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Hello, I am a single mom of three girls living in a two bedroom home in Billerica. I wanted to put my house on the market and needed to replace the carpets. I called National Floors Direct in mid October, as I had seen the ads for them on tv. On Oct 14, the estimater was scheduled to visit, but called stating he was having car trouble, so we rescheduled for oct 16th. On the 16th, he came to my home, assessed the rooms to be carpeted, gave me a price, and asked for a $200 deposit. We scheduled the install for Friday the 24th. On the 24th, two men came and stated they could not do the job because they had nowhere to cut the rug. They were extremely rude and did not cancel with me but called the NFD office and told them they would not do it. I spoke to the office, they rescheduled for the next day, sat the 25th. They stated I would be called with a time frame between 8-9am. I called six times that morning requesting a time of arrival, with no response. Finally at noon, NFD called to cancel stating the installers were in an accident. They refused to refund my deposit, so we rescheduled again for Tuesday the 26th. The crew arrived and stated they could not do the job because my furniture was too heavy to move. The estimater stated my furniture would be "no problem to move" and classified it as "light" on the contract. The installers began to swear and become beligerant, refused to do the job, this time I called NFD, who told the men the job needs to get done. They continued to yell in Spanish over the phone, so I asked them to leave. I demanded a refund and the NFD stated they would not refund my money as I was cancelling less than 24 hrs in advance. The woman I spoke to admitted her workers refused this job. I called several times over the last month and a half, to no avail. I looked them up on the BBB website (which I should have done before I hired them) and saw numerous complaints identical to mine. I went to the courthouse today and was informed I would need to file in Stoughton court, which I cannot do, because I cannot afford to miss another day of work for this. I explained to NFD that the deposit came out of my late mother's estate, but they hung up on me. When I asked for names of who I was speaking with, everyone refused to provide me their name. It was suggested to me by several people to take this issue public, as so many others have been affected by them. $200 is a lot of money for me and coming from my mom's estate makes it that much worse for me. By the way, I then went with another company who sent one man alone and he did a wonderful job all by himself, furniture and all! Thank you.

Nov 23, 2014
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  • Pa
      Dec 12, 2016

    Beware!!! if you want to throw money out the window hire them!! this company should not be in business...From faults advertising to doing aweful work! not one thing good about them!! don"t waste your time or money!!! very poor poor work and customer service...They quote you a price and do half ### work!!! and want the money up front so you can"t do anything about it!!! they have large amount of law suits against them!!! don"t waste your money!!!

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  • Ja
      Jan 04, 2017

    I agree with you 110%. NFD doesn't honor their 180 day installation warranty. Customer service lies about everything. You call them and it's only one women who goes by different aliases. They installers did a bad job on my carpet installation. Come to find out they didn't change the pad in most of the rooms. After battling with customer service, the installers came out to fix the problem. Come to find out, they only replaced the pad around the bed in my guest room. Of course everything is MY fault because I wasn't watching them install. Now NFD said they will not fix the installers error . Do yourself a favor, please go elsewhere or you will be sorry. I can promise you.

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