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Complaints & Reviews

cross country moving

Dishonest, do not use! They charge you for a falsified measurement of linear feet used and hold your belongings hostage until you pay. They use Estes Sure Move, and claim the truck is 28 foot. They charge by how much is left after you load your belongings, subtracting from 28 feet. But Estes Sure Move themselves admits the trucks are only about 27 feet (which I have a recording to prove). They forced me to pay more to get my belongings and then when the truck arrived and I took photos in front of the driver as proof and sent them in, they refused to do anything. They said I "waived my right" to refute by paying the extra to get my belongings back. My case was moved up to the manager (Dolores McBride), who refused to help. They should be investigated and put out of business for their corruption!!! If there are others out there that have resolved this, please let me know. I would like to do a class action against them, get our money back, and teach them to be honest moving forward.

If anyone else suffers fraud at the hands of Budget Van Lines or other fraudulent movers or brokers, here's where you can file a complaint with the department of transportation, fmcsa

As well as with BBB. Just click the BBB link on their website and file the complaint.

You can also just google, "budget van lines reviews" and see tons of bad things about them and add more negative reviews. I wish I had before I hired them and got scammed! But I'm putting in a dispute with the bank charge, so hopefully I'll get the fraudulent charge reversed. An hopefully the DOT does something about their deceptive business practices and outright fraud!

If you've been scammed by them, take action! Make sure the pain they feel is larger than the money they scammed from you.

scout moving company

I had Scout movers move my belongings from Lynnwood, WA to Brooklyn Park, MN this year. The original delivery date was Dec. 20th 2018. On December 14th I changed the delivery date...

Contracting with garrett's moving and storage

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible - would give zero stars if I could. Avoid like the bubonic plague. I went through Budget moving (big mistake) and they contracted with Garrett'...

Anthem Claim Management, Eli Trucking Corp. and Budget Vanlines — Moving of personal belongings and delivery

Our Unbelievable, Expensive moving Nite-Mare. We hired Budget Vanlines, they in turn hired Eli Trucking Corp. And Eli Trucking hired a person from New Jersey named Roni. Because...


MOVER BEWARE!!! EXTREMELY dissatisfied. DON'T use Budget!!! We regret having used Budget Van Lines, will never use them again, will not refer them and have made sure those we...

Poor Service and Damaged Household Goods

67161 I arranged an order with Juanita Evans with Budget Van Lines on 15 Nov 2014 to move my son's household goods from Texas to Idaho. My son works for the US Wildlife and...

Rip Off

Horrible company!! They messed up the estimate, and fail to take ownership. Quoted 2800 but turned into 4900. Customer service just keeps giving us the run around. Never get to...

Bait and Switch

I contracted with Budget Van Lines on 5/12/12 to move my Grandmother's Furniture. The salesperson led me to believe that they were the moving company. After letting my other...


Getting [censored] by Budget Van Lines- They got me with a sales pitch saying, "if you sign today we'll give you the first month of storage at no charge and $140.00 for each...

A very horrible company

I agree with all the comments regarding the horrible and untrustfulness of Budget Van lines.They do not deserve the $200 fee they charge for their services. They are horrible.

I didnt know who the actual moving company was going to be until the day before I moved. I tried on numerous occasions to get this information from Budget Van Lines so that I could research the moving company. According to them they do not release this until the day before moving. WELL I WONDER WHY??? Claim they only deal with reputable moving companies. NOT???

My contract was with J & P Moving which again I did not find out until the day before my move and they are horrible. Set very unrealistic time lines, and unable to deliever when committed to. I have also seen many, many comments after the fact (given I had no time to research them) but see they deliver broken items, and have horrible customer service. When I spoke with them, they were very unprofessional and could never give me a specific time line for pick up. What horrible service.

After picking up my items, they called and advised me of a specific delivery date, and today i'm told it will be an additional 10 days out because they had no truck to deliver, so basically my items still sitting in the original spot.

What did I pay Budget Van Lines for??? To provide me with a moving company who is unreliable and unprofessional? this is what the $200 bucks was for? If it was just to find a mover, heck I could have done that. Very, very disappointed in their services and will be taking this further.

  • Ky
    Kyle Masters Jul 17, 2011

    Budget Van Lines is in for a big surprise! They are criminals, and it's about to end. I feel for all the people who have had to endure the stress and loss of money due to a company that know fully well what they are doing. Scam! Scam! Scam! What goes around, comes around. LAWSUIT!


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  • Ar
    artistsimone Feb 13, 2012


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Binding Estimate

Binding Estimate was given by Budget Van Lines and it was woefully inadequate based on the moving company they sent to pick up the goods. This according to G&G Moving & Storage...

Awful &moving company&

This company lies and lies and lies and has no remorse for the families that they screw over. We were given a pick day of Oct.27th. A week before that date, they said "due to scheduling problems" that our date had been postponed until Nov. 4th. We have we said, "okay". On Nov. 4th, we called dispatch and they informed us that because of other families not being prepared...they could not even start to load our posessions until the next evening. Then, the next evening they said, "How about we do it all tomorrow morning, we have a few guys (one of which they said they pay in cash...why they told us this is eyond me and sheer stupidity.) So Saturday rolls around and nobody shows up. We were told that something happened to the truck, a part blew in the motor. Then this week, we were not given the a phone call. We left a message stating that we demand to know when they will show up if EVER! We get an email stating they estimate they will be here between November 17th-20th. And who knows when they would actually drop off our belongings, halfway across the country. DO you know what the rude woman (named Theresa by the way) said to me? "The email reservation was the only one you made. There is no record of anything before that!" WHAT?! So we were hallucinating the calls (on my phone records, by the way) and constant excuses? I lost almost a month, if I'm lucky, when this is all said and done. They are only brokers and they can't even do that job correctly? And by the way...if anyone at Budget Van Lines is reading this (don't deny it's your company...cause it is. Your phone number is [protected]) do not ever make your customers feel stupid or mistreat them...I have read far too much about you and you cannot tell me "Oh. that's another company that uses our name." Please. Thank you for hurting my husband's ability to make income at his new job and thank you for making it impossible for me to move my three disabled children without incident, worry or stress. NOT!

Budget VanLines BrokerUnethical Moving Company

My experience with Budget Van Lines was not pleasant. Please do your research first regarding this company. I question some of the movers they contract with or find for your move. I normally do self-moves and wished I had never considered seeking out a full-service moving company. Budget VanLines sent out a local moving company that showed up late in the evening expecting for me to allow them to come in to my home to do the move. The truck was not a company truck with their logo on it, but was an Avis Rental truck. The trailer was so dirty and filthy filled with debris, etc. I have spoken to Amy, Bonnie, verbally; however, the Manager, Melissa Lilly/Lily, never responding to my written complaints. I have a funny feeling that when you speak with Sales in NY, they only have one rep named Alan Katz.
Again, my experience could be turned into a book! I too would love to see an action class lawsuit against them, if I were financially in the position to hire an Attorney, I would do so in a heartbeat! Please do your research first about Budget VanLines and many reviews are not positive-they are crooks!! To All: NEVER USE BUDGET VAN LINES!!

Cancelled after pickup date was missed

DO NOT USE BUDGET VAN LINES Giving them the benefit of my doubt, we contracted to move my son from Michigan to Utah. I signed the contract on July 22, 2010. I paid them $611, which they have not submitted for payment, and has now been put on fraud alert. The agreed up pickup date was July 30th through August 1st. They were to deliver August 8, 9, 10. My Son needed to be at work on August 9th. We paid and extra $150 for that smallthree day window, The movers were to call, 24-48 hours in advance. On Friday July 31st, I called my salesperson, Dan, and he said "that he was sure 99% that the pickup was August 1st or 2nd. Not hearing anything, I called on Sunday the 1st, and received only recordings, so much for being a service organization 7/24 as told. On Monday, I tried three times, finally someone called back ( he is prpbably fired for doing so. He told me there was no scheduled pickup, today, tomorrow, anytime. We discussed, I asked for his manager, and of course got a recording. I then called back, and pretended to be a new client, and of course they answered ( always for fresh meat to prey on). This person, Victor, attempted to be helpful (probably new), said they could wave the fee that we were charged to deliver on August 9th, thought they could pick up on the 5th and deliver on the 8th. He went off line, came back with the anwer no. No offer to compensate, only offer to continue to find a mover. We had to go to plan B, and are now out and additional $900 to make the move by August 9th. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !!!

Class Action Lawsuit

Looking for others that have been over charged, items damaged/stolen by Budget Van Lines and their sub contractors. I want to initiate a class action lawsuit. Please email me at...

Don't use them


If you value your possessions, DO NOT USE BUDGET VAN LINES!

They are a "BROKER" not a "MOVER". They put your job out to their list of movers for the lowest bid and keep the "rest" of the money that YOU paid.

TWO YEARS after the mover they chose dropped my things off at a storage facility and LIED about "attempting" delivery I am still receiving emails from OTHER VICTIMS I had PNEUMONIA! I couldn't have been gone from my apartment if I WANTED TO! I laid on the floor with a pillow (they had my bed!) and a blanket and received an EMAIL not a CALL that they attempted delivery and had put my things into a local storage - I am STILL getting personal emails from people who are being RIPPED OFF!!!

The STORAGE facility WOULD NOT give me my belongings until the MOVER (after they contacted Budget Van Lines) RELEASED my household goods! I had to PAY for a MONTH of storage (guys, my things were there for two days by the time these jerks "released" my goods!).

If you have already been taken by Budget Van Lines, call and WRITE to the Attorneys Generals of New York, California AND your own state. DO NOT allow them to get away with this crap any longer.

Eventually there will be a change in the laws and a class action lawsuit, but it's better just NOT to use a BROKER such as Budget Van Lines. They are NOT A MOVER - look up complaints on this company and you will find mine (over two years old) and others that are from THIS WEEK.




  • Ga
    gandrade Jun 29, 2011

    They quoted me one price and they subcontracted with a company that charged me double. Everytime I called budget van lines they put me on hold and hang up, they did it 4 times. When the truck delivered my goods it was damaged. Unless i paid them double the charge they were going to take my stuff hostage and charge me storage. My email is [email protected] lets gather as many people as possible and sue that SOB!

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  • Al
    Alis Jefferson Jun 29, 2011

    I had to relocate my family to another state during a very stressful time of our lives, and moving was an added stress that I was not looking forward to at all. I started calling moving companies. Finally, I spoke to a representative at Budget Van Lines who broke it all down for me in just a few minutes and reassured me that there is no reason this should be stressing me out- we’re just moving furniture, after all, lol. He gave me an estimate that kept me on my budget and continued providing professional courtesy all the way until my items were delivered, no matter how many times I called and bugged him with questions.

    Upon delivery of our items the carrier Budget used was helpful and nothing was damaged. To tell u the truth I’m very happy and using Budget Van Lines turned out to be a good decision for me and my family.

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First I would like to say that my huband and I will never use your services again. We will be sure to tell all our friends and write on as many reviews about how unprofessional your services were. I had a great first impression with Budget, I got the quote that I needed and put down the deposit to place my move. After that, it all went down hill. First, I could not get ahold of my sales rep for four days after she had told me to call her back with the definite dates that I need pick-up and delivery. I called the budget number over 15 times not getting ahold of anyone and leaving numerous messages with no call backs. Finally, my sales rep called me back after four days of wondering if this was a scam to let her know that I needed pick-up on the 5th and delivery on the 8th. She said "no problem, that will work." I asked multiple times that those were going to be the permenent dates for pick-up and delivery and she insured me it was. That was lie number one. Lie number two was she kept telling me the forms of payment were on pick-up cash, money order, or credit card, again so I was not mistaken I asked multiple times if I could pay for it on my credit card and everytime the answer was yes. The payment method on delivery was either cash or money credit card. So my sales rep knew I was going to pay half the amount on my credit card and the other half in cash. Tell me why, when the movers got to my house...they told me the only way I could pay was either cash or money order??? I told they I was told that I could pay with my credit card and they said they have never taken credit card so they don't know why I was told that. Third lie, I was told that the moving company would call me 24 hrs. in advance as to what time they would arrive. As I waited and waited for the call, I figured I would be responsible and call the company myself. The number budget gave me, not once did someone pick up. I left messages with no one calling me back. I called budget and they told me that they would call the company to see if they could get any answers, So the moving company finally called me to let me know that the pick-up time would be between 8-10am. They said the movers would call one hour in advance to arrive at my house. While I was talking to someone about the pick-up time, I was unaware that the moving company was also calling my husband with a pick-up time which was between 1-3pm. After my husband and I figured out that they had given us two different time frames, I called the company but only got their answering machine which by the way was a generic please leave a message which didn't even have the company name on it. Since I didn't know what time they were going to arrive at, my husband and I waited at home waiting for them to arrive. When 2:30pm rolled around and we had not heard from the movers I decided to call the company again to see where they were at. Again, I got their generic voicemail. I called budget to see if they could get ahold of anyone. Finally I got a phone call from one of the movers who said they would be there around 5:30-6pm and when I asked what happened to 8-10 and 1-3, there answer was we have been stuck in traffic!!! I wasn't about to start argueing with the guy since his english was so broken that I could barely understand him. But whatever happened to calling the customer since he had my number and letting me know that they were running late??? That would have been nice. Finally they arrive at 6pm packed up our stuff which they had a penske truck that already had someone else's furniture on it, but I was told it would be divided by a board so I would be able to see the other people's furniture. All that divided my furniture from theirs was two ropes approx. 2 inches thick that went across from one end of the truck and they back across. Then the movers spent another hour and a half after removing all our funrniture from my home because they could not get everything to fit. AN HOUR AND A HALF because they did not have a big enough van, and we had less boxes then what we had originally told them so they should of had plenty of room. So now my husband and I pack up and move the 200miles from Virginia to North Carolina one day before our furniture is suppose to arrive. The moving company told us that they would call 24hrs before they arrived to drop off my furniture. So I waited and waiting again for the phone call which never came. So again, I call budget to see where our furniture was and they tell me they have up to six days to arrive with my furniture. I told them no, I told them specifically that I needed my furniture on the 8th and my sales rep told me that was not going to be a problem. The lady told me that she doesn't know why I was told that but it was incorrect and that if I needed a specific date that I could have paid extra. I was never told that I would have to pay extra to get a set date which I would have gladly done, but was asked what date I needed my furniture and I told them the 8th and she said "no problem, we can make that happen" The lady kept telling me that if I needed a certain date that I should have paid the extra cost which I guess she was not getting through her head that if I had been offered that option, I would have taken it and paid the extra money. So the lady said that my furniture will arrive on the 10th and that the movers will call 24hrs before arriving. It is now the 10th and I never got a phone call yesterday and I have been on the phone none stop with budget because neither one of us can get ahold of the moving company that they hired to find out when my stuff will be delivered. So as you can see why I am extemely frustrated and why I will NEVER EVER use budget van lines again.

  • Mr
    MRobinson Jul 25, 2009

    After the "sales" pitch, service went downhill fast. I am filing a complaint with the better business bureau and making sure people know how very horrible the service is. The company they used to move us was late, made a hole in our wall, was unavailable most of the time, and now they have my stuff and I haven't hear from them.

    Don't Budget Van Lines. The worst service EVER!

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  • Kn
    knut hopstad Oct 21, 2013

    My experience using Budget Van Lines was frustrating...cannot use the right words, will be accused of coursing.
    The calculation of the "move weight" started the issue. they were off for about "6000 Pounds" of the initial "Quote" which I call the "Hook"; not that my inventory was wrong, is just the way of calculating before and after you pay the "Booking Fees". The "Quote was an All Charges Included". However, when the transportation company showed up, two days later...There were extra charges for "Origin Fees" (Another way of Double Deeping for the "Booking Fees"); Fuel Surcharges, and a whopping increase of 100% of the initial quote because the inventory did not agree with the one Budget Van Lines send to the carrier.
    The driver was instructed to "Do not even open the truck at delivery, until the payment was made in full; only cash accepted or USPS Money Order". This means...Pay or pay, regardless of the condition or increase in cost. Due to the carriers delay, I needed to pay another month of rent to my Landlord. In addition, no Customer no-service was available to complaint or resolve the issues.

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Budget Van lines- Energizer Moving and Storage Inc Las Vegas Nev — Stolen and Broken Items moved

May 2009 Budget Van lines was contracted to move belonging from Sedona, Arizona to Mentor Ohio. a two hundred dollor deposit was set up with sales man James at Budget . He wa...

Awful company

I had planned to use Budget Vanlines for my upcoming move. I haven't moved yet and they have already been a complete nightmare! The information given to me over the phone doesn't match the quote emailed to me and they are refusing to give back my 600+ deposit...

I wish I had read the experiences of others like this prior to calling their number ...

I cannot get in touch with anyone who can help me or refund my money. Instead, the dispatcher forwards me to voicemail everytime I call.

I sent an email with over ten bulleted complaints, only one of which was addressed and the answer was not satisfactory. As if moving across country isn't stressful enough, and now this? I can't book a new moving service until I receive my deposit back from Budget Vanlines and my move is in 6 days!

Learn from my experience and use a different service...

  • Te
    temu Oct 13, 2009

    I don't want to waste time telling what happened to me but want to warn you all against moving brokers, the modus of the moveing brokers weather it is budget vanlines or nationwide is a loophole in the rule book.

    these guys never tell you that they are only brokers even if they mention it in their quote most of us don't understand the difference between movers and these brokers and fall in the trap.(according to rules they are supposed to tell you)

    Actaully their service is to provide you a space in the truck with some moving company which relays on the empty space of someone else who reserved the total truck, in the quote there would be no mention of the actual mover or any agreement by the actaul mover.(this quote is no way respected by the actual mover since it is not agreed between you and the actual mover you cant dispute with them, if you do so you should be willing to postpone your move for at least a week they would never mention this)

    In reality these moveing brokers can never keep their promises because unlike a reservation in a airline this is not seat with fixed space, so when actual mover shows up who is more loyal to the first guy for whom he had direct contract and cant deny any space for the first guy you become the victim. the mover simply says he cant take the table you were promised to move, or a mattress they claim they cant move, quote a higher prize etc etc, when you contest they would simply say you can choose not to move, ok you are thinking you have the contract the truck would say they have no contract with you and you should talk to budgetvanlines, and budgetvanlines simpley wouldnot pickup the phone at this point your electricity is shutoff your kids crying your landlord wants the keys no new mover would come immediately and you are paying for the rental car you got to move your kids/pets etc you have no choice but to sign the bill of landing which is the actual contract between you and the mover so you have no way to contest the earlier quote gieven by the broker with the mover since you agreed the bill of landing.

    they charge you 175$ for giveing you a 1800 number without any guarantees, neither time date or furniture they carry.
    "they lure you with a cheep quote with all the things you want and a non-refundable deposit since they know all that they are agreeing is not valid anyways".
    by the time the truck shows up you must have already stopped electricity packed everything, rented car loaded everything, and ready to go, so you have no choice but to sign what ever the truck guy says and throw your furniture which wouldnot fit in the truck.
    if you argue they are seasoned at that they have 20 complaints they manged to esacpe with this argument.
    they would say they are mear brokers and they provided you the service, and advice you to contact the truck company for any discripencies.
    the truck company simply says they have no contract with you and what ever the budget vanlines agreed is none of their business and they did what ever is given in the bill of landing.
    when you say budgetvanlines didnot provide the service they would do a u turn and say they acted agent and the moveing company moved you stuff.
    the actual service they are supposed to provide is the one mentioned in the quote they should match the quote given to you with a mover who would agree to do that, but they cheat but they would not acknowledge that.
    you can move to court but for what?? 175$
    i am planning on a class action law suit soon.

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  • Li
    Lisa C. Burke Mar 31, 2010

    Class Action Suit?

    Count me in!!

    [email protected]

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  • Ti
    Ticia Jun 08, 2010

    We are dealing with these people now and I wish my husband and I would have seen the many complaints before hand. They loaded our stuff up on May 25, 2010 and set a delivery date of June 1, 2010. They never showed up so they set another delivery date of June 7, 2010 and never showed up. My husband has called them everyday and no one can give him a straight answer on anything!!! Count me in with that Action Suit!!!

    [email protected]

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  • Ra
    RazN Jul 29, 2010

    I am currently dealing with an awful situation with Budget van lines. I am so upset that I didn't think to look at reviews before my dad made the agreement with them.

    I would like to be included in the class action law suit. please contact me [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jaynelee Dec 16, 2010

    My daughter has been through the ringer with Budget van lines.. They brokered her out to another company and finally picked up her things after three appointmants they had made and missed.. They were five days late getting her things and now they are holding her things hostage and want $8000.00 more than the original contract.. They brokered her things out to Executive Relocations.. She can get no cooperation from either company at all . She is going to go to all legal lengths to make their lives miserble... DO NO USE BUDGET VAN LINES..They are a scam company..They can and will be charged with Fraud, Extortion, False documtation, inflating the price of the move and thereafter witholding delivery of goods until she pays the inflated price. Empoyees can also be indited. There is alot you can do to a company like that and she will use every means avaliable and will never give up the fight... This company needs to pay huge fines and be put out of business..

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  • Ka
    Kathy in Fort Worth Texas Dec 21, 2010

    My daughter and son-in-law hired this company to move their belongs from Whicita Falls, Texas to Ogden, UT. My son-in-law is in the military and was moving to his next duty station. The quote that was given was $1675 but after the movers picked up their belongings, they told them it would be a several hundred dollars more on top of the ridiculous booking fee of $250 which was non-refundable and would not be credited in on the move. She paid $750.00 down over the phone. When the movers picked up their belongings they wanted $1415.00 which she paid, they had told her over the phone that only 1/2 of the balance would be due when the movers arrived. They charged for 4900 pounds when the actural total weight was 3100 lbs. I complained and Amy told me that they have to paid for 85% of the 4900 pounds reserved. I told her that even at 85%, they still overcharged. I was able to get that money deducted after numerous phone calls. The movers picked up their belongs on December 15th, 2010 and told them that the delivery date would December 21, 2010. My daughter called to find out what time the delivery would be. They told her they could not get her items there until after the holidays. They have a 22 month old baby that needs his clothes and she explained to customer service that all his christmas items would in the truck. Now they have no furniture, only a few clothes since they sent most of their clothing on the truck. They have to sleep on the floor with no blankets, no furniture, can not cook christmas dinner. Will have to eat out because they have no dishes.
    Please DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, they are thiefs, liars and frankly not very nice once they have you committed to using them. I am filing a complaint with the attorney general and the better business bureau in addition of contacting the Department of Transportation. I also would be interested in filing a class action lawsuit.

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missing items

Budget Van Lines contracted my move from Carrollton, GA to Kenmore, NY to Super Van Man (address unknown). My possessions were picked up on 15 July 2008 and delivered on 20 July...