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I started last October trying to get a modicationof our mortgage. My husband fishes for lobster and that's when the price of lobster started falling, drastically and I was trying to be proactive, you know, asking for help before we totally ran out of money. I filed paperwork, sent them copies of newspaper articles documenting the millions of dollars being lost across the entire Maine lobster luck. THEN-my husband was diagnosed with Stage 111 colon cancer in early March of '09 and told he would not work the rest of the year. I began calling Nationstar in earnest once he was diagnosed, wrote them a hardship letter. I've had Nationstar reps laugh at me on the phone because I wanted a modification using my income alone, I've had them promise to talk to their Manager and call me back (never heard from them) and in May I enlisted the help of a free HUD-certified mortgage counselor. Then the nasty phone calls started..."you shouldn't have involved a third party; it's more to your advantage to work with us one-on-one". Then about a month ago the Mortgage Counselor emailed me with the news that the mod was going to go through at a very affordable payment that I could qualify for using my income alone! Yeah!! WRONG-I never got any paperwork and in the meantime the numbers kept changing..."by the way, Nationstar is going to want an additional $500/mo to escrow for your taxes and insurance" ($6, 000/year when together those 2 amounts are half of that???). Eight days ago we were told that the modification paperwork had been finished a month ago, the Nationstar rep would reprint them and I would have them in one week. Yesterday was one week. When the Mortgage Counselor called the rep to ask where is the paperwork, the rep told her that my income did not qualify for "the government program" and that I would have to start over again from scratch. Ooh-I am so frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions of what else I can or should do?????


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      Aug 24, 2009

    Mame respectfully ----- I been through and still in so much of something simliar...I pray for you!
    I can tell you NOW that you need an attorney - try Lone Star Legal Aid, also call A.C.O.R.N. then call your Senator, Congressman, etc. BUT YOU NEED AN ATTORNEY, it takes months to get a pro-bono attorney.

    The health related issues and the laws might describe a "discrimination" of fair housing based on disability. Your story also has hints of wrong-doing in other areas. Consider filing a complaint with H.U.D. if your situation fits discrimination. Who did you deal with? Was it David Cardenas, or was the supervisor Michael Graham?

    Your situation and timing is dire...I hope I helped you some. Are they telling you that they will NOT foreclose on you, but did? That is called "wrongful foreclosure", at that point you have to file a "title dispute" in federal district court prior to any eviction hearing. Also Conduct a Forensic Audit of your loan and subpoena all phone recorded conversations from them to help prove your case. Research that statue as it pertains to the American Home Recovery act of 2009. Did they offer you "principle foregiveness"? Also write to Senator Kay Baily Hutchinson, and see if you are able to file a complaint with the Department of Justice!!! Have you considered a Class Action Lawsuit?

    Anyone with Nationstar problems - please email me. [protected]

    Nationstar Mortgage = Class Action

    breach of contract, lies in lending, wrongful foreclosure ...

    ALSO CONTACT AREA LAW SCHOOLS for assistance!!!

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      Feb 04, 2014

    How did you contact David Cardenas, or Michael Graham? I am trying to get in touch with them, but there is a protective firewall .. Please let me know. Thanks

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