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National Seating & Mobility / No Repair for WEEKS

1 Madison, WI, United States Review updated:

On May 6, 2009 I called the above business that had sold me a wheelchair (approx. $15, 000.00 from Medicare/medicad) informing them that it needed repair. That the chair had moved without my efforts crashing into a closet and refrigerator door causing extensive damage to both. That the chair, moving without my controlling it, move without my body sitting in it and that I wanted it repaired or replace as it is/was only 15 months new.
I was informed that they was/were only able to give me an earliest appointment in two (2) weeks from the above date to get it repaired or looked at in my home in Rockford. I informed them that this is not a case of flat tire and is my only form of transportation and/or mobility and that I did not care for it to cause me serious injury if I waited and it went wild out in the traffic/road and cause me or someone else life or limb. They told me that they were NOT able to drop every other repair order to attend to my needs.

I informed them that this is not acceptable and that they will/can be held responsible for any injury or death that it may cause if it is not attended in an immediate fashion to remedy the problem with the chair. (If I had been in the chair last night when it took off, I could have received major leg injuries.)

She did NOT like the way I was “yelling” at her (which was not true, just a way for her to get out of talking to me about this any longer.) and I told her to let me talk to Jason Melms, the man that sold the wheelchair initially and told me their service was really good for repair work and if I had any problems, to call him.

I left Jason Melms a message that I needed him to call me and a little of what the problem was.

A short time later, within an hour, Jason Melms called. He informed me that the Governments had cutbacks and that they were short staffed because of it. That I could get into the car he knew I did NOT own and come up and get the repair job done like immediately if I came to Madison, WI. I told him that he knew that was impossible and that I needed this fix. He made some comment that compared my wheelchair to a car (luxurary or necessity, daa..) and that “we” all have to bear the blunt of this so called recession. I told him in the meantime; send me a date and time of when they will be here via mail. He said ok….
This wheelchair is not a car that I can just take to any garage to get fixed. It is my ability to get around from one place to another. I feel Jason Melms is out of reality when he thinks we, the disabled that he sells wheelchairs to can just stay in bed without any means of life support. I feel he needs to STOP selling his wheelchairs in this state/area if they have NO intentions of repairing the equipment they sell in a reasonable manor!

National Seating & Mobility

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  • Zi
      22nd of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have the same problems with n, s&m in Lombard, il. I have a manual wheelchair that the front coaster wheels would come off the rims when you hit a bump. It took 1 month to get the new wheels and the same thing happened to the replacements, now they tell me they will call me back and they never did.

  • No
      21st of Apr, 2015
    +1 Votes

    The one bad thing about these complaint boards are you only hear one side of the story. I cannot not say who is not telling the whole truth but one of the complaintains is really stretching the truth. Some clients are very forgetful, combative, untruthful and of course we cannot call them on it because they are a client. We do not have to stand for all the abuse, they will be hung up on if they get loud or abusive on the phone. NSM keeps very good notes of every phone call and visit where the client has a compaint. This is to cover their ###. They are there to help people. The people i used to work with are very compasionate, loved doing what they do. Anyone reading these compaints have no idea what the company has to go through to get the insurance to pay for something the client needs. Every piece of equipement has to be justified before any insurace will pay for it. They get denials every day. Not the comapies fault, it's the fault of money hungry insurance companies.
    So please, before you take sides you have to remember, there are 2 sides to every story.

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