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I am a month ahead of my mortgage since 4 months ago. I did this to get them off my back and to stop charging me fees. Especially the inspection fees!!! When I have no evidence the any inspection has taken place. Well fast forward to this moment. I now behind on my payment. That is according to them and i'm being charged late fees! I have not contaced them yet in regards to this issue but talking to them takes more than an hour and usually nothing gets resolved.

Another problem I had with them in February of 2014 was putting my money in a suspense account and then reporting to the credit Bureau that I missed my payment. They say that my escrow went up (my insurance went down and my taxes stayed the same.). Then they say that when they bought my mortgage from BofA it came over with a short fall but they did not now this until one year after. They claim to have notified me but I never received anything. So although I have been sending my payments to them they claim it was short and put in a suspense account and then reported to the credit bureaus that my mortgage was not paid!! Damaging my credit! I tried to work with them and I sent them a letter to please review the circumstances and retrieve was they reported to the credit bureau. They sent my a letter back saying that they did the right think and they will not change it.

Jul 29, 2014

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