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National Recovery Agency / fraudulent charges

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These dirty # have been calling us weekly claiming we owe them $184.00 for a bunch of books we never ordered. It was under my wife's credit and they say she ordered books like virginia woolf and other books. She is a doctor, not a 13 year old. So needless to say I told them to go screw themselves after about the 5th call. Well we just got our quarterly credit report and they have put this complete fraud on there and it reduced her credit by 25 points!! It takes months to raise your credit 25 points and the fact that one bs company can blackmail you and ruin your credit this way is unbelievable. It is absolutely #ic that credit takes months to improve and yet can be destroyed in an instant. The credit scoring system needs a complete overhaul. Just make sure obama doesn't do it, because our credit will probably be lowered for being "rich".

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  • Mo
      30th of Sep, 2009
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    your credit should be lowered for just being stupid what the hell do obama care about you and your wife personal finance 's that man has more money then you and your wife put together and his credit is just fine if you spent more time watching you credit instead of watching him you would not be writing in now and if you guys are that damn rich just pay the little 184.00 and stop crying

  • Ca
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    Why should he have to pay $184.00 in fraudulent charges? These man is stupid, because? I hope Obama invests more money in education because you need it.

  • Ca
      1st of Feb, 2010
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  • Po
      10th of Feb, 2010
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    Rich or not rich the point is how many people have paid the $184 or $56 or$72 or whatever to make "them" rich... Whatever the number is if it is fraudulent then its wrong and they should be investigated by someone. I as well received a $58 fee from them that I never received a call or anything just a 63 point drop in my credit report. I have been trying to get it together for a while now, do you know how drastic that drop is, it will take me a ###ing year to turn that around!!! Thats Bull ###. It is my second negative and I have $58 dollars, its the principal to say "just pay" is childish.

  • Fr
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE! it is a total scam company. I have had three false accounts successfully removed from this collections agency. I fight with them yearly. The FTC practically know me by name because i have filed so many complaints. Never just pay. fight it fight it fight it

  • A4
      11th of May, 2010
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    obama is probably behind all the ridiculous B.S. to recover what he can for his assanine stimulus package give-aways!

  • Mz
      19th of May, 2010
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    Funny how you who blame Obama for any of this can be so stupid. The first stimulus package was because of Mr. Bush and Obama came in to fix the MESS. Anyway, credit recovery has been a problem for years and it really does not have anything to do with Obama or Bush. I think that many of you who are negative would blame Obama if you were constipated. Get a life!!

  • Up
      23rd of May, 2010
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    This company has posted to my credit a charge for $88 to columbia house for dvd's that I never purchased. When contacting NRA they could not provide the details of the items supposingly purchased, just told me they where shipped to my address. I told them that I did not purchase nor receive these movies, they told me someone in my house did, told them I was the only one know where..disputed it with the experian and they validated that the debt was mine...HOW?...only by my name and address! WHAT DO I DO?

  • Fr
      23rd of May, 2010
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    Send them the letter below and file a complaint with the FTC. DO NOT PAY THEM! keep on them. it is worth it. Make sure you send this letter with a return receipt. When I filed the complaint with the FTC i received a letter back from them within two weeks saying they were investigating the matter and provided me with a copy of the letter they themselves sent this company. A week after that I received a letter from the NRA saying that the account was referred to them in error. I contacted a lawyer before I did all this and my lawyer informed me that collections on an account must cease 6 years after last payment was made and if no payments are made 7 years after the account was allegedly opened. Of course in my case the account was never opened. I don't know why they do this and I don't care. My attorney general has them under investigation as well and not just because of my complaint. This company has been under investigation for a while. And I am not some crybaby that doesn't feel like paying my bills. If the company made a legitimate mistake that's fine but they should have tried to resolve that with me in the beginning instead of dragging it out for a year and a half. Here's the letter I sent them:

    NRA Group LLC
    Dba: National Recovery Agency
    PO Box 67015
    Harrisburg, PA 17106-7015

    Dear Collection Manager,
    Re: Account listed under name/account number

    A year ago ago I pulled my credit report and noticed a collection from your agency. Not recognizing the debt I called and asked for verification of the debt to please be mailed to me. I have called several times since then and still have not received or been notified of this collection by mail. However, this letter does not imply that I refuse to pay this debt. Rather, I would like to dispute your claim.

    As per the FDCPA, I have the right to request a validation of this debt. I request you to prove that I am indeed the party who is by contract obligated to pay off this debt.

    I hope you are aware of the fact that reporting any invalidated information to major credit bureaus may constitute defamation of character, as negative listing on credit report does not allow me to enjoy the benefits of good credit. In addition, you must also be aware that until you validate this debt, you can neither continue collection activities nor report this information on my credit report. I'm sure your legal staff will agree that non-compliance with this request is likely to put your company in serious legal trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other state/federal agencies.

    Please attach copies of the following documents:

    1.Agreement with your client that authorizes you to collect on this alleged debt.
    2.Agreement that bears signature of the alleged debtor wherein he promises to pay the creditor.
    3.Complete itemized statement on this account so as to prove that the debt amount you wish to collect is correct.

    If I do not receive these documents my lawyer and I will be forced to take further action against your company.

    With regards,

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