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Deceptive Dishonest Moving Practices

American Van Lines - look up Anthony DiSorbo, President, Coral Springs, Fla., a spectacular house "off your and my dime"! AVL is NOT a Carrier they deceive you at the last minute and broker out your contract to numerous other "agents" so you don't actually know who has your personal belongings. Who.then is liable for your belongings when they are LOST and the warehouse they STORED your stuff in can't seem to find it! You contract with AVL for door to door service and you get your personal belongings STORED in a filthy warehouse for over 12 days, but they DON'T tell you this! Check out their "delivery window" on your contract! If you contract for door to door service why do they need 15-18 days to delivery your stuff. CONTACT THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE IN BROWARD COUNTY FLORIDA - Ashley Moody, to file a law suit! Just don't sit there, AVL knows how to play the game, they have been doing this for years to unsuspecting people! They reveal nothing, bring them to justice and make them Accountable for their deceptive, dishonest, false advertising along with their AGENT - Moving Relo who is just as guilty!
See details from the below:
Case# [protected] - DOT
Case# [protected] - Wells Fargo
Case# [protected] BBB
Utah Legal Services
EMAIL FROM: Florida Attorney General's Office.
Broward County Consumer Protection Office.

Sharon Lee Holutiak

avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer

Claim #1807315

On Sept. 22, 2018 my husband entered into a contract with Chloe Walsh to move a 4 bedroom house of goods from a storage unit in No CA to GA. He sent in a deposit of $1462 and made plans for a pickup between 10/15 and 10/17. Expected delivery would be Nov. 7th. This was important to us because we were planning Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends in the new home.

On 10/13 my husband rec'd a call from Chloe with news that the AVL truck was not available and that another mover would arrive on the 15th. (1st Red Flag) This did not sit well with him, however, we'd already closed the account on the storage unit, so he went along.

Monday, the 15th, Juan with Vanguard Van Lines met my husband at the storage unit and with his movers, began to load our items. My collectibles and other household goods were packed in plastic containers and boxes and clearly marked "Fragile, Handle with Care". I also had heirlooms, new items still in the original boxes and a number of loose items. The 65' TV had been packed by my husband and was further wrapped by Juan's men.

My husband was told that he'd have to pay extra for our piano. No problem. When Juan had completed the inventory sheet, my husband signed them. The top of the sheets were printed with the blue and red AVL logo. He asked for a copy of the inventory list and was told by Juan that AVL would send it to him. (2nd Red Flag). So then my husband asked if if they were going to get on the road and head for GA. "No, we have to take your items to So CA to be weighed. (3rd Red Flag) Was told that the truck would be unloaded and the items put on another truck. Again, not happy with this--room for error, including: breakage, loss, damage, destruction.

My husband called Juan several times to get the inventory sheets. The calls were never returned. He then called Chloe, again several times, before she emailed the sheets November 7th. The AVL logo had been blacked out and replaced with Vanguard.

Several days after our goods were taken to So CA (Ventura Cty), my husband received a call from Roberta of Vanguard requesting more money before they would load our goods for delivery, and that might have happened were it not for his error with the credit card and a call from Chloe telling him not to give them any more money.

We received a call towards the end of October with a date of delivery change to Nov. 9th. Then another call, Nov. 12th. Three different delivery dates. (DOT rules for long distance deliveries -21 days from date of pu).

Nov. 7th, the invoice was emailed: 8210 lbs, Total price of $7621 minus the $1462, with instructions for a cashiers check for the balance.

On Saturday, the 10th, I received a call from Andre the mover, stating that he would be at my GA home by noon. So the truck arrived just about that time-black cab with no markings, white trailer with no markings. Two tired men emerged. Andre, the mover, could not tell me if he worked for AVL or Vanguard. (4th Red Flag-sub-contracted with Vanguard!) Said they'd already made two stops and had another stop in NC before going home to NY.

Andre said he had to have the check before they would unload my items, so I called my husband and rather than to argue I reluctantly gave him the check. I asked for a receipt, he had none. So I took a photo with my camera of the paperwork he had.

They did not look like or act like certified, professional movers; they stepped on my flowers and scratched my new floor. I received a faint apology. Our items were put in the house; they complained about making their last stop, and when they'd unloaded the last of the goods, they got in their cab and left.

AVL's website:
Our professional long distance movers provide the very best delivery and care
American Van Lines is a long distance moving company with extensive resources. Regardless of where you're moving to and from, one of our long distance moving branches will always be within reach. American Van Lines will always provide excellent moving services wherever you need to go.
Long Distance Moving with Speed and Accuracy
Our large fleet of moving trucks is always ready, well-serviced, and ready to move. You won't have to worry about our ability to provide the services you need exactly when you need them. We have the means to accommodate several customers at all times without delay or hiccup. Last minute long distance moves are welcomed at no additional charge. With weekly shuttles to and from every major city in the country, your next relocation will never be too far away. The swift and convenient nature of our long distance moving services makes it easy to facilitate a hassle-free moving experience.
Expert Long Distance Movers for Exceptional Service
Our long distance moving company has certified packing experts ensure your belongings are always safely packed and stowed away. Our long distance movers are some of the best in the industry and come highly recommended by previous customers. Here are just a few of the advantages of relocating with the American Van Lines long distance moving team:
• Swift deliveries available seven days a week.
• Specialty services like piano, fine arts, and antique moving.
• Accurate inventory of all items being moved for your personal reference.
• Individually wrapping each and every item for the safety of your possessions.
You Can Feel Confident About Our Dependable Long Distance Moving Services
You never can tell what will occur on the road during a long distance move, and this is exactly why the American Van Lines takes precautions to keep your items safe. We know that prevention is better than repair, so we keep our trucks in tip-top shape with regular maintenance. All of our moving trucks are modern and equipped with air-ride suspension to sustain a smooth, turbulent-free ride to your new home. Every moving truck is spacious, safe, modern, clean, and serviced regularly. Reliability is one of the most pertinent features of outstanding moving services and it is a chief ingredient in our formula for success.

When I began to take note of the crushed plastic containers and boxes, the scratches, dents, and missing parts to my furniture, my heart skipped several beats. I spoke with Chloe, perhaps the next day or so, and was met with an attitude of "I'll transfer you to the claim department to file a claim". I demanded to speak with the manager and after a couple of days, connected with Sam Parker, the CS manager.

Both my husband and I spoke with Sam several times. He expressed sympathy and said that he would make it right and that we would be "very pleased".

I began to go thru items. So many of my signed collectibles were broken and destroyed, very few furniture and accessory items were intact. They were chipped, crushed, dented, broken. Many items missing-heirlooms, my collectible shoe items, Christmas decorations, kitchen pots and pans, new coffee maker and roasting pans still in original boxes, artwork. My husband unwrapped the 65" TV and to his horror, the screen was cracked from end to end and the back was dented in. It appeared that our items were just thrown into the trailer unsecured without anyone caring how we received them. My husband took photos of the TV and sent them to Sam. During one conversation my husband said he would drive to So CA to retrieve our missing items and was quickly discouraged from doing so by Sam.

Sam lead us to believe that he would be on the up and up, strung us along into believing that he truly would compensate us fairly, though no price can replace our missing heirlooms and other sentimental items.

Now after completing the loss sheets and faxing them in, completing the broken, damaged and destroyed list, and emailing them in March, it took them the full 120+ days to offer $1000 of which $271 was Sam Parker's additional compensation. Additionally, we were denied compensation because the plastic containers and boxes were "packed by owner-contents and packing methods are unverifiable therefore carrier accepts no liability".

We did not accept this. So we went back and forth on what we felt was fair. Sam asked me what amount would satisfy us and I said $7000. He said that they did deliver my items--yes they did but for $7600 we didn't expect to receive them in the condition they were in.

So we went back and forth and I finally agreed to accept an additional $200, bringing the total to $1200. On July 30th, I requested the paperwork. Aug. 6th I sent an email to Sam that we had not received the documents. Claims responded that they'd sent them out a week earlier. When I asked where they were sent, I got no response.

I emailed again Aug 7th for the address to where the documents were sent. Aug. 8th I received the documents postmarked August 5th. Their response on August 12th:
Dear Yvonne Young,
Please accept our apologies for the delayed response. The Settlement documents were mailed to:
This is the address listed as the delivery address and on the claims form.

There was no need to lie, and yet they did.

This delay, however, gave me time to reflect on the offer relative to our losses. So on August 20, I sent this email to Sam and his claim department:

Claims; Samuel Parker,

We received the documents August 8th, more than a week after claims' initial response that the documents had been mailed a week earlier. Not until August 6th did we get a response to our second request for where they were mailed. The document is postmarked August 5th.

Additionally, upon reading the terms and conditions by which we would receive $1200 as compensation for the damages caused by your sub-contractor, his sub-contractor and you, we no longer accept this. This amount is not nearly enough to place a gag order on us. We will share our experience with American Van Lines, Vanguard Van Lines, and Andre the mover in writing, to social media, internet, persons and entities engaged in radio, television or Internet broadcasting, etc., etc.

Though we finally agreed on the amount with Sam, after second thoughts the amount of $1200 does not begin to cover our missing, broken, and destroyed items. American Van Lines does not want to take responsibility for any of their errors. We paid a large sum of money to have our items shipped in the condition that they were picked up. The boxes in question were clearly marked "Fragile, Handle With Care", even if they were PBO Because you cannot find the missing items doesn't mean they didn't exist.

Further, your document instructs us to return the signed agreement within 30 days and yet you will not issue a check for 4-6 weeks. It appears that American Van Lines wants to have it all their way. As a matter of principle, we will not accept this, but instead will go to the media.

We want the public to be well informed about what can happen when using the services of a carrier that offers deceitful and false marketing hype and then later tell you that you didn't pay for certain things. They choose to hide behind their "legal obligations" without regard to doing what's morally right for the customer.

My correspondence to Sam:

Our items were picked up and unloaded twice before we received them, leaving open room for error-- mishandling, losing and/or taking our property, damaging and destroying it, etc. The two men who showed up in GA with our property could not even tell me what company they were with. No markings on the trailer or the cab. Andre, the mover, wanted the cashier's check before they would begin to unload. They did not look like certified, trained, and professional movers. They even walked on my plants and scratched my floor.

We recognize and acknowledge that we signed documents that we may not have read thoroughly or understood, a mistake on our part. But we also understand that your job is to protect AVLines. There's not much regard for the clients' loss. You lost control when you brought in a sub-contractor who then hired his own sub-contractor. We didn't pay $7600 to get what we ultimately got. And $1200 compensation does not move us to sign a document agreeing to keep quiet, as if it is hush money and then wait 4-6 weeks after signature to receive it.

It is our goal to share our total experience with the public so that they are fully informed and can then make a decision on choosing to use your company.

Now Sam is accusing me of extortion because we've changed our minds and decided not to accept his offer, of which he says he has gone over and beyond the amount he is" legally obligated to offer".

We Do Not Recommend the use of AVL for long distant moves. Their website is misleading and untrue and you stand the chance of receiving your property in horrible condition by the 2nd or 3rd sub-contractor. Instead, thoroughly investigate your mover, use the Pods or Home Depot, or pack up your things yourself and drive them to your destination. You'd be better off than to intrust your treasures to American Van Lines.

I've added a few of the many photos for your review.

avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer
avl service: deceitful, misleading ads, unprofessional, careless, disregard for customer

moving service

This company subcontracted Cal Van Lines for my move. The movers do not take care of your items. I had a bicycle damaged and a 55"flat screen TV broken. They literally ROLLED the TV on the ground and stacked boxes on top of it. I tried to tell them it shouldn't be done that way, but they didn't speak English, and they just said,"it's okay" over and over again. On top of all that, they didn't even bring a truck big enough to fit all my items! Now, I am living 2600 miles away in a different state; I'm trying to coordinate with them, and they can't even rectify the situation. I am now looking for another company to pick up the rest of my items that this company couldn't fit into their box truck.

moving service

moving company

DO NOT WALK BUT RUN from this company. Consistent broken promises and lies. I would suggest a more reputable...

customer service

I have had a horrible experience with American Van Lines. We started discussing this move in April. In early July, I paid my deposit and was given a 3 day window for pickup and told that 10 days out I would know for sure which day.

At 10 days out, I started calling and emailing the contact that I was provided. My emails and phone calls went unanswered until 6 days before the moving window, when I was told that they could not meet those dates. I was give a new window of this coming Monday - Wednesday and, guess what? They are not answering my emails. So, here I sit 4 days before the window opens and don't know if they are going to meet the date.

Also, they bill your credit card immediately when you pay your deposit; however I was told by their rep that it takes 7 - 10 business days to get it credited back, if you opt to go with another line when they can't meet the contracted dates.

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[Resolved] nightmare experience, deceptive practices

Deceptive notification of delivery date/time-frame of home goods to new home. Deceptive packing, damage.
Movers hired with the understanding they would pack our home over a 2 day span and deliver our items to our new home on the date of our choosing between June 29-13 July.
Movers arrived on 6/27/17 without the moving truck. They waited 3 hours for the moving truck, losing packers/movers along the way as they would not start packing without the truck. They INSISTED on completion that day. It was 1am by the time they were "finished". They left items unpacked, unmoved and damaged walls without informing us. After they had our items packed and on the road, they said they would be delivered by July 13th or we would incur storage fees. We advised the original and only close date we ever had was 7/14/17. We did what we could to make it work and have our items delivered on 7/13/17. They then called and said they had to deliver on 7/11/17 which would be next to impossible for us as it is a Sunday and moving up the close date yet again (to 7/9/17) has issues all its own. They then called and said it would have to be delivered today 6/29/17 or it will go into storage and fees will be billed. It seems our home items are being held hostage. We were misled in the very beginning by giving us deceptive delivery date information. We have attempted resolution to no avail as they refuse to believe they are doing anything wrong. Saying we signed a contract, which is true, but what we were told we were signing and what we are now being told are two different things. We have been harassed by the constant change in delivery dates, cost and new fees for delivery that we were not expecting. This harassment has caused medical issues for Wayne Lowman (68) just trying to deal with the situation.
We are also concerned that now; because of our complaints, our items will be further damaged or "lost" prior to actual delivery.
Additionally, The driver left a manifest of the upstairs items in our home when he left. We were accused of deceptively hiding it from him, which is ridiculous as we told them first thing the next morning.



moving company not what they promise

My husband and I are both educated (as physicians) we researched moving options and although AVL may quote your move on the higher end, we read reviews that they were reliable, good CS, etc so chose them after much comparison. This has been a huge mistake.
Our move was from Mississippi to Stanford, which is substantial. They promised a 3 day pick up window and failed, leaving our home closing delayed and buyers upset. Communication was poor. They promise to provide a call 24 hrs prior to delivery but this is unreliable- they called, "furniture will be there Saturday"- no show then they don't pick up the phone. They call a few days later, "furniture will be there Thursday most definitely"- no show and no other phone calls. I have been left pregnant, with a two year old, sleeping on the floor for week. We would have booked an alternative such as hotel etc, except they continued to say "it will be there tomorrow." In addition we had no appliances, no couch and most other large furniture pieces were sold before the move- they quoted us 4-5000lbs then said it measured 8, 000lbs- without any appliances a couch etc, 8000 lbs is really not possible. We used this company on the premise it would be a reliable service, smooth transition, with only a three day pickup window as a guarantee. This has not at all been the experience.
Poor quality. Do not choose this service. Two physician colleagues moved at the same time as us-one used a pod service and the other Atlas and both had much better experiences.


I set up a move with this company back in April, with a 3-day pick-up window, price estimate, and contract. I...

load date estimate

I paid half deposit to American Van Lines on May 8 2017 for move from Kansas City to Austin. Load dates June 17-19. I was called today and we told that they won't be able to get to me until after those dates. This is not acceptable, I have to start a new job in Austin on June 20. There is no one else to assist me with this move.
I need to have thus escalated. Please have someone call me to rectify this situation, this is extremely urgent
Vivian Leahy. [protected]

  • Zv
    zvt Jun 25, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sorry to hear about this; precisely the very same thing happened to me with them, NYC-- Missouri move. We had the contract signed and deposit back in April, they were supposed to come on Monday. Called last night (Saturday) they won't be able to make it.

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driver truck number 4230 trailer 5742

8 p.m. Tuesday June 13 2017 driver tried to run is off the road and ride our bumper for miles He finally...

[Resolved] horrible movers complaint

Run…as fast as you can… away from american van lines…!!!

Disaster, destruction, lying, incompetent, careless, rude,
Unprofessional, insulting… just a few words to describe my
Painful experience with american van lines.

Where to start…
After working and planning my move with american van lines
For three weeks and stressing to them every time we talked
That I live in a high rise condo with very strict rules regarding
Elevator booking and aloted time of use……. On moving day they
Totally tried to blow me off, blaming scheduling and trafic for
The mix up. Again, this after stressing to them they only had a
Reserved elevator from 9:30am - 12:30pm.
So after screaming, yelling, threatening law suits against
American van lines and pleading with condo management for more time……the movers finally arrived at 6:30pm!!!
Only leaving one and a half hours to completely pack me up.

Next screw up…….
I had paid to have a wooden crate pre-made for my new $3000 flat
Screen tv.
Guess what… no crate!!! Tv arrived destroyed!!!

Next screw up……
When american van lines saw that my move was not going to
Get to me in time by they own company…they subcontracted
My move out to a small independent two man moving team with a
Get this…a buget rental van!!!
Guess what??? The buget rental truck breaks down on the way!!!
My belongings are unloaded, then reloaded on the side of the
Highway when another buget rental truck is found.

So lets count…. How many times my things have been thrown around.

1. Picked up at my condo
2. Unloaded into american van lines warehouse awaiting move.
3. Reloaded into buget rental truck…truck breaks down.
4. Unloaded from broken down rental truck.
5. Reloaded…thrown… into new buget truck.
6. Unloaded at final destination.

And I should be surprised by the amount of destruction!!!
And there was….. Tv destroyed, antique chair broken, valuable
Floor lamp destroyed, china, crystal shattered!!!

Next surprise…not really!!!
They lost a large box from my move…later discovered and resent
To me by fedex…. Then the box is returned to american van lines by
Fedex with the contents also destroyed.

Next surprise….. Not really!!!
American van lines basically blamed all on me!!! Unbelievable!!!
They say…file a calm!!! Pennys on the dollar….. What a joke…..
My time is more valuable than the pennies they would offer.
The damages far exceeded the price of….. The entire move!!!

In short, and there was more…thats my horror story with:
American van lines

You’ve been warned!!!



After seeing my review, American Van Lines reached out to me and very much wanted to help resolve my issues and unhappiness with the move. Their very professional outreach impressed me and after several conversations with management, we came to a mutual resolution of the situation. Thank you.

service/customer service/claims

We got several estimates from several moving companies when we were moving from Kansas City MO to Wichita KS, our company gave us a budget and American Van Lines came in right at that budget...buyer beware mistake number one...we questioned the weight greatly knowing the average household have 15, 000 lbs and they estimated us to be 11, 326 with a full gym of 2000 lbs of weight in our basement! The day the movers showed up, #1. they were Ukrainian and could not speak English! I flat out told them my house would not fit in their tiny little truck. We ensued a 2 hour delay contacting their company (yep we were contracted out to a po dunk company with a broken down truck to say the least, API was the company) and attempting to contact our agent at AVL to let them know this was a big joke! We were flat out told we had no options, no other vehicles available so we would have to make two trips! Mistake #2. Begrudgingly agreeing to this nonsense! The movers were grossly negligent. They damaged our home, which was at that point under contract to be sold to another person. We paid out of pocket to repair everything so we would not be delayed in closing. They did not wrap our things as we were told they were going to before they moved anything! Most of our furniture was damaged, some to the point we can no longer use it even though we followed instructions on taping drawers shut etc, my dresser was broken. Half the drawers cannot be used because they were completely busted even though they were taped properly and remained shut. The movers unwrapped our items before they got off the truck, they were dragging items into a brand new home where again our home which had just literally been completed by the builders was damaged to floors, walls, outside siding etc. They even hired some jail bird guys from a temp agency to come help move things into the home. One of those men was carrying our safe in and said "this is heavy, what do you keep in here?" (EXCUSE ME!!!) This was in the first two days...then we headed back to Kansas City for the second trip, again more damage to the old house by dragging items, damage to the items because of being dragged and thrown around and not wrapped at all. This is when I found out that the blankets being used were so nasty leaving a coat of residue ON EVERYTHING and making it all smell of smoke and nastiness. Just dirty, the driver of the API moving company had a dog who was sitting on said blankets and I literally watched this dog walk to the edge of the blanket and pee on it! It of course was then used! They smoked in the back of the truck with our things in it and we are highly sensitive to smoke! They fought the whole time in their language, complained about our stuff (mind you they didn't pack any boxes, we packed up our boxes ahead of time) and how much we had. When they weighed the truck empty the first day it was 9, 000 lbs when they weighed it the second trip empty it somehow gained 5, 000? The first trip was so bad and the second time around moving things out of the house was so bad and damaging we made them unload everything into our garage in the brand new home because we could not have any more damage done! We managed to move everything from the garage into the home with NO ISSUES at all. Upon turning in the damage claims we waited two months for any response, and I finally reached out to AVL who stated they had 120 days. This move was completed in September and we are now at 152 days for our claim, they wanted to slap us a little more by saying our settlement for damage is $1750 TOTAL! I'm going to be contacting DOT, BBB and a lawyer for this. We had to replace our refrigerator because when it got moved in it was not only really damaged on the outside with dents and scratches but it got hot to the point it was a fire hazard, our wood floors were scratched in both homes from dragging furniture around and not caring. Funny thing, the boxes that we packed had no damage at all, and thankfully we had already moved our computers and televisions ourselves with no damage! Seriously, please do NOT use this company! They lie, they steal, they talk a good game but they really just don't care. And in the end our move was about $2000 more than they quoted because it was over 11, 326 lbs...Imagine that! A four bedroom home weighs more than a studio apartment! I was so flustered the last day we had to deal with the movers that I actually did not stay here because anxiety was so high from all of the damage, and it was my birthday! They will tell you anything to get a sale but they are criminals!

  • Ke
    kellalowe Apr 23, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not even 24 hours after posting about my experience, AVL contacted me to set up a phone meeting with Anthony Disorbo. I was hesitant to agree to it because I was fed up. In the end, he was very apologetic for the behavior of the movers and wanted to try to get an understanding to make sure all entities are trained like his own employed movers. Ultimately, it does all come back on him in the end. We reached a fair agreement in a matter of 24 hours time, and he did say he needed to review my file because it was literally put on his desk on April 21 and he would like to call me back. I gave him the opportunity to prove he does take pride in his business and do the right thing, and he absolutely did call me back! Even early at that. We reached a resolution, and I did tell him I do think he is trying to do right...for that I do have respect. We definitely understand things happen, but when an owner puts trust in someone else they expect the standards to be met. I believe him when he says he is going to try to implement training for the other companies they use, like his own employees are trained. If that can take place, there won't be complaints or damage settlements hardly at all. I have seen everyone who has posted reviews about AVL movers being thoroughly happy with the professionalism and careful handling. I hope everyone who uses AVL in the future can experience just the same.

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I chose American Van Lines as it was advertised as family owned company which strives to convey their personal values and delivers high standard for their customers. As a matter of fact, none of the above is true. I had a move scheduled from NC to WI. Everything went well until I signed the contract and made the deposit. Things went tipsy turvy from there on.My goods were picked up on Oct 30 and here I am on Nov 24th still waiting for the delivery!!! With less than a day left for hosting Thanksgiving party for my family and friends at my new home...I have no furniture, no cookware, no dishware to entertain my family who are flying here from different parts of the country. American Van Lines- you have turned my Thanksgiving into a nightmare and embarrassment in front of my family members, which I can never forget. Is this how you respect family values??! 1. They have no idea what customer support means: A move co-ordinatior was assigned who initially gave me window of Oct 29 and Oct 30. She told me they would confirm the exact date 24 hours in advance. I waited for the call on Oct 28, and then left voicemail to Barbara asking her to confirm the date, whether it was 29 or 30. Come Oct 29, tried reaching out to her and left several voicemails. At this time, I called main customer support and the guy had no idea about the date either. He said he would check with the dispatcher. I requested him to give me call back, which he did after noon time. He said the driver would be in at 9 am, which was unacceptable as it was not 24 hour notice. I had to convince the rep to push it to at least 11 am so that I can prep for the move and pack few things on my own . On the move day, a driver and two guys came in to pack my household items. By this time, I had packed all my clothes, few of my personal things such as sewing machine, expensive jewelry tool sets. I run my jewelry designing business and sew customized quilts, embellished craft items etc., Nov and Dec are my busiest seasons where I get lot of orders. They did good job of packing which I was impressed and tipped them around $100 initially and they asked for more as there were three of them. I was told that my things will be loaded to truck and dispatched in next few days. 2. Unprofessional greedy movers: I never received any call from AVL. I called them to check on the date and balance due. To my surprise, they had overcharged me for packing. I had to call several times to talk to a person who can answer what those over packing charges were for? After several days and consistent calls to AVL, I was able to speak to a Sales Manager. I had to explain him all over, which was a pain. I sent him documents, emails with in-home survey copy from the other mover which I had shared during initial quote. I even asked him to check the call records as the initial sales guy William had never communicated that they would charge extra for mattress box. After several follow- up calls, Jeremy- Sales manager agreed that there was mis communication and that he would honor the initial quote. I was happy thinking what else could go wrong now. But, AVL never lets you down with unpleasant surprises!! 3. Unacceptable delays: Now, I am waiting for my things all excited to unpack and get my new home ready for the thanksgiving party. My delivery window had passed Nov 17. No one from AVL cared to call me. Any ways, I was in dire need for my household things, so kept on calling them. Every time I spoke with different people who had no clue where my things were. There was a standard response from every rep - when demanded an answer, they used to put me on hold and say- I am unable to get in touch with dispatcher. Let me check with the dispatcher and call you back. No return calls, whatsoever. Meanwhile, I was losing business as I could not fulfill orders without my tools and sewing machine. 4. Pathetic Ops and delivery team: I had to escalate and finally got a call from Customer Support Manager< can't get her name correctly>She told me that my goods were still in NC. By this time, It had past the delivery window and I was frustrated. After several back and forth calls and lot of hold time, She seemed to understand my concerns and told me that she will try to get my things delivered before Thanksgiving party. Yesterday, she gave a call and told it would be delivered today. I asked if I can speak to her manager to get confirmation and discuss my concerns. Now, I was kind of relived that I can finally get my things, host party and backfill at least few orders from my loyal customers. But...its American Van Lines who can never let you down with unpleasant surprises. I get a call from Ops Manager- Dave who turned things bad to worse again. All he did was defending and justifying every missed step. He cared less about customer service and seems arrogant and someone who believes he is always correct. I spent more than an hour talking to him and all he did was arguing and nothing to help my situation better. He picked and chose partial facts like saying the customer rep called me for pickup time. I tried to explain to him that after several attempts, they did reach out but look at the call logs to see who called first and the message context. He told maybe the coordinator was out that day and maybe someone would have called later on 29. I mean seriously? For pick up on 30th( which was not confirmed by AVL) in the first place?! now, this guy had triggered back my frustration- I asked him if I can speak to someone else. He assured me that he would coordinate meeting with his VP. I will not be surprised if I don't hear back from him or his VP. But, I will definitely warn other customers to watch out for their bait. Avoid them at my circumstance. I know my goods are stuck with them and I can do nothing now. But, I will take every measure to caution others from the pain and mental stress that I am going through. I wish I had never called American Van Lines!!

[Resolved] gross underestimate

I received an estimate from this company for packing and moving for a long distance move from NY to MD. The...

terrible service and horrible customer service

Did not send 4 people as promised but only two (they were as efficient as can be for 2 people and I was pleased with them. I was decieved by their lateness each day (after 11 am) due to pickup of suppolies! Should have been done before the first day. Suppiles and 11:00 was every day!! Andt1 day of work quoted took 3 days. 3rd day they worked till 1:30 am. They Finally got 4 people from a different company! And they got me out of there so quickely that I am afraid of the condition of my belongings. They couldn't ge the big truck down my driveway (I told customer service that and that they would need a few smaller trucks which they say I will now pay for...(they got the additional movers who loaded the small trucks. My belongings have to be now transferred to the big truck which means they have a second chance at having damage. It was only when we complained that 3 days later they got the smaller trucks! My Personal!! coordinator rarely called me back and when he did it was always bad news. The cost was $6, 400 but re-estimated at $12, 000. OMG! Now I have changed my airline tickets at a cost of $800 to get here on a different date due to the delay of the move. I am now here at my new home, and no word after numerous calls as to when they will arrive. I have to change my airline tickets again!!! It is a night mare that has not yet ended. The company had good review from other sites and now as I research a little more...they have terrible reviews. A rip off, A horrible experience, terrible customer service. Bait and switch and a move full of aggravaton and disappointment. Not to mention that it is breaking the bank. $5, 500 more in the end! I am now waiting for another shoe to drop as I'm sure their are many more "surprises" to come. DO NOT HIRE!!! I'd rather be in Hell.

con artists and rip-offs

When I first signed up with american van lines, they were kind and courteous and eager to help. I got a...

consumer fraud

I made the mistake of arranging with American Van Lines to move my mother's furniture from Oklahoma to Texas. I signed the forms they faxed me and faxed them back, along with the $1, 127 deposit which was to be one half of the moving charge based upon the estimate.

A few days later, a "moving coordinator" named Matthew called and said that the move would take place on the second day of the 48 hour window, with the pick up take place on Monday morning, April 30, and delivery that evening.

On the front end, they presented a pleasant, professional face.

On moving day, American Van Lines blew us off. When no one showed and there was not even a phone call (like one would expect when dealing with a company that cared) we started calling. We got routed to different numbers that were not answered, and left messages that were not returned. The day was wasting, and no one at American Van Lines would talk to us or tell us anything.

Finally, about 3:00 PM, I got call from a blocked number. The person on the other end identified himself as a dispatcher and said that a truck was on its way and would arrive at about 7:00 PM to start pick up, about 12 hours after Matthew verbally told us we would be picked up. The dispatcher tried to get me to switch to the next morning. I explained that the window had already passed, that I had commitment at work the next day, that we were completely disgusted with American Van Lines, and we had to leave.

A few minutes later, someone identifying himself as James from American Van lines called. He said the truck would arrive at 10:00 PM to pick us up, but tried to get me to switch to a pick up for the next day. Again, I explained that we could not wait, and would have to try moving again the next week with another mover, as it appeared American Van Lines was not competent enough to handle our move, and that we had made a mistake ever dealing with them.

At that point, James became very gruff, telling me that they were keeping the money, because a 10:00 PM pick, was within the 48 hour window.

I disputed the charge, but wound up having to pay for nothing. If American Van Lines had put half as much effort into coordinating my move as they did into countering me in the dispute, I would have gotten moved However, American Van Lines is not in the business of moving household goods; rather, American Van Lines is in the business of consumer fraud.

Be aware that when you sign anything with American Van Lines, it's a "gotcha" kind of legal document. Once you've signed and made a deposit with them, you have forfeited your money. Everything is on you, and they don't have to do anything to keep the money.

Oh, yes, and they lied to Chase in the dispute, saying that a truck was already on it's way, when they tried hard to get me to switch to the next morning. Also, they told Chase that they wanted to refund half my money, when they had no intention whatsoever of doing so.

The moving business, it seems, has become a scam-ridden industry, and American Van Lines is one of the worst offenders. BBB has given them an F, and Fs with the BBB are like hen's teeth.

You might as well get a U Haul (they come in all sizes) and use family, friends, and hired help from the local employment service. it's not that much more work for you to do it that way, and you will save thousands of $$ plus hours of frustration and months of regret.

One last thing about American Van Lines. Google Aldo Luciano Disorbo Jr somtime, described by the Florida state attorney general as a "menace to consumers." Take note of the name of the company he ran, and take note of who is running the company now.

worst company ever! bait and switch!

I was originally quoted $1800 for my move from Maryland to Florida. I was emailed a list of things could be moving although some of my items to be moved were not on the list By the time the moving truck was loaded my bill was another THOUSAND dollars!! Then when the movers (sub contractor named Motti) arrived 5 days later - the driver, Motti, called me and said he couldn't fit his truck into and around my apartment complex. He told me it would be another $400 !! Motti told me that most apartment complexes aren't wide enough for his truck. Several other residents rode by and told me that other moving companies had tried that scam but that ultimately the trucks would fit. Motti flat out refused to try! In the end I ended up renting a uhaul and moving my belongings myself.
When i started unpacking 40% of my atuff was broken/damaged! I had a plastic tote that was demolished!!
When I called Sheldon (my customer service rep) he was not available of course. I left a message and I NEVER GOT A RETURN PHONE CALL!!

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    GoIrish Jun 01, 2010

    Worst customer service I've ever received, final cost 25% higher than quoted, over $1000 in damage (not reimbursed), terrible communication regarding delivery date. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!

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    American Van Lines Jul 01, 2013
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    American Van Lines_1351 NW 22 Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33069_(954) 318-1246

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stolen items; sub-contracted work without consent

American Van Lines sells its moving contracts to secondary operators. I ended up with items missing--more likely, stolen--and abysmal customer service. On the day of delivery, I signed some form acknowledging receipt of my items (60-70 boxes and furniture) and by signing those forms I lost any chance a receiving compensation for the stolen items. If you deal with these guys, don't sign anything until you have gone through everything--better still, don't use American Van Lines. Pay more up front and use one of the major national carriers for a cross-country move.

american van lines east - uncaring liars and cheats!

When we ordered services from Keith at American Van Lines East we were quoted a low price. When the mover...

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