. Not because of something that may happen to my husband, but me totally frustrated with a company that was boasted about to be one of the best for military families. Now I wish I had just kept everything with usaa. Most of everything is, thank goodness. Once our debt is paid with them, that will be the end of using that company. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. I usually will never complain about anyone, but I feel they deserve it and then some.

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  • Ti
      Jul 04, 2010

    SgtParr'sWife, have you talked to JAG about NFCU?

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  • Jj
      Jan 26, 2017

    @Tired_of_Stupid Hi Everyone...thank you for your service and sacrifice. I am shocked at how crabby this credit union is treating you all...1st as customers, but more importantly as our special people who serve in the military. I would advise you all to send your complaints to the NFCU - that is the agency who is responsible for regulating credit unions. Secondly, Money Talks! Close your accounts. It seems like USAA is a bank that cares more that Navy Fed. I would speak with a rep from USAA and ask them about consolidation of debt, etc. AND, if they do not treat you nicely, keep searching. I personally prefer Credit Unions because they tend to serve the local community, like a good old George Baily Savings Bank...but not the case these days. Personally I would recommend Chase...but triple check the fees for maintaining accounts. I wish they would have a special program for military personnel. They have wonderful fraud prevention surveillance for credit cards. Wonderful. Avoid ####ibank. That's all I got for you my friends. Love & Peace, Gi

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  • Th
      Dec 16, 2010

    Hi, I have been with NFCU since 1990... they have the worse customer service ever. I am trying to find out how to get my debts consolidated and get away from Navy Federal and the harrassing people, letters and phone calls. THEY will not try to work out a payment plan and most of their REPS are from India. How in the world did they ever get to use NAVY in their name. By the way, most of their board members are retired Admirals and generals. In particular JAY JOHNSON who retired after he was told HE had to get the ANTHRAZ series of shots... if you know a consoldated company that is willing to take on Navy Federal pleasde let me know. [protected] thank you so much

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  • Nf
      Mar 17, 2011

    Everything everyone is saying is so true. The MULTIPLE harassing phone calls, some of them even late at night, they called two separate occasions past 11:30pm!!! Add that on top of calling up to 9 TIMES a day!! I talk to one person the next 10 people act like they have NO NOTES in their screen, they don't have access. They don't have access??!! How do you call someone without accurate information pertaining to the calls?! Your treating me like garbage under an assumption that I am attempting to avoid my bills?!! ITs freaking ludacris!! They NEVER say my name right, they are rude, and while I had told them multiple times when I was getting paid to get them the money they still harassed me over and over. I have been a member for years, and had a loan for over 5yrs with them. I have always paid it and when I had trouble paying, I told them the situation and they just kept asking how much, when, how much, when, we need it now, yelling it at me. Where do they get these people from and why doesn't NFCU give a crap that their reputation has severely declined because of their failure to comply with ethical, and lawful practices!! It disgusts me because I used to send so much business their way and now I dissuade anyone who would even consider it. Once my loan is completely paid off, Im DONE with them. They are creating a cocktail for a class action suit that will put them under. And it will be so deserved.

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  • Sh
      Jul 07, 2013

    I agree with every single person here! They refused to acknowledge that I sent oir SCRA info for 2 deployments, even though each was mailed certified mail with a return receipt to me, faxed with the confirmation letters kept, mailed FROM JAG certified mail and still nothing. We paid our truck off early and we're very close to paying our car off early and we will be done with them, especially since 3 months in a row my husband handcarried a check into the branch and they put it in the wrong account. Oh yes, they remember he was there, but just like the SCRA paperwork there was no proof it was for that reason. So we had to seriously wait up to 6 weeks for them to contact the member who's account it was each time, if they agreed it wasn't their money then they would put it back. If not, we would have to PAY FOR OUR OWN ATTORNEY AND TAKE THE OTHER PERSON TO COURT TO GET OUR MONEY!!! More expenaive option than if the oher member would just say yes that isn't my money or, I don't know, if NFCU would have done their job right to begin with. So, after ensuring them that if we had to sue the other member, Navy Federal would be sued as well and the tellers that handled each of these transactions and NFCU would. Also be sued to foot the bill for my attorney as well. They weren't too happy with that and have been extremely rude ever since and the money was in my account in a few days. By the way, they did put the other member's account number on the receipt every time, so thank you NF for just handing my hubby another member's account number as well as putting in an account number that was completely different than ours. All of our banking is with Marine Federal and USAA. Marine Fed is very easy on loans, but we are actually finding Capital One better. Their SCRA policy is 4% on everything and they make it all retroactive to the day of service or day of the account starting. We are getting refunded such a large amount of money, it will pay our last ccard with them and still have a few thousand to put into our IRA! Bottom line, NFCU is worthless from start to finish, Marine Fed has great interest on their checking accounts, capital one is 100% lovely on SCRA and they have cheap APR on loans too. Just refinanced that auto loan for 2.98% APR and we're going to make the same payments we were with NFCU and it'll be paid off 1 hear earlier.

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  • Co
      Mar 05, 2014

    Does anyone have any phone numbers to use to contact the SCRA folks at navy fed been trying to get an answer since Jan.

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  • Sc
      May 22, 2014

    SCRA DIVISION (703)255-8665, Opt. 2
    Mon - Fri
    8:00 am - 7:30 pm EST
    Fax: (703)206-3108

    9:00 am - 1:00 pm
    Fax: (703)206-3108

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  • Al
      Apr 30, 2015

    My husband got new orders and USAA was amazing, they lowered our credit card rate to 4%. I contacted Navy Fed to get a lower rate and they said i could call a personal management rep and if I can't make my minimum payments they'll look into hardship help for me. I have yet to find a job at the new duty station. I didn't even have to ask USAA, when called them to change our insurance policy, they told US about it! Unfortunately I have my mortgage, vehicle and credit card with Navy Fed and we are now on one income. I hope I find a job soon.

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  • Ro
      May 23, 2016

    I am an active duty soldier who has tried to apply for the Navy Federal Credit Union SCRA program. I have been given the run around by many rude customer service representatives. The other day, a representative told me that there is no such program available. After calling back, literally two minutes later, a representative provided me the fax number to submit documentation for the program. The fax number is incorrect and when I called back to obtain a different number or the correct one, they say there is no other number. I have applied to almost every other bank out there, (i.e. Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, American Express, Discover, etc.) and within 10 business days or sooner, I was granted approval for the SCRA programs. Navy Federal is a financial institution founded for the different military branches of the United States, yet they play with you and exhaust you from what you are entitled to by law! I have never ever been as disappointed and ashamed of such a financial institution. Maybe the best thing is to report this institution and it's actions, as I've documented along the way, to the JAG office for legal recourse!

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  • Su
      Jul 12, 2016

    Navy Federal just told me that all debt has to be incurred before the active duty start date. Makes no sense. They stated that they do not lower interest rates for deployed soldiers. I thought that is what SCRA was all about. I had no problem getting approved with any other financial institution. Navy Federal SUCKS!

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  • Ko
      Nov 03, 2016

    They only provide the minimum required by law. Each institution has the right to add to those minimums but its not required. New enlistees, members of the National Guard and reserves called to active duty are the only people who qualify. It will reduce you to 6% for debts incured BEFORE signing enlistment papers.

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