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07/31/2016 beware!! Don't use this company!! Movers were thugs!!

Nationwide moving co. [protected] not to get it confused with nationwide mover although they try to pass itself off as this great company with a a+ rating with the bbb, are liars and thieves .

Nationwide moving co was hired to do a move from a town in hollywood florida to cape coral florida on july 31st, 2016 the invoice that was emailed to me was for $510.00 the estimate included 3 men and a 28 ft. Truck.

The night before the move i received a call to let me know that the driver would be there between 9am and 11am on sunday morning. The day of the move my youngest child and i waited until 10:45am to which i got the first call from the dispatcher saying the driver was 20 min away so we waited and waited they finally showed up at 12:30pm.

When they arrived there were only 2 men and a smaller truck from what i was told and what i was promised from my invoice. I tried calling the corporate office to address my concern but they were closed during weekends. I began to worry about going over the time frame i had agreed and the possibility being charged additional hourly rates because they were short one man. With some much stuff still to load i knew i had to call my daughter and her boyfriend to help. We found ourselves helping the movers take all of the furniture out of the house and load into the truck as well.

During the last part of loading of the movers began asking for money i knew i need to give them $255.00 which was half of the moving of $510 cost. However the movers insisted that $300.00 was the least they would take and if i didn’t give it to them they wouldn’t leave to our new house and the clock was ticking. So i gave them the $310.00 so we could leave. They took my new address and left before me. My child and i were alone at the new location and upon the trucks arrival they began asking for another $300.00 or they wouldn’t start taking things off the truck. I told them that i didn’t have that much money on me and that the cost was $510.00 i didn’t expect to be shaken down for more $$money but clearly the movers took advantage of a single mother. They insisted that i needed to go to the bank's atm now and that the clock was ticking the guy taped on his watch and laughed. I asked what are they charging me altogether and his response was "you better hurry up or we will simply take our time”.

When i got back and gave them the money in cash that they demanded they opened up the truck and started taking the stuff off the truck but instead of inside of the house most was placed in the garage as they dropped the boxes and scratched up my furniture. I started to cry because i was hearing glass break and i couldn’t stop them from being so rough. Once they got all the stuff off of the truck that evening they went into my kitchen and said they needed 60 more dollars for the tip. I said i only had $40.00 he snatched it out of my hand. I asked for the paperwork he said he had to get it out of the truck and drove away without giving me the receipt. Altogether i paid them $650.00 it was supposed to be $510.00 plus tip.
I feel like nationwide moving co. And whoever they subcontracted took full advantage of a single mother with a child and broke a lot of my things and scratched up and damaged my furniture.
The next day on monday morning i called the company to alert them of the situation and explained what had happen and their response was all i paid was $510 and if any additional moneys was given to the movers it must have been a tip!!
I was basically robbed. I did not get what i promised and because of their poor quality of service and negligence i received i was force to rent a smaller u-haul truck at an additional cost of $260.00 to finish the move correctly. *** customer beware** i have all receipts and have taken pictures of all of the damaged items for you to view upon your request.

My desirable resolution is a request of $140.00 refund which is an additional amount force to pay by the drivers by using scare tactics and a refund of my u-haul expense purchased on 08/02/2016 to complete the move.

Shame on you,

Aug 16, 2016

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