National Magazine Exchangeharrassment

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The so called company, got sixtytwo dollars off my credit cards.There still sending letters saying i owe them sixtyseven dollards remaining, and amount due twentytwo dollarsandthirtysixcents.this has been a couple of month's ago, when they got that money. Thank You.


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      Aug 14, 2009

    It's a shame people go around, Doing all kind of dirty trick's to get somebody's money. They need the lord in there live's, and prayer. Robshouse, Thank You.

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      Feb 22, 2011

    First of all, there is No sweepstakes to begin with so thats your first mistake for even believing there is one, you have more of a chance of catching AIDS than winning a sweepstakes! I know this because I used to work for these professional scam artists who by the way are so lawyered up there is NO way for you to get out of any subscription. Secondly, no one forced YOU to listen to the subscription sales agent and the verifyier who YOU gave your cc number to, no one FORCED you to stay on the line through any of this, thats your second mistake, you agreed to shoppers advantage and great fun so you are ultimately to blame for bieng ignorant and greedy because you thought you could win money! This sweepstakes is geared and mailed to uneducated, low income and the elderly. Its common sense that (ALL) sweepstakes are a scam and YOU made the desicion to call and STAY on the line. This company not only scams the public but their employees as well. The steal money from both ends, (yours and mine) and once you work there, the co. makes damn sure to give you a horrible reference so when you do leave it is difficult to gain employement again. Next time you recieve ANY offers in the mail that have ANY inclination that you might win alot money, just trash it. Its all lies. Make sure you warn family and friends about this neverending scam so they can do the same. They had you at hello.

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